24″8 Panel Pet Playpen Metal Crate

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100 in stock

Panel pet playpen.
Single piece size:24″x 24″x0.27″
Wire Diameter:0.16″x0.12″x0.08″
Ground Insertion:2.64″(L)x0.14″(D)

Sturdy And  Different Shapes Metal Dog Fence:The dog playpen made of high-strength solid wire,8-Panel pet fence design allow to configure into multiple shapes, pet fence to hold firmly to the ground while being used outdoors
Rust Prevention & Against Outdoor Elements:Epoxy coating finish extends the life of the pet playpen and provides resistance against rust, corrosion, and fading, even in the most extreme climates
Convenience For Pets To Enter And Exit: The step door of pet playpen allows for comfortably walking through, Fence doors won’t hurt your pet.
Easy Set Up And Foldable Dog  Playpen: This dog playpen does not require any tool assembly, dog fence can be deployed directly. 
Great Playground Suitable For Outdoor and Indoor:We offer a choice of models, any of which can accommodate animals ranging from dogs to ducks and rabbits to cats. You’ll find whichever one you choose a great playground for indoor & outdoor use
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  1. jchap

    Perfect size

    Enough room for my dog to eat, sleep, and run around!


  2. Drlien

    Great Product

    The “play pen” is wonderful. Our two puppies like to be where we are whether it is inside or outside. We are able to put it up or take it down in minutes. Everyone thought I was silly for ordering this but when they saw how it worked they thought it was a GREAT idea!


  3. K

    Dogs like them

    We have two Brussel Griffons and they are notorious for peeing everywhere. They stay inside in these pens with a washable mat laid down during the hot afternoons. They sleep just fine.


  4. Amazon Customer

    Great for my 2 small dogs!

    Easy to set up and easy to store.

    Amazon Customer

  5. Jamie

    Wouldn’t stand up

    Not very sturdy or useful

    One person found this helpful


  6. AverageJane

    Sadly too short and lightweight for my doggies…

    The one would be fine outside for very small puppies or kittens but my 15 lb dogs just knock it over and one can actually jump over it. It is rather light weight but tethering it to the ground would definitely help.


  7. Kevdog

    No more leash

    Works exactly as advertised, no need for a leash when we are relaxing g at campgroimds


  8. Jessie




  9. sean


    The media could not be loaded.

     The size is just right, it is very suitable for puppies, the fence is very strong and the quality is very good.

    2 people found this helpful


  10. Patricia

    Five Stars

    Perfect for puppy confinement and for training.


  11. Aron Basile

    Not restrictive like a crate

    We got this for our 9 week old yellow lab puppy. It is very effective. If using inside, which we do, You need some indoor sandbags or some other weighted objects to keep the dog from pushing it around on a hard floor surface. She has plenty of room to move around and play. Not restrictive like a crate, so it can be used the first day you come home without any training. You will need to really be proactive in house training however. Puppy pads will help with the occasional accident. Very good for your sanity since you don’t need to be on 24 hour house chewing watch.

    15 people found this helpful

    Aron Basile

  12. Sandra

    Perfect puppy pen

    Very easy to assemble, perfect height for small breeds.


  13. BJazzy

    Works for me

    Perfect for my small Chorkie. Easy to manipulate for different uses.


  14. Kindle Customer

    Five Stars

    Easy to set up

    Kindle Customer

  15. Josie Ramos

    My dogs are happy

    Easy to assemble

    Josie Ramos


    An ok product

    Nice size , priced right but not sturdy enough for an 8 week old puppy. Even when anchored to the ground he can push it over


  17. Toni mccrary

    Five Stars

    Perfect no assembly and just right for my puppy

    Toni mccrary

  18. Anamaria




  19. SandraMom

    Perfect for my 2 lb. puppy

    It is perfect for a small dog; easy to put together; easy to move. Perfect for my new puppy…he’s so small, it keeps him safe.


  20. DKrga

    Great for small dogs.

    Cage folds up for easy storage. We have a 3 pound Chihuahua and it’s the perfect size for him.


  21. Shelly


    Super easy to set up!! A must have for my new Chihuahua puppy!!Thank you!!


  22. Kw223

    Small playyard

    Perfect for our little puppy


  23. dendritic_growth

    It’s not nearly as big as the picture

    The picture makes it look like some reasonably large confinement area. Nope. Won’t hold a dachshund if they want to jump up on it. It’ll hold a puppy for like a month. AND, it’s flimsy as anything. Would not recommend.


  24. Linda

    Just What I Needed!

    While camping we saw a family with this and decided we wanted it, too. Perfect!


  25. J. Fox


    Easy to set up and use, folds down and stores flat. Great puppy pin for when your out for short trips.

    J. Fox

  26. Amazon Customer

    disappointed with this item.

    fall apart after using several days. bunny can get out easily.

    4 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  27. Dog Walker

    Not worth the cost

    I thought I’d be getting a larger better pen but this one is small and not worth the cost.

    Dog Walker

  28. The shrine

    Great quality

    Awesome product, folds up easily! I’d suggest getting 2 for more room to roam! Would definitely buy again

    The shrine

  29. KC McCue

    great bunny fence

    Wonderful pet pen. I have several connected together when my bunnies venture outside. They keep my St. Bernard from drooling on the bunnies. The St. respects the fence but herding dogs or terriers would not respect this fence. I love the gate for easy entrance.

    One person found this helpful

    KC McCue

  30. Mary D.

    Great for small puppies and small dogs

    Put around whelping box for puppies.

    Mary D.

  31. jmac

    Good little pen

    I’m so glad I got this for my Bichon puppy. It provides a nice space for him when I need to do something and can’t keep an eye on him or when he needs a break from his standard poodle sister. Since I have hardwood floors, I just put little sticky pads on the joints so as not to scratch my floor. It is light weight and he has no problem getting in or out through the gate door (currently about 7 lbs. But has been able to go in and out for a while). It does move around when he get a bit crazy and probably would regardless of the scratch pads on the joints. It does come with stabilizers for outdoor use in the grass. Over all, I’m happy with it.

    4 people found this helpful


  32. danche

    good height for small breed puppy

    24 inch height is only good for small breed puppy.The latches to hold the panels are a bit loose, i wish it could be more secured.


  33. Annie W

    it was not sturdy enough if the dogs jumped on it

    We purchased this pen for our two Yorkies for a rental property that did not have a fence. We originally purchased one, however, it was small. We ended up purchasing two additional sets and attaching them using the clips provided and it allowed for our pups to have a decent sized area to potty. The stakes provided provide plenty of support. We did have to do an awkward zig zag on the large fence area because when stretched in a straight line, it was not sturdy enough if the dogs jumped on it, which they occasionally do. I think our male Yorker could easily jump over it but thankfully he isn’t that brave or smart:) this was the perfect solution for us and we can disassemble in minutes for the days our landlord wants to mow!

    17 people found this helpful

    Annie W

  34. Richard

    Five Stars

    nice sturdy cage that can be adjusted to any size as needed.


  35. Joel Roberts

    Very Useful Pen

    We now have 2 of these and they are very useful! They work great as barriers inside the house as well.

    Joel Roberts

  36. Diane Proctor

    Perfect for our little Yorkie. Very well made and sturdy.

    We have a little Yorkie and this fence is perfect. We have used in our home and on our deck. We really love it and would recommend it highly.

    Diane Proctor

  37. Tara

    Must have for new puppy!

    Low price. Great quality


  38. Stephanie M.

    Five Stars

    Works great

    Stephanie M.

  39. Ms MeeMee


    Nice play area

    Ms MeeMee

  40. Mrs Jackson


    Well made and very sturdy.. And my puppy likes & loves it too. I would recommend this product to all pet owners..

    Mrs Jackson

  41. deana appel

    Five Stars

    Very pleased. We bought 2 for hooking together when we go camping.

    deana appel

  42. karen alice kavoossi

    Easy assembly

    Very easy to assemble.

    One person found this helpful

    karen alice kavoossi

  43. katie

    Exactly what I needed

    Very easy to set up and a good size for my small dog


  44. Nipper

    Great exercise pen

    I got this as an exercise pen for my bunny. It is really easy to set up and take down and you can change the shape. This is great for bunnies, I have not used it with dogs but think it would work well for small dogs or puppies.


  45. Kindle Customer

    Filled the bill!!

    Just what we needed for extended periods for our little pampered pooch. She loves it and doesn’t complain. If the door is left open she will put herself in it sometimes. This is set up in the family room.

    Kindle Customer

  46. Pamela

    Four Stars

    Love it


  47. Level Up

    folds up easy and works well for small dogs.

    Worked great. Using it while we are on vacation.

    Level Up

  48. Amazon Customer

    Happy Customer

    As expected!

    Amazon Customer

  49. jjamjes

    Four Stars

    Works great


  50. RD

    Good product but the lock needs manual alignment to lock in place

    I like this product except the locking device does not lock properly and I need to adjust the metal fencing to like up.


  51. Mari chavez

    I like it

    I got this for my dog since I live on a small apartment this is perfect so I can keep my dog on the kitchen or bathroom when ever I go to sleep during the day he’s free

    Mari chavez

  52. Drewdaddy

    Great for small dogs

    Great little outdoor pen for our Bichon ! Folds up easy for lawn mowing.


  53. Julie

    Easy Set-up

    Perfect for my small dog!


  54. Christina Westerlund

    Five Stars

    Great for guinea pigs and keeping other pets out.

    Christina Westerlund

  55. Sharon Kelly

    Excellent when you don’t have a fenced yard.

    Great for travel with our dogs. Especially when visiting people without a fence. Highly recommended.

    Sharon Kelly

  56. P Gee

    Good for Small Pets

    This works well for small pets that don’t climb. I have a 7 lb Maltipoo puppy and she was able to climb out of it. I had to put cardboard to make the play pen higher to prevent her from escaping. This playpen is very portable and not too heavy.

    P Gee

  57. Amazon Customer

    Easy to assemble

    I found this product very useful in keeping my puppy contained when needed.

    Amazon Customer

  58. Jackie McGuire

    Great product and great value.

    Good product for the money.

    Jackie McGuire

  59. Pjisimo

    Cheaply made

    This is not a good pen. It is cheaply made and not reenforced well. The clips quickly broke. I bought another pen which is much better made.

    One person found this helpful


  60. JEL

    Great Pen for Small Dogs

    This barrier/pen works exactly as I had hoped it would. We have a small puppy and the containment is necessary when we are gone. I like the fact that this pen can be made into different configurations. Now that he is older, we use it as a barrier from the carpeted rooms and the tiled rooms. Works great.


  61. LSP

    ) and this is the perfect sized can pen for her

    I have a 10 pound Chihuahua mix(Jack Russell?) and this is the perfect sized can pen for her. I use it when we camp. Easy to set up and store on the RV.


  62. Kat FL


    The media could not be loaded.

     I’ve purchased close to $400 of these, 7-8 boxes. I’ve only had them approx a month. And they’re already rusting! Highly disappointing!! Might be fine indoors. For outdoors I suggest do not waste your money buy a higher quality product.

    One person found this helpful

    Kat FL

  63. Jessica

    Not easy to get in/out for my 3 lb puppy

    It did it’s job containing our new puppy in one area but when we’d open the gate, he had a hard time getting in or out because he’d have to try really hard to jump out. He was only 2-3 lbs so I don’t suggest this for extra small dogs. The entire fence was pretty flimsy too when we’d leave the gate open. We ended up just putting this away so it was a waste of $ for us.


  64. christine matthis

    Serves its purpose.

    Sturdy metal,nice looking and can be shaped into a few different configurations. Happy with purchase.

    christine matthis

  65. moon5

    Terrific for Camping

    Highly recommend for camping with small dogs. It’s sturdy fencing for our boston terriers and easy to set up. We were always worried about the dogs bolting out the door of the camper, but not anymore with this fencing. It’s nice to be able to have them outside with us without them being tethered with their leashes. You just have to make sure everyone knows to close the gate behind them. Kids tend to forget. I would have given this fencing 5 stars, but it is starting to rust, so we’ll have to try some rust remover or rust proof paint. Be sure to measure to determine how many sets you will need. We also used plastic latitice tied together to go around the bottom of the camper to prevent the dogs from escaping under the camper.


  66. Dee Tomson

    This pen is perfect for our 18 # terrier mix

    This pen is perfect for our 18 # terrier mix. She is much happier in this pen than in a crate with a top. It i easy to set up and folds for easy transport in our motorhome.

    Dee Tomson

  67. Karl

    Five Stars

    Better than I thought


  68. jennifer colgan

    Easy to use

    Easy to set up and fold up after use.

    jennifer colgan

  69. Cookware Queen

    A must for dog litters

    Very useful for the litter we had.

    Cookware Queen

  70. Mustang

    Easy to Set-up

    We camp a lot and I got tired of our dachshund getting tangled up with her leash she had to be kept on. The pen is really easy to set up, you can change the shape based on the area being set-up in and allows the dog to move around freely. The pen will fit under our camper, so it will always have shade even if a tree isn’t close by. It was so good, we ordered a 2nd one to clip to the original allowing more room. We clipped on a silicone bowl to the side so she wouldn’t knock over her water.

    9 people found this helpful


  71. Millie

    Easy to move around….

    Two new puppies are in it when I want them out from underfoot. We can easily push it around so it’s out of the way, or quite roomy. They also sleep in it all night.


  72. LSP

    ) and this is the perfect sized can pen for her

    I have a 10 pound Chihuahua mix(Jack Russell?) and this is the perfect sized can pen for her. I use it when we camp. Easy to set up and store on the RV.


  73. Lenon Silva

    Durable and Multi-purpose

    I love this product. Im not really into locking my pet into a cage (main reason why I got this). I bought this product so we can have something to restrict my dog from running around a very large indoor/outdoor space. It’s big enough for my pet to not feel restricted and claustrophobic. Also, he has enough space to play around. It can also serve as a gate if you wanna keep your dog in one living are of your home. Definitely worth buying.

    Lenon Silva

  74. Nici

    Works wonderfully

    I use this for my pug puppy and it works perfectly. It is big enough that she has room to move around. I would definitely recommend but only for smaller dogs.

    4 people found this helpful


  75. Shannon Kelley

    My Doodle dog hasn’t jumped over it yet 😉

    Used this while new grass seed was trying to grow. I probably should have purchased a taller model. I went with the 24” fence. So far so good.

    Shannon Kelley

  76. Teass

    Easy and flexible

    Easy to put together!


  77. Valerie

    Fit my needs perfectly! Just what they advertised

    Works beautifully for my needs. My cat can be outside on my open deck with me – as this light adjustable fencing works perfectly to keep her safe and inside yet can experience all the beauty outdoors around her:)


  78. Amazon Customer

    Easy to use

    Bought this for my puppy who is a Yorkinese….makes a great space to let him be outside to use the bathroom. Leashes were too small and it can be cold to stand outside waiting for him to do his job.

    Amazon Customer

  79. Amazon Customer

    Exactly What I Needed!

    Not only is this a great product for camping with my two Silky Terriers, it’s great for setting up an indoor temporary kennel for young pups not yet housebroken. My puppy likes to chew wood (baseboards, cabinets), and I set this up in my kitchen along with his food, little bed, and pee pad when I had to go out for a little while. The pen provided the perfect barrier to protect my kitchen. The playpen is sturdy, and will also be perfect for all the extended RV’ing trips I plan to take after retirement.

    9 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  80. ruth white

    Great for my puppy!

    Had a similar product for my previous pup, and knew I needed one of these for my new puppy too! Works well and doesn’t scratch my hardwood floors.

    ruth white

  81. Pamela C. Hull

    Easy to unfold and use

    I bought this to use as an indoor habitat for our bunny. It was very easy to arrange in the shape I needed then secure the two pieces together with the provided clips. The metal seems to be sturdy and of good quality, and the gate door is very convenient. It works great for our bunny!

    Pamela C. Hull

  82. jchap

    Perfect size

    Enough room for my dog to eat, sleep, and run around!


  83. BigDaddyJim

    Five Stars

    Good cage for our 4 chihuahuas. Taking it camping with us this season.

    One person found this helpful


  84. Beau Arnold

    Serves our purpose

    Bought this playpen for my two 8 week old boxer pups. I like the versatility to take outside or inside. I attached it to their day kennel inside to give them some room when we’re busy indoors and can’t keep our eyes on them. It probably won’t work very long because of the size of these dogs but long enough for house training…Works great!

    Beau Arnold

  85. The Boyces

    Great product! Purchase cover for maximum results!

    This playpen was a great purchase!Pros: Keeps your dog in one space.Cons: It is annoyingly loud and moves around when the puppy jumps on it. The cage also doesn’t hold its shape either when pushed by the dog. Cover sold separately.Con Solution: buy a cover! My puppy started jumping out of the cage so I purchased a mesh cover. This cover not only kept my puppy inside but it also kept the cage from being misshapen every time my puppy moved it!

    The Boyces

  86. Trena English


    We purchased this for our mini aussies being moved from their pool to an area more suitable for their size . Since its cold out they are inside the house. This is plenty big enough for mom to nurse and babies to stay confined and play. It is light weight and can easily move around so I put it in a corner with a table on one side to keep in in one place. For the money it is a great value/product.

    Trena English

  87. Becky

    Great for puppies and is portable.

    Perfect for small dogs


  88. Bmc

    great service

    Very good product . I used it for my dog when we camp. Very pleased with product. Would order from this company again.

    One person found this helpful


  89. Ginger B

    bends easily.

    Very flexible & movable. We are using it for a litter of Boxer pups. The door is the biggest reason we bought this one but it’s not very durable, bends easily.

    Ginger B

  90. Kindle Customer

    Keeps puppy safe

    It is easy to move from outside to inside.

    Kindle Customer

  91. Lisa

    Good quality

    Really nice quality, I would definitely buy again. Perfect for a puppy pen when we have to leave him for a couple hours.


  92. Maribeth Bonatesta

    Perfect Solution

    It works perfectly for what we needed it for. Penned area for the dog

    Maribeth Bonatesta

  93. Roger A McDonald Sr

    Five Stars

    Great product for the price. Suits my needs just fine.

    Roger A McDonald Sr

  94. Ru Mend

    Playpen converts to an adjustable fence

    I use this as a fence to keep my puppy within distance.

    Ru Mend

  95. meredithrutland

    Good basic gate.

    Great gate. Easy to use. I wish it came with some rubber or some type of guard to go on the bottoms so it didn’t scratch up the floor so we put towels under. Would be good for really small dogs. Our medium size puppy can jump over it.


  96. judy

    Easy set-up and takes up little storage space

    Perfect for camping with our shitzu, Lucy


  97. Amanda Turner

    Great Purchase!

    Perfect for my bunny since she’s a jumper!

    One person found this helpful

    Amanda Turner

  98. Debra T

    Too easily moved

    The walls don’t lock into place so every time my 3 lb. dog stands up, the entire pen moves and reshapes itself. I’m afraid it’ll close in on her.

    Debra T

  99. James Clayton

    Five Stars

    Easy to move and works well

    James Clayton

  100. Rescue Mom

    Exactly what I needed!

    Assembly is seconds away! All the panels are connected and fold either way to make your own pattern. You can even fold 2 panels against each other to make it smaller, for a more confined area. Our Corgi just had back surgery and this is exactly what we need in the yard for her potty area. She can be in there without us worrying that she will bolt across the yard. As she heals, we can extend the folded in panels for her to have more room. The clips and hooks are great. This is perfect for a small dog, older dog, or any smaller animal that needs to be confined.

    Rescue Mom

  101. Marlene I. Godinez

    Very practical, perfect as a temporary divider

    I bought this about 4 months ago because we share a yard, but I wanted to let my 2 puppies (6 month terrier mix) run around without bothering our neighbor. I bought 2 fences and it covers about 26 feet. Like another review says, it can be set out in a straight line but you have to zig zag it a little or make a roundish shape. Either way this is very easy to do and not bothersome at all. These things are awesome! They are durable and even when my puppies are running around and accidentally slam it, the fence is very sturdy. The thing that I love the most is that I can fold, unfold and put them away easily, even though I have a back problem. They don’t take up much space. We also use them inside our house when we leave the puppies home alone. We fence out the couch and the entertainment system where there are cables. This way they can still run around the house while protecting our furniture.

    2 people found this helpful

    Marlene I. Godinez

  102. Dmevans

    Two Stars

    Nice size. But it came with the door handles broken so that’s a little inconvenient


  103. Diane Proctor

    Perfect for our little Yorkie. Very well made and sturdy.

    We have a little Yorkie and this fence is perfect. We have used in our home and on our deck. We really love it and would recommend it highly.

    Diane Proctor

  104. Laraina c

    love this~~

    The media could not be loaded.

     The fencing material is of nice quality and the size/height is just perfect for us. My dog has room now to romp around and also leaves room for us to put her boxes/toys while we’re gone. It does come with small clips but our eddy is not incredibly mischievous so we typically just leave it against her cage and let her believe he’s trapped..which, to our advantage, he does. It should also be noted that while he is only 4-5 pounds, Thankfully, this pen can withstand her brute dog strength which I think we both appreciate.

    Laraina c

  105. rebecca

    Items weren’t included

    I received no clips and no stakes for the ground.

    One person found this helpful


  106. Dauneangel Ricks

    Keeps pets in… that’s all

    Keeps them in. Is flimsy and theblych does not work properly.

    Dauneangel Ricks

  107. Kim

    Rusting after one rainfall

    I am in AZ and I like the product concept however I am disappointed that it is already rusty after our one day of rain.


  108. Linda

    Great for blocking large openings between rooms

    We use this to block off a large opening between the kitchen and living room for 2 medium sized dogs. We form it into a C-shape for stability. This was so much easier to move around than the baby gate we had for a smaller hallway, so we bought a second one to block that hallway along with the adjoining stairs.


  109. Amazon Customer

    Not as sturdy as I hoped for even with a small dog under 5 pounds.

    3 stars

    Amazon Customer

  110. Kindle Customer

    Best for small dog, still needs supervision even with fence

    Liked portability, multi-use, couldn’t chew, stakes and clips included.

    Kindle Customer

  111. Nici

    Works wonderfully

    I use this for my pug puppy and it works perfectly. It is big enough that she has room to move around. I would definitely recommend but only for smaller dogs.

    4 people found this helpful


  112. E. McPiggy


    Nice sturdy pen for small animals. I have Maltese & Chinese Crested and they love it. I also use mine as a fence in the doorway of the house, just by folding it up and propping it against the wall. Great for small dogs!

    E. McPiggy

  113. Amazon Customer

    Great for our small dog.

    This pen works great for us. It is very versatile.

    Amazon Customer

  114. David Vilbrin

    Good product

    Works great

    David Vilbrin

  115. SB

    Exactly want I wanted

    Great product


  116. Grammy

    Portable and folds-up tight.

    Helpful and easy-to-use.


  117. Edgar Lopez

    This foldable pet pen is really nice to have and the installation is very simple

    This foldable pet pen is really nice to have and the installation is very simple, and to be honest the space is large enough.

    Edgar Lopez

  118. Renée

    Worth It!

    Great product. This is my second time purchasing this playpen, so that I can extend my dogs play area.


  119. Hana

    This is exactly what I was looking for!!

    I have had looked for this kind of thing and finally I found on Amazon with great prices!!!!I really love it!!


  120. Craig

    It’s a pen

    Thought it was bigger, but works also lots of work putting together.Thanks


  121. Chris and Tammy

    Just as described

    Love it

    Chris and Tammy

  122. Linda Stone

    Nice for potty training

    I purchased this to potty train our puppy. It worked great for keeping him in a small area.

    Linda Stone

  123. Lisa

    Would recommend for small dog

    I’m pretty happy with this purchase. I like the fact you can make it “grow” with your dog


  124. Nick Walker

    Too flimsy for a medium dog. I used it …

    Too flimsy for a medium dog. I used it indoor, it moved with my dog and scratched my floor.

    3 people found this helpful

    Nick Walker

  125. cindy trent

    Great product

    This was well worth the money. We wanted something for are two small dogs for when we go camping. There is plenty of room for the two of them and it is super easy to put up

    cindy trent

  126. Elizabeth B. Johnson

    Wotks great

    Works great. We bought 2 and connected to put in front of our camper. Just wish I could figure out a way to enclose under step also as my 6 lb female can find the smallest escape route. Is very sturdy. We didn’t even have to stake it down.

    One person found this helpful

    Elizabeth B. Johnson

  127. Dan

    Exactly as expected.

    Bought this for my girlfriend’s bunny to put around his cage so he has more room to run and doesn’t need to be supervised. It works exactly as expected and makes both his and her lives better!


  128. jessica

    Nice pen or fence

    The media could not be loaded.

     I personally like the pen i am using it as a fence to keep my 7 month old puppy from chewing things he shouldn’t chew. It is super easy and convient to put out and put away and now my mother wants to get a couple to keep her dog in the back yard and also use as a fence.. very good product for small dogs. My only complaint that I would have is I would like to to be a couple inches taller because my puppy can jump about 3 to 4 feet in the air.

    One person found this helpful


  129. Jessica J Johnson

    Great for Puppy!

    Very easy to assemble. Has worked perfect for our new puppy to stay in while we are not home!

    Jessica J Johnson

  130. Sea Biscuit


    Works great to block off your front door or use at RV park for a dog play pen.

    Sea Biscuit

  131. kaylee engert

    Great quality too!

    Love this product! Easy to assemble, movable and just fold down to store!

    kaylee engert

  132. lw

    Worth every penny.

    Love it.


  133. Daisy Flanagan

    just as described

    great price and product

    Daisy Flanagan

  134. marquise Robinson


    The set up was easy but the stability is poor my puppy pushes the fence over and gets out. He’s 8 lbs

    One person found this helpful

    marquise Robinson

  135. Ranay Lynn

    Good for smaller weaker dogs

    It’s a somewhat flimsy gate, not terrible though. For big strong dogs that like to ram and jump on gates, it wouldn’t be good. I have 2 chihuahuas and it’s perfect. Moves around easily to reshape or pick up. The swing door isnt high quality but its ok. This is my second gate ordered. I have one at home and at campground.

    One person found this helpful

    Ranay Lynn

  136. Lisa J.

    love this! great size for the price

    love this ! great size for the price , got for my Bernese Mntn Pup

    Lisa J.

  137. Myra s.

    Not worth buying

    Cheaply made and not as big as the description

    One person found this helpful

    Myra s.

  138. Cindy Graham


    Love this gate

    Cindy Graham

  139. Vox Mortem

    Good product

    Sturdy. Well built. It’s all assembled except the final join. Each panel is attached to the next and folded in the box like a “Jacob’s ladder”. Just unfold it to make a hexagon (or whatever shape) and use three enclosed clips to join it. Just make sure to assemble with the door opening outward. The pad is plenty big.

    One person found this helpful

    Vox Mortem

  140. Chryspy13

    Easy Set Up

    I bought 2 of these so my dog can have a bigger space. They were easy to set up and easy to join the two sets together. I use it when I camp so my dog doesn’t have to stayed tied up while outside. He loves it because he hates to stay tied to a leash.


  141. Marie

    Convenient and easy to set up

    Set up was easy and they have clips to keep it shut


  142. Tenisha Hicklen

    Great for rabbits!

    Works great for rabbits.

    Tenisha Hicklen

  143. sean


    The media could not be loaded.

     The size is just right, it is very suitable for puppies, the fence is very strong and the quality is very good.

    2 people found this helpful


  144. MJ Rice JrAmazon Customer

    Five Stars

    Great for small dogs and fits in cargo bay of RV nicely.

    MJ Rice JrAmazon Customer

  145. sue

    Useful in many ways

    This is very useful. Can be used open all the way for a play pen or can be used folded to block off areas of your house. The sections bend so it can be put around things you do not want your pet to get to. Very versatile and useful product. Folds easily for storage when not in use.


  146. Joel Roberts

    Very Useful Pen

    We now have 2 of these and they are very useful! They work great as barriers inside the house as well.

    Joel Roberts

  147. CMA

    Great for puppy

    This works well. I love that I can adjust the size from open top puppy kennel size to full play pen. We’ve used indoors and outdoors when we can’t give our full attention to the pup.

    One person found this helpful


  148. cja1961

    Very versatile, our second purchase!

    This is our second purchase! We used it to protect our fabric ottoman and our Christmas tree skirt. We have leg lifters!


  149. ambot


    The clasps broke after a month. Cheap made


  150. Art Mortimer

    Snauzer play pen. ☺

    Portable easy to set up and take down, easy to store.

    Art Mortimer

  151. William J Horne

    I like it

    It works

    William J Horne

  152. Ruth Lynn

    Perfect for a small puppy!

    Love this pen. It is the exact size and height that I wanted. My puppy is 3 pounds and won’t get very large, so this is just right for her.

    Ruth Lynn

  153. Mahala Horn


    I like how easy they are to set up, I actually bought 2 to join together to use as a holding pen for my pullets, and laid ply wood o on top for a roof, works great for my purpose my only thing would be to say that the gates are a bit flimsy, but I am also using them for something other then what they were designed for so.

    Mahala Horn

  154. Dave

    It’s great


  155. Lynda Hammond

    My dogs well being.

    The dog playpen is very convenient for camping our puppy loves to be outside and this way he can have room-to-be off his leash.

    3 people found this helpful

    Lynda Hammond

  156. Crystal Audas

    Perfect for small animals. Travels well

    This is the perfect sturdy playpen for small animals. I use it for my pug as well as for a playpen for my house rabbit. They cannot jump over the sides. The gate shuts and locks into place easily. I was not disappointed with this purchase and I would recommend it.

    Crystal Audas

  157. Amazon Customer

    Not the best quality

    The pen was very flimsy. I was expecting a lot more for what I paid for the item

    Amazon Customer

  158. DD

    Good product.

    As described in listing.


  159. Janice K.

    Puppy play pin

    It’s a puppy sitter, gives them enough time to pee and poopy!

    Janice K.

  160. Ruth Lynn

    Perfect for a small puppy!

    Love this pen. It is the exact size and height that I wanted. My puppy is 3 pounds and won’t get very large, so this is just right for her.

    Ruth Lynn

  161. Jim

    Great item for the price

    Great item for the price. Easy to setup and use. You can join 2 together for a larger space. I do wish there was a way to keep it in place on a smooth floor, Our 3 month old Westie has already figured out how to move it where she wants to by pushing it with her nose. We bought two so we had one for outdoors and one for indoors.


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