4 Slice Toaster, Extra Wide Slots

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Brand Name: Vieruodis
Origin: Mainland China
Power (W): 1800W
Bread Slot Quantity: 4 slices
Voltage (V): 110V
Certification: CE
Housing: Stainless steel
Classification: Bread Machine (Cooked Bread Producing)
Function: Automatic Pop-Up Function,Warm
Timing Gear: 4-5 stalls
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  1. Stel

    Great for toast OR bagels

    This toaster has a separate setting for bagels which is wonderful. On my old toaster I always had to reset the timer. Also it has a feature that lifts up the toast so that it will come out of the toaster further enabling you to remove it much easier


  2. Victoria

    Good toaster

    Cute, light weight, and works well. I’m happy with my purchase!


  3. Mallory

    Works great.

    Works great. Cute toaster that fits different sizes of bread and bagels.


  4. David Trimble

    Elements didn’t last very long.

    Great when new but lost element heating after short while

    David Trimble

  5. Wally’s World

    Very good toaster with great features and style.

    Here’s a stylish toaster with great features at a reasonable price. The extra “lift ” feature prevents you from burning 🔥 your fingers when getting those smaller than normal pieses of toast out !! And being able to toast only one side of a bagel 🥯 is a smart feature as well. The two tone paint is a nice touch that lends itself to leaving the toaster on the counter top for display. Very cleaver !

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    Wally’s World

  6. kelly

    So far so good

    Love the color yellow and the retro look. Works good. So far so good


  7. Margaret MacDonald

    Great toaster

    Love the features and the color

    Margaret MacDonald

  8. Dave Underwood

    This toaster is the best I’ve ever owned.

    Love how evenly it toasts anything and all the while it looks amazing. Made breakfast for dinner and the 4 slot was perfect. Easy to clean out crumbs I wish more manufacturers would jazz up small appliances. Like coffee makers. They’re all boring

    Dave Underwood

  9. Clara frederick


    so cute and loveeeeeee the color!

    Clara frederick

  10. Deb

    Great toaster once the smell is gone!

    I purchased the 4 sliced green toaster. I love the color and so far toast and bagels toast perfectly. Just as other reviewers mentioned the toaster did give off a chemical type smell. I reached out to Buydeem and Rika got back to me with suggestions on her to get rid of the oder. I hadn’t finished the full length of time yet having to run the toaster without food in it several times and she reached out again to check in with me. That’s excellent customer service, and the smell is gone!


  11. Teresa Ellinger

    Love this toaster

    I love the look of it. I like the easy cleaning trays.

    Teresa Ellinger

  12. S. Gardner

    Good Cooker~

    Toasts the bread just right~

    S. Gardner

  13. EmSprack

    It’s a toaster

    It works for toasting bread, bagels and English muffins.


  14. Maria Dasilva Morris

    Great price

    love love love my toaster. And the color yellow is so beautiful

    Maria Dasilva Morris

  15. Ben

    Pretty nice toaster

    Pros:o Heat application is consistent from use to useo With similar settings, both sides toast very close to the same amount of timeo Extra lift-after-toasting sliders allow easy retrieval of toasted itemso Cancel button allows arbitrarily ending toast cycleso Bagel toasting feature warms both sides, then toasts only cut sideo Slots are a little wider than is typical; good for toasting slightly wider itemso Relatively quieto 2-year warrantyCons:o Toast slots are far too shallow to properly toast tall slices of bread (typical rye, etc.)o Tall slices require toasting 1/2 time, flip, toasting 1/2 time againo Not smart: no sensing of browning; strictly time-based toastingThings you should be aware of:o With both sides in use, toaster pulls a VERY large amount of current; sharing AC outlets is not a good ideaOverall, we’re pretty satisfied with the toaster. Its inability to toast the rye bread we prefer in one shot is annoying, but not horrible: just requires two shorter toasting cycles and a flip of the bread in between them. The color/retro look isn’t my thing, but I don’t really care, either, so no points off for that.The -1 star is due to the time-based toasting versus actual sensing of browning; time. Settings that work for rye bread, for instance, don’t work for white or a bagel, so unless you only toast one kind of bread, the settings require constant fiddling – and that in turn means you have to remember which settings work with which items. First thing in the morning, the last thing I want to do is remember anything. So we have some notes nearby, but it would be much nicer if the toaster was smart enough to actually watch the toasting process. Cameras, LEDs, mirrored surfaces, and tiny microprocessors are all very inexpensive these days. Hopefully soon we’ll have toasters that utilize these things.

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  16. Carlos

    Great toaster

    Very fast delivery. Toast everything perfectly. Bagels and English muffins spot on.


  17. Susan pie tripoli

    Works much better than the well know brands I generally buy.

    Would buy as a gift

    Susan pie tripoli

  18. Duane

    Nice toaster

    Works good and can get your toast as toasted as you’d like. My previous toaster would occasionally get toast stuck and burn it. Or worse if I was busy getting ready it would fill my house with smoke setting off the detectors. This toaster stops cooking when the timer is done and not when it pops. So if bread doesn’t pop up without a little assistance it’s not a problem. Toaster still turns off. No burnt toast and no nearly burnt house


  19. desertgal

    Works for us …

    We like it, it works and it’s easy on the eyes and so easy to use. No complaints, a good product, happy with purchase.


  20. Leslie Anderson

    Good color.

    Cute toaster.

    Leslie Anderson

  21. DWG

    Attractive retro look

    It works great, just as advertised


  22. Kris Daniels

    Pretty good

    I gave it a 4 star review only because you have to put the toast setting really high to get anything browned. And if you go all the way then it burns. So there’s a little bit of a trick to it. It’s still better than my old toaster though, so I’m not mad about it. It’s cute and it gets the job done even if it’s a little on the weaker side. For the price I think it’s a great toaster and I would definitely buy it again!

    Kris Daniels

  23. Carolynn Mackey

    As pretty as it is functional!

    I LOVE the extra little function of being able to lift the handle – just a smidge – so that the toast “peeks” out of the top & I can grasp it.

    Carolynn Mackey

  24. John Anderson

    Toasts evenly

    This toaster is so pretty and toasts great too! I especially like the added feature of being able to raise the toast up a little higher so it’s easy to get your toast out.

    2 people found this helpful

    John Anderson

  25. susan

    Decent toaster

    Decent toaster holds 4 items slots are large enough for bagels . Would buy again.


  26. Douglas Eckhoff

    Looks great

    Nice looking. Functions adequately. I

    Douglas Eckhoff

  27. P. Caraveo

    Beautiful, but wrong color

    We haven’t had a toaster for a few years at least and my dad has been asking me to buy one more times than I care to remember. I couldn’t find you I liked, some had mixed or bad reviews or were otherwise not of the same quality as our old one. Well, our new toaster just arrived and I couldn’t wait to tear open the box. It is so beautiful. I haven’t used it yet – would you believe there is not a slice of bread, bagel, muffin or waffle in the house????? I’m going to the store later today and stocking up! My only comment right now is that the color was supposed to be “Light teal”. The one I got came in a box clearly marked “green” and the color is definitely a pastel dusky green. Still vintage-y looking but nowhere near light teal. I’m keeping it though since repackaging everything and sending it back for an exchange is more trouble and just adds another thing to my ever increasing to-do list. Hope this works as good as it is beautiful.

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    P. Caraveo

  28. Mark l Peters

    Great toaster and great look

    Wife loves the color and look, we have the matching coffee pot

    Mark l Peters

  29. Marcelo E Szilagyi

    Stilish and functional

    This toaster has a beautiful color, sleek design and toasts evenly.

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    Marcelo E Szilagyi

  30. Amazon Customer

    It actually toasts the whole slice of bread

    I fell in love with the look of this toaster but, let’s be honest. We really want a toaster to toast the entire slice of bread. My old toaster just toasts the top, left side of the bread. It was infuriating eating half toast and half warm bread. Well this toaster toasts the entire piece of bread – in all four slots. No more eating warm bread, unless that’s what you want to eat. It did have that “new toaster” smell until we used it a few times; however, it did not affect the taste of the toast at all. And I actually completely reworked my kitchen so I could leave this gorgeous toaster on the counter for everyone to see. Everyone wants to know where I got it. I love it!

    Amazon Customer

  31. babznlulu

    A good toaster

    I chose the stainless model of this toaster but the colors are much more fun. They didn’t work in my kitchen so I ordered the plain Jane model. I discovered this toaster when we used it at an Airbnb. I loved it : easy to control varying toaster times, wide enough slots for different bread types. The only criticism is the dial because it’s impossible to see the toast time indicator.


  32. Jewelet

    Love the style, love the toast

    Love the design, it toasts evenly and pops the toast out so that you can grab it without getting burned (a problem I had with the toaster this one replaced) I like that there are 2 sides and 2 controls so that you can control the toasty level for yourself and another.


  33. Jacqueline

    Love this toaster!

    The delivery was much sooner than predicted and came unscathed. I love the width of the slots, the functions and most of all the color. The retro feel is perfect for my kitchen.The only disappointment is that I thought I was purchasing a product made in America but according to the manual, its made in China. I always look for products that are USA.

    6 people found this helpful


  34. Brent G

    Looks good, works well, and bagels are fantastic

    After doing hours of research we decided to buy this toaster and give it a shot. Not one toaster we found had all excellent reviews but this looks to be pretty good.What’s Great?this toaster toasts bagels unbelievably well. They are soft in the middle and crispy on the outside every single time. The defrost button ensures that you can put something frozen in and it will still toast it very nicely. There’s a reheat button and the reheat function actually works great as well.Whats Good?This toaster does a pretty good job of toasting bread and English muffins. It does get a little more done in one side than the other but I’m told that’s like the restaurants nowadays. I do wish it was a little more even. This toaster is very easy to clean and the trays for the crumb slide in and out nicely. It also has a nice lift mechanism so you don’t burn your fingers taken smaller pieces of toast out.The Not So Good?It would be much better if they had an electronica control instead of a dial. It would also be nice to have a memory for toast versus bagels or something else. This part is quite frustrating because for toast I want it on for but for bagels it’s somewhere after three but not exactly 3.We haven’t had any issues with this toaster and we’ve now had it for about three months.

    8 people found this helpful

    Brent G

  35. David Lessnau


    Toasters always seemed to me like very low-tech appliances. No matter the brand or the price, they never did the job consistently. I checked Consumers Reports in the hope to get a good one to replace the lousy one I had. However, even the high rated toasters always seemed to have 5 or 6 percent one-star reviews. So tried amazon and looked for one with only one percent one-star reviews. This one had just that. I never heard of the brand and if it was not for the great reviews, I would never have considered it. However, I’m glad I purchased it. It makes consistently good toast, and the settings are accurate. Toast comes out every time just the way you have set the control. Light, dark or in-between.

    David Lessnau

  36. Stephanie Quinn

    Great Product

    Great product!

    Stephanie Quinn

  37. william d. hardie



    william d. hardie

  38. D. Chaney

    A really nice toaster for the price

    I like the easy buttons to select different bread items. The defrost option is great.

    D. Chaney

  39. Leslie

    Affordable and cute

    I’ve used this more than a handful of times now and I am very pleased with it. I love that it has options for toast or bagel/muffins. I eat English muffins quite regularly, so having the feature where it will only toasts the inside was a first for me. The timer is easy to manage, my toast comes out to my expectations every time. It’s also not a pain to pull out my bread compared to other toasters that taunt you to put your fingers inside a hot toaster. It also has a easy grid to slide out to clean the bread crumbs in the back. And of course the color is cute!


  40. Maechen Stewart

    Love the Style

    I usually store my toaster in a drawer but this one’s displayed on the counter. It’s too cute to put away. Works great and is of great quality. Love it!

    2 people found this helpful

    Maechen Stewart

  41. J.M.

    Toast perfection!

    Fabulous toaster, very fast and toasts perfectly. I don’t know why I’ve been using my toaster oven all this time when all I needed was this super toaster. It doesn’t take up much counter space, we use it all the time, and the green is a lovely retro pastel color. Dials are easy to use, it all feels sturdy.


  42. Gary P. Crispens

    Excellent 4 Slice Toaster

    When we have company at our family beach house, the 2 slice toaster gets backed up on toast, but it really gets backed up on toasting hamburger buns.We have tried toasting them on the grill, but then the burgers are getting cold.So we bought this 4 slice toaster with a yellow retro beachy vibe that does not take up much more counter space than the 2 slice toaster.It toasts faster than our old one and can double down on those burger buns.It has plenty of settings for bagels and a thawing feature I have not seen before.Very happy with the toaster.

    One person found this helpful

    Gary P. Crispens

  43. Kawmagnum

    Excellent Toaster .

    Does not dry out bread or muffins but toasts great.


  44. Stephanie T

    Fantastic Toaster

    Ordered because mine was a 100 years old LOL. Very happy with the product. Beautiful and does a great job. Exactly as described, shipped fast. No issues. Highly recommend. I ordered the silver one. The other colors are beautiful but do not match my kitchen.

    Stephanie T

  45. Jolin Lu

    it makes my day

    it makes my day, good-looking and very functional

    2 people found this helpful

    Jolin Lu

  46. Michelle M Johnson

    Super cute, nice muted color

    I love the color of this toaster! We got the green and I was worried it would be too bright. It is definitely not! It’s a nice muted green and goes very well with my gray kitchen for a pop of color!

    Michelle M Johnson

  47. A. Conklin

    Great toaster and cute!

    Great purchase! Love it. Toasts both sides of bread, waffles etc perfectly.

    A. Conklin

  48. S.D.V.


    I don’t have any complaints. It seems to heat up in a good amount of time. I like it.


  49. Minxia


    It makes it much easier for me to make my breakfast!


  50. Birthday girl’s sister

    Very even toasting.

    Would be 5 stars for everything except it’s difficult to see where the setting indicator is.

    Birthday girl’s sister

  51. Beth Stewart

    Love My Toast.

    The color was a fun extra, but even the even toasting I’d English muffins, homemade bread, and regular bread is best. I am so pleased this toaster.

    Beth Stewart

  52. David Sonders

    Great quality

    Really well made. I’ve been looking for a toaster like this for quite a while. Simple controls, solid build, retro but not in a cheesy way. Beautiful and works really well.

    2 people found this helpful

    David Sonders

  53. Gabriela


    I love this toaster! It’s super cute, easy to use and easy to clean. I haven’t had any issues with it!


  54. BakerA

    Can a Toaster Be Sexy?

    If ever there was a sexy toaster, this is it. It looks beautiful and works perfectly. In a moment that felt like the epitome of being an adult, I actually got excited while reading about what each button on this bad boy does. This toaster has features I never knew I needed. You want a bagel that’s only toasted on the cut side? Done. How about some bread that’s just heated without toasting? This appliance has your back. Want to heat a frozen waffle that’s perfectly warmed without having to over toast? Consider it done, the defrost mode will heat before toasting. This toaster was the ultimate upgrade from my 11 year old $3 Black Friday door buster toaster, and I absolutely love it. Do you like mint green? Do you like toast? If the answer is “yes”, don’t hesitate and “buy now”. You’ll thank yourself as soon as you unbox it and all it’s minty glory.

    35 people found this helpful


  55. Amazon Customer

    Quality toaster

    Has a retro look with modern controls. Easy to clean, on the bottom of the toaster has a practical way to route you extra power cord. Purchased toaster during Prime day it was on sale and couldn’t pass it up. 👍🏽

    Amazon Customer

  56. Rachel

    So attractive

    Great retro toaster and I love the color!


  57. David Lessnau


    Toasters always seemed to me like very low-tech appliances. No matter the brand or the price, they never did the job consistently. I checked Consumers Reports in the hope to get a good one to replace the lousy one I had. However, even the high rated toasters always seemed to have 5 or 6 percent one-star reviews. So tried amazon and looked for one with only one percent one-star reviews. This one had just that. I never heard of the brand and if it was not for the great reviews, I would never have considered it. However, I’m glad I purchased it. It makes consistently good toast, and the settings are accurate. Toast comes out every time just the way you have set the control. Light, dark or in-between.

    David Lessnau

  58. Cc


    So far I love this toaster. Has nice retro look and seems pretty good so far at toasting.


  59. Scotty

    I love this toaster!

    This toaster was fantastic! It’s my pride and joy in the kitchen, the only issue is it’s very difficult to clean out, even with the crumb trays. This toaster will have you shaking it upside down over the sink and using compressed air if you want it to truly be clean of crumbs. The crumb issue has left me needing to buy a new toaster, as this one now smokes when using it despite being deep cleaned, there are still crumbs stuck in the heating element.


  60. Dan McDougall

    It’s a great toaster

    For the money, it is a great toaster. Functionality and performance are both great.

    Dan McDougall

  61. Valerie

    Stylish and uinque!

    Love my toaster! Stylish and unique.


  62. Marquis de Saniette

    As with all toasters, there is no accuracy to the dials

    I received an excellent toaster in every way except two: anything over 3.25 on the toaster dial and it burns whatever you put in it, and the far right slot heats twice as much as the other three. So you have to stop it and take the item in that slot out after 60 seconds or you get black toast! However, I have found that virtually no modern toaster is accurate. I can adjust to that, but I just wish all four slots in this one I received worked consistently.

    Marquis de Saniette

  63. kittenpancake

    Great toaster!

    This toaster works really well and I love the vintage yellow design. The defrost button is handy. My favorite part is that the lever pushes up farther than the regular pop-up position so you can easily lift out foods that might be hard to get out otherwise.

    13 people found this helpful


  64. Brittany Navarro

    So perfect!

    Wonderful for a vintage kitchen, or any kitchen that would like a modern twist on an old classic! Easy to clean and use.

    Brittany Navarro

  65. Cruiser

    Worth Paying A Little More

    I paid a little more for this toaster hoping it would work better then the $19 ones that you can buy. It is worth paying the extra dollars. It toasts well both sides. I love the yellow color I chose. When you use it for the first two times it has a new odor. I recommend putting the handle down a few times, let it heat up before you start putting bread in it. We are very happy with it.

    20 people found this helpful


  66. Gina

    Stunning color

    Love love the color! Works perfect, but even if it didn’t work I’d still love it because it’s so beautiful

    One person found this helpful


  67. Maui Mike

    Excellent toaster for English muffins & bagels

    I’ve owned two toasters in my life: an ancient USA-made Procter Silex 2-slotter and this one. I’m using this one exclusively for fresh-baked bagels and Thomas’ English muffins, and so far this model does exactly what I want, i.e., it TOASTS without burning, period. I only use the bagels/muffins buttons and I leave the two adjustable control knobs all the way to the left of the dial (their positions don’t seem to affect the outcome very much anyway). I read some of the negative reviews of this model: bad smells after the first few uses, uneven toasting, and an ejector that doesn’t push the bread upward properly. Before I put anything in the slots, I turned on all four slots with no bread, just to see if the “burnt plastic smell” occurred: it didn’t and still doesn’t after several uses. At the same time I waited a bit to see which side of each slot’s heating elements glowed the brightest, which would tell me which side of the bagel or muffin would be toasted thoroughly. Sure enough, my bagels and muffins are consistently toasted on the side with the hottest elements… and no uneven toasting! As far as the complaints about the ejectors not pushing the finished toast far enough upward so the toast can be retrieved without burning one’s fingers, I found that giving the ejector lever an extra push upward after ejection worked just fine. Toaster technology (at least for the under-$100 models) is pretty unsophisticated, and so is unlikely to fulfill many users’ unrealistic expectations of perfection and instant gratification. Accepting that fact, and using patience and a light touch when operating the admittedly delicate construction of this inexpensive toaster should make for a long and satisfactory relationship with this product. Then again, maybe I just got lucky and bought a non-lemon.

    51 people found this helpful

    Maui Mike

  68. Cola

    Vintage with accommodations

    Browns perfectly every time and it’s so cute!


  69. Heather

    Super cute & works well

    Toaster is super cute! Runs perfectly. The yellow color pretty. Nothing bad to say.


  70. RenegadeRose

    This is a great toaster!

    I’ve had a lot of toasters in my lifetime and a few that were much more expensive than this….thinking that being more expensive, meant it would be better. This toaster does it job correctly and I couldn’t be happier.


  71. Alyssa Gutzmann

    Love this toaster!

    After scouring the internet, I chose this toaster and glad I did. It took me a month to finally decide what toaster I was going to buy after reading review after review. It’s adorable for one, and gets the job done when it comes to toasting. Our growing family needed a 4 slice and it’s made life way easier with having kids sandwiches, waffles, bagels, or toast ready at the same time. Super glad with this purchase and it was a decent price!

    Alyssa Gutzmann

  72. Cris

    Designer toaster

    Love this toasterGreat colors, easy to see setting, very stylish design


  73. loopygirl

    She loved it

    She loved the retro look


  74. Amazon Customer

    Never thought I’d love a roster.

    Probably the best toaster I’ve ever owned. Evenly toasts and looks good. What more couldyou ask for. I was suspect from the price and picture, but the positives reviews swayed me to try it. I love it!

    Amazon Customer

  75. Brian L. Hhannan

    Super toxic weird smell

    I will start off by saying I love the look of this toaster – but does any one else get this super toxic metal or perhaps paint smell when you toast something ?

    Brian L. Hhannan

  76. Ryan Cathey

    Beautiful and perfect toast

    Just arrived in perfect condition. Love the color and it made my toast perfectly the first time I used it. So far very happy.

    Ryan Cathey

  77. Christina

    My favorite toaster

    I bought this toaster a few years ago for myself. It worked great and I received several compliments on it, so I just bought one for my sister.Nice bagel option and easy to understand dials.Fairly easy to clean once you find the trays to remove.Buy it, you won’t regret it


  78. M

    I love it!

    I really really wanted a fun toaster, and this is it. I is functional AND lovely, in fact it was tough selecting which color, it’s cute and modern, while also looking retro. How does a design speak to all of those?? You won’t be sorry choosing this toaster!


  79. Deb

    Great toaster once the smell is gone!

    I purchased the 4 sliced green toaster. I love the color and so far toast and bagels toast perfectly. Just as other reviewers mentioned the toaster did give off a chemical type smell. I reached out to Buydeem and Rika got back to me with suggestions on her to get rid of the oder. I hadn’t finished the full length of time yet having to run the toaster without food in it several times and she reached out again to check in with me. That’s excellent customer service, and the smell is gone!


  80. Kenneth Hale

    Looks great works awesome

    Excellent value

    Kenneth Hale

  81. pandawiz

    I love the color!

    It’s easy to use and matches my pots and pans! I love it!


  82. Debra Montoya

    Love this vintage looking toaster

    I love this toaster. Works great and love the vintage look. Hopefully it will last for awhile.

    One person found this helpful

    Debra Montoya

  83. Angel iler

    Great toaster

    My wife lives this toaster! It toasts so well!

    Angel iler

  84. Denise Wilson

    Cute and efficient

    Easy to use and wider for bagels. Why not have something cute and functional, with this appliance you can.

    Denise Wilson

  85. Kimberly fisher

    Great toast

    This works like a dream

    Kimberly fisher

  86. Dmr

    Works like a charm

    It’s retro look looks great on our counter. It came quickly and was well packaged. Works right out of the box and the wide slots are perfect for bagels. Different adjustment settings work well. I would recommend this product.


  87. cydewaze

    Pretty nice toaster with some smart design choices

    I needed a 4-slice toaster to replace our old Black & Decker, on which one pair of slots had stopped working. I was a little wary about trying this one, because I’d never heard of the brand, but the reviews looked good, so I took a chance. It’s turned out to be a really nice toaster. The original unit arrived dented, but the seller took care of that without issue.Here are the things I like about it.1. It toasts quickly and evenly, and it toasts on the first go. The old B&D often needed a second pass with certain bread types, but not this one. I recommend starting at a lower setting, because at the halfway setting it’ll really blacken a slice of white bread. Better to start low, as you can toast bread more, but you can’t un-toast it.2. The metal “cages” inside the slots that hold the bread are nice and close together. In the B&D, these were well over an inch apart, so small slices or heels would turn sideways and touch the element (and burn), or get stuck. The Buydeem has less than a 1″ spacing, so it holds each slice way better. No more burnt edges or stuck slices.3. It’s a good looking toaster.4. I like the cancel button to pop toast up early, rather than having to tug upward on the lever. It’s just a little easier.The only downside is that the cleaning trays slide out of the back and not the front, but this is a minor inconvenience. Otherwise, very happy with the toaster.

    12 people found this helpful


  88. Gail B. Cundiff



    Gail B. Cundiff

  89. Dimples

    Working great so far!

    We desperately needed a new toaster. After a few weeks, we are still content with our purchase. We have toasted waffles, bagels, English Muffins, cinnamon toast, and plain old white bread and everything has been exactly as expected. Now we know the precise settings for our food and everyone in the household is enjoying the toaster.


  90. none

    Cheap plastic knobs and controls

    I love retro and was so disappointed that the toaster was so cheaply made.


  91. Berkley Accident and Health

    Great toaster

    This is a great toaster. A big wide opening for a bagel. Settings good. Simple to use. Toasts good, fast enough. Very cool looking. I bought it for the office. Everyone is very happy with our new yellow toaster. Looks just like the pictures.

    Berkley Accident and Health

  92. Denise

    The family seems to like it.

    I didn’t buy for myself but I have not received any complaints from my family. I know it’s pretty easy to clean up crumbs.


  93. Taylor


    I LOVEEEEE this little cutie toaster. I asked my husband for it for mother’s day and I have been really happy with it. The color is super cute (light teal/blue) and it toasts great!


  94. Vicky

    I love my toaster and my matching kettle.

    I liked the toaster appearance on line which decided it’s purchase and also another one for a gift. After using the toaster – basically I love it. My granddaughter returned hers due to already having one in use. After she has seen and operated mine, she Regrets her decision to return the buydeem.


  95. oktriman

    Great toaster

    Tried several cheaper toasters that either broke or just didn’t work well. This toaster is well made and toasts evenly. Like it a lot.

    One person found this helpful


  96. Muriel I. Hines

    I Love this new Toaster

    The product is easy to use.I am Very Happy with it

    Muriel I. Hines

  97. Elizabeth A.

    The geeen color is beautiful!

    We use the toaster daily and works great.

    Elizabeth A.

  98. merrymaker

    Looks great, toasts well!

    Looks beautiful in my kitchen which is unusual for a toaster. No complaints so far. Works well for my thin sliced bread on setting 3. I’m very happy with this purchase.


  99. Mrs. Wendy L. Easton


    good product

    Mrs. Wendy L. Easton

  100. christina gomez

    Beautiful toaster

    I never use the toaster I’m actually returning it. It is a beautiful toaster the only reason I bought it is because they paired it with the nostalgia microwave and coffee maker. The color of the nostalgia coffee maker/microwave online color is a soft yellow like the toaster however when I received the nostalgia microwave and coffee maker it was a much brighter yellow. I then decided to get the toaster since they were all three paired together on a ad suggestion. Well this toaster is true to the actual color on Amazon and it does not match the nostalgia yellow. A little bummed because I really like the toaster but it just doesn’t match.

    christina gomez

  101. Danielle Chechile

    Love it!

    It looks great in our kitchen and works great!

    Danielle Chechile

  102. Debbie V. Sprague

    Love it and the color!!

    I just love it and the color is fantastic!!

    Debbie V. Sprague

  103. Satisfied User

    It really makes toast 😋

    Great color and nostalgic design. Controls are easy and works great.

    Satisfied User

  104. Cynthia K.

    Beautiful toaster

    I live my new toaster! I just received it today and it was a big hit with the whole family. We had been using a toaster oven. This toasts so much more evenly! We love that it has a bunch of different settings too..

    Cynthia K.

  105. Max

    Pretty toaster and works fine

    For the price, this is quit a nice toaster. I had ordered another model that was three times the price and returned it because it didn’t toast well. This toaster toasts pretty well and just looks so darned nice in my kitchen. The color is cheery and a bit retro; definitely not a bland looking toaster. The crumb tray is easy to use and the toaster is easy to keep clean and new looking. It’s a nice size for my kinda’ small kitchen. People who see it want one just like it. I haven’t had it for a long time, so can’t attest to it’s durability, so all I can say is that it’s working well now and I’ve started eating more toast just because i like the toaster so much!

    13 people found this helpful


  106. laura


    Love the soft yellow color and it toasts great!


  107. Daniel K.

    Works very well.

    Beats the heck out of a toaster oven for toast, bagels, English muffins.

    Daniel K.

  108. DN

    Pretty and functional

    Just the right amount of settings. Good little four slice toaster. If you like the way it looks, buy it. You won’t be disappointed.


  109. Shirley R.

    Love, love, love this toaster!

    I love almost everything about this toaster. It is so pretty, nice shape, toasts on BOTH sides and has not only levels of color you choose for your toast, but also does muffins, bagels, frozen waffles AND warm cycle when you didn’t hear it pop up.The ONE thing I can’t figure out is why the manufacturer put a BLACK cord on this beautiful pastel toaster! Are they crazy? Who puts a black cord on kitchen appliances? I wish they would change that. But I love it so much I won’t return it.

    14 people found this helpful

    Shirley R.

  110. Christina

    My favorite toaster

    I bought this toaster a few years ago for myself. It worked great and I received several compliments on it, so I just bought one for my sister.Nice bagel option and easy to understand dials.Fairly easy to clean once you find the trays to remove.Buy it, you won’t regret it


  111. Amazon Customer

    Love my new toaster

    I bought this because my grandkids were coming to visit. They have bagels so I figured they could both cook at once. It has worked like a charm. I absolutely LOVE the color and the look of the toaster. I haven’t cleaned it yet, but I’m sure it will be just fine. It just makes me smile to look at it. Great idea to bring back the retro look. Bagels are coming out perfect every time. I love my new toaster. Thanks so much!!

    Amazon Customer

  112. jacquie hicks

    Love this

    Great item

    jacquie hicks

  113. Amazon Customer

    love the retro look and extra wide slots

    This toaster has everything I was looking for. Makes great toast & bagels. Also has an adorable retro look. I bought the pale green. Easy to clean too.

    3 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  114. WPCooper

    Love it!

    I read reviews for toasters till I was cross-eyed. There are many lemons out there that either throw your toast or burn it. I finally settled on this unit. I love it. You can control the brownness you desire, and your toast pops up like it is supposed to. I love the green color and would repurchase it. Best overall toaster I have ever owned.


  115. Hpycmpr

    Cute functional toaster

    This cute green toaster works great!! It easily toasts bread and even toasts my square rolls. It looks great in my kitchen with my other green accessories.

    One person found this helpful


  116. Justin McCall

    Beautiful Toaster

    Perfect toast quality.

    Justin McCall

  117. Mrs. Wendy L. Easton


    good product

    Mrs. Wendy L. Easton

  118. Jim Jones

    It Looks Awesome

    It’s cooking skills are about as advertised. Honestly, I usually just throw in the bread/bagel and select some time in the middle of the time range, so I’m sure it’s amazing if used as intended, but I have more fun my way. As for the looks: they are awesome and my kitchen looks cooler now by a lot. For that reason I love this thing, and I would recommend it.

    One person found this helpful

    Jim Jones

  119. Julia


    Absolutely perfect item. Works great, looks adorable. IN LOVE!


  120. Amazon Customer

    I love my new toaster.

    Easy to clean, use. You can toast bagels and thick bread in it. In love with my new toaster. ♥️♥️

    Amazon Customer

  121. Gavin Johnson

    Looks good

    The toaster looks good and toasts the bread.

    Gavin Johnson

  122. Colleen H

    So pretty

    I bought this for my granddaughter’s apartment since she wanted a yellow toaster. She loved it and it has many features I know she’ll use.

    Colleen H

  123. marquez

    Perfect toast

    Finally! A toaster that toasts evenly and looks good on the counter. It is made well and is exactly as advertised.


  124. maria


    Works good . Love the fun color.


  125. K

    Cute toaster!

    Love this toaster and the color and very happy I bought it.


  126. Michael C.

    Excellent Piece of Kit

    One thing I really like about this toaster is that for smaller pieces of bread, you can push the sliders up when it is done, raising the toast so that it can be easily removed. My old one didn’t do that. Great toaster, 5-star recommendation.

    One person found this helpful

    Michael C.

  127. HairSmurf

    Cord is in a weird location

    The toaster works better than any we have purchased in a long time. Settings are easy to use. I did do about 7-8 empty runs to get smell off new heating elements ! P.U. did they stink ! The cord is in an odd location… comes from the bottom almost centered but slightly towards the front… very different !!We’ll made and cleans easily ! Beautiful light soft green !!

    One person found this helpful


  128. AZ reviewer

    I recommend it

    I never thought it would be such a challenge to get a good toaster that toasts evenly and quickly without being super hot on the outside. But reading reviews and buying and returning a different brand, we finally got this one, and we recommend it. it’s fast, it toasts evenly, and the outside does not get blazing hot.

    3 people found this helpful

    AZ reviewer

  129. Barbara maybe some middle name ist Princis

    The toaster is everything its supposed to be.

    A problem this was a gift my credit card info I believe in box since I forward

    Barbara maybe some middle name ist Princis

  130. Lilly

    Stylish, Quality Toaster

    I ordered this toaster after reading the mostly good reviews and because of its retro appearance. I was concerned that the yellow color might be too bright, but it’s very subtle, almost a soft gold, and it was cheaper than the green version. There was a slight dent in one end of the toaster, even though it was well packed, so I’m assuming the dent was there before it was boxed. I decided not to send it back. So far the toaster is working great, toasting evenly in all 4 slots on a variety of bread slices. We have not tried bagels yet. The pull out trays on the bottom for cleaning seem like they’ll be easy to manage. Overall I am pleased by the purchase.

    One person found this helpful


  131. Alan Ze

    The reviews were right, this is a great toaster

    I bought this toaster purely on the reviews. Never heard of this brand. Made in China of course. Product works as described. Nothing fancy or sexy about this toaster. It does what it is supposed to do! Price was right. No reason to buy the bigger brands, this works great.

    Alan Ze

  132. Amazon Customer

    Great customer service

    The toaster that I bought stopped working, however the company replaced it immediately and followed up with me quickly when I wrote to them. It was impressive.The toaster is so cute too! It matches my kitchen cabinets.

    Amazon Customer

  133. Amazon Kunde

    Looks good in yellow

    Quality seems to be good. Nice colour yellow.

    Amazon Kunde

  134. 808Aloha


    Love the color, easy to use, a little expensive, there are other brands where you get the same thing for less money.


  135. Amazon Customer


    We’ve had this toaster since September 2021. The right side is fine but the left side is still emitting odors that smell like burned machining oil residue. I’ve tried turning up the temp on the left control to its highest setting several times but the odor is still being emitted. The odor doesn’t totally ruin the toast but the flavor is slightly affected. At this point I’m not sure what can be done to eliminate these emissions.

    Amazon Customer

  136. betsy

    Es bonito el color pero no funciona bien

    Es bonito el color pero al principio funciono bien pero la usé como tres veces y ya no funciona como antes el pan no baja y sino estoy pendiente se quema porque no sale


  137. Harvey A Wagner

    Good toaster for the price.

    Nice toaster for the price. Works well./

    Harvey A Wagner

  138. Car Whisperer

    Perfect Gift

    I purchased this toaster for my daughter as a gift, and she absolutely loves it!

    One person found this helpful

    Car Whisperer

  139. James C Allen

    Stylish toaster.

    The only thing that is a negative with this toaster is, it has a smell when toasting. We have had for 2-3 months and use everyday and there is still a smell when using. It does not effect the taste of the toast, but it’s not a pleasant smell.

    James C Allen

  140. Bradley Sharp

    Great toaster but slots are too short to accomodate most breads.

    A great toaster except we always have to cut off the ends of bread slices before we toast them. The width is fine, but the length is too short. I would look for another toaster that is large enough to handle an average slice of bread.

    Bradley Sharp

  141. Shari

    Beautiful color….perfect

    A little on the larger side, but looks beautiful on the counter. Toasts great, easy to clean


  142. Alexa C

    Very good toaster

    super easy to use, makes the bread very crispy, and the color is so cute and unique

    One person found this helpful

    Alexa C

  143. Sheila Sullivan


    Easy to use and clean

    Sheila Sullivan

  144. carterinms

    Uneven Toast

    With the side-by-side pairs, the elements on the outside are hotter than the ones in the middle of the pair. This makes sense as there are two sets of elements in the middle, and only one one the outside, and one or two on the inside depending on whether you are using both sides. Sadly they obviously did not test the elements before production, and the middle elements are undersized. This results in uneven toasting – the only way to evenly toast is to rotate half way through.The attached picture is a slice of Dave’s Killer Bread which is denser than normal bread so needs the bagel setting. One side is almost burnt. The other side could go a hair longer. Toasting is uneven with regular bread, but not as noticeable.I don’t have any other complaints about the toaster. 2 stars because toasting is a fundamental function and it does not do it well. I may send it with my kid when they go back to college and buy a new toaster for myself.


  145. John Turner

    It works

    I purchased a different toaster around a year and half ago. It should have been rated a piece of junk. In fact Amazon stop selling it. This one is a keeper. I’ve only used it twice once English muffin and the other wheat bread toast. I almost fell on the ground when it worked perfectly. I was standing there holding my 2 forks waiting to remove the English, to my amazement I could actually lift the handle and I could see the tops and use my fingers to remove the muffins it was early in the am and I thought I may have been dreaming. Don’t think about it just buy it.

    25 people found this helpful

    John Turner

  146. truthfulTimmy

    Doesn’t toast evenly

    Not sure why, but it doesn’t toast both sides evenly, I even double checked and it’s not on the bagel mode


  147. Abby

    Cute but smells funny

    Super cute, love the minty color, but it has a nasty smell to it when it toasts things. Smells almost like burning plastic but we made sure we removed all the packaging.


  148. A. Kieffer

    I need to amend this review. Great for one sided toast.

    After I posted this review, I was contacted by the seller. They wanted to replace c e the defected toasted. They replaced it. The new toaster is fantastic! It’s quick, both sides work perfectly.For a mfg to stand by their products so strongly I am very impressed. I’d recommend this product 100%.Fanstastic product even better customer service!This is a good looking toaster. Started out working well, though soon after one side became weak. It takes twice as long to toast bread in this toaster than the one I replaced with this one. 3 months in using this one, one side takes twice as long as the other side. We have to push that side down twice compared to only once on the other side.I’d pass on this toaster and get one that’s better. We are quite disappointed in this buydems unit.

    A. Kieffer

  149. Terry D. Ginther

    Toasts Perfectly!

    Great upgrade from our Breville that costed 6x. That toaster was plagued with problems and this toaster toasts bread, muffins very thoroughly at whatever shade you prefer. Great purchase!!!

    Terry D. Ginther

  150. c. sorensen

    I’m in love with this toaster!

    It’s built sturdy and the retro finish and shape are too cute! I’ve always had a cheap toaster and didn’t know it would make such a difference. I’ve seen other similar ones for more money and didn’t have the ascetic that this one has.

    c. sorensen

  151. Ed

    Perfect look

    Looks great and works great, nye on 6 months now


  152. Gregory rogerson


    Easy to clean up and toasted the bread perfect… Good on price for what it can do compared to other similar products…

    Gregory rogerson

  153. DSLAUGH2

    Love this Toaster!

    We had a previous model of this toaster & it lasted 12 YEARS. It was a great toaster but not we have the newer model & it is wonderful also. The tray at bottom just pulls out & you can wipe it clean. I priced a number of toasters with less features that cost much more but the features & long usage I felt this was my best option. I love the buttons on front you can select for each side. I loved this so much I gave my daughter one for wedding shower gift, eventho she request a different toaster. My daughter has said numerous times how happy she has been with this toaster instead of the one she had picked. Thank you.



    Beautifully made!

    I am in love with my new mellow yellow toaster! It is so beautiful came so fast, looks like it is from the 50s I love all the fabulous features, and is a perfect fit for my kitchen. It looks exactly like the picture and all the colors are beautiful. I love the yellow and design.


  155. Kenneth Hale

    Looks great works awesome

    Excellent value

    Kenneth Hale

  156. Brittany Navarro

    So perfect!

    Wonderful for a vintage kitchen, or any kitchen that would like a modern twist on an old classic! Easy to clean and use.

    Brittany Navarro

  157. Taylor

    Super cute!

    Cute toaster! Easy to use!


  158. GreatAmazonBuyer

    A Very Good Toaster That Is Very Lightweight for Some

    UPDATE #3: This toaster is now available in Stainless Steel. Much better choice than the icky green. My opinion though. Icky green may go well in some kitchens and may not be icky to those buyers. However, that is not the reason for my update. A couple years later plus a few months: this toaster is still going strong. For a measly $50 this toaster simply can’t be beat. I own a $330.00 toaster that is hand made in England that has been around for many, many years and this toaster beats it in just about every way possible—as far as how the toast, bagels, etc. come out. The Dualit has many features that the Buydeem does not and if I am not mistaken no other toaster made anywhere has such as a stay-warm feature. That’s all and good but for the life of me I can’t get it to toast evenly bread evenly. And for $334.00 plus tax it should do everything as advertised. In addition to that, I also own another toaster that costs $539.00 plus tax and it’s not even worth the cost of the stainless steel used in the construction of the toaster. As earlier stated, this is one Chinese-made toaster from a real Chinese company that builds a better toaster than any other company making toasters in today’s market. You simply can’t go wrong. Of course, it’s possible that got a one-off toaster and yours might be bad and will not work, but I doubt it.UPDATE #2: I want to let the Amazon public know what I have faced with the Buydeem Company since writing my initial review and Update #1. After writing my initial review, I received a note from Buydeem to explain to them how I burned my finger because they thought it was impossible to to so. They asked that I CHANGE my review to reflect this. After re-reading my review, I realized I did not write a fair review and did not give them a fair rating of the toaster. Since the toaster’s tipping forward and dropping toward the floor and in trying to catch it I burned my finger was my fault in having it at the edge of the counter, I decided to explain it in the update and I changed my rating to a 5-star. As I stated both in the update and in the initial review, this is a GREAT toaster; in fact, I have yet to find a toast that does everything one could want from a toaster as well as toasting bread perfectly—fully browned top to bottom and left to right—except for the one that is handmade in England and sells for six (6) times the price of this toaster.Then, after making the change, I received another notice from Buydeem begging me to change my review as they had dropped from a 100 percent rating to 88 percent due to MY single rating. I wrote them back saying that I had already done so and asked them why they hadn’t bothered to look before they wrote me.Then, they wrote me back immediately asking me to add pictures or better still a video of me, I presume of my making toast so show how good the toaster is.I am telling the Amazon buying public this because I feel that this type of conduct by a seller, manufacturer, or vendor is pandering to an almost illegal degree. And I feel certain that it would be against Amazon’s rules that any of these companies/people are allowed to do. So beware, if you purchase this very fine toaster and don’t give it a 5-star review, you may be facing a, shall we call it ‘a comeback’ from Buydeem to fix your review and change it to a 5-star so they can keep their rating at 100 percent. They may or may not do this, but from my experience, they will.UPDATE:First, I want to add that when my review was posted, Buydeem wrote to me to review with me what I said below. First, they sent me a copy of the UL Certificate they received showing that the toaster is UL rated and indeed it is. So that issue has now been cleared up.Second, the fact that they contacted me shows they care about their product. Never has any product owner or manufacturer taken the time to reflect on what I said in a review which, to me, shows they are passionate about the products they make. So, I want to make another item in my review very clear. When I said that when I pushed both plungers (lift levers are what they are really called I know now) down to lower the bread into the toaster to be toasted, and the machine tilted forward and on one occasion burned my hand, this was a one off situation. I actually had the toaster at the edge of the counter because, as I said, it wobbled. It wobbled because a foot had come off during shipment and before I realized it and replaced it (it was in the box) I was trying to find out why my counter was so uneven. So, I moved it toward the front edge of the countertop and then tried pushing both lift levers down. Being a strong man, pushed too hard, the toaster flipped forward, fell off the counter, I tried to catch it and because I had just toasted four pieces of toast just before this, the toaster was already hot, when I caught it from falling to the floor, my fingers touched the hot part of the toaster, the chrome edge around the burners which on any toaster are always hot. My point was that if it tilts forward, and IF you accidentally touch that area of the toaster one could get burned. The toaster itself, the green body of the toaster, is very cool to the touch.I advised the person who contacted me that were the toaster a little heavier such as making it on a die-cast chassis, this would prevent this very light toaster from tipping forward when the lift levers are pressed downward too hard or lifted up too hard it would prevent the toaster from tilting backwards.Since I wrote that initial review, I have since learned to not push so hard on the lift levers and as a result the toaster remains on all four feet and, therefore, remains firmly on the countertop. For this reason, I am changing the rating to a 5-star. As I earlier said, other than the King of Toaster, the Dualit family of toaster, this is the first toaster that toasts bread very quickly and leaves it crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. That is the way a good piece of toast should be. And it toasts all the bread evenly from end to end, top to bottom, side to side. This is, for the price, a marvelous toaster. Other than the Dualit, the best toaster I have ever had that is sold on the US market. I hope that clarifies this my earlier review.Not very often do I alter a review, but this toaster really makes the grade A and deserves a 5-star rating._________________________________________________________________________________________________I know you are going to ask how I could give this toaster a 4-star rating when it’s easy to use, has great value for the money and it’s a great style, I’ll explain. This toaster is a very, very good toaster when it comes to toasting. I don’t know of another toaster that does its job more quickly than this toaster. And, it does it very well. The browning is very even from top to bottom and right to left. In that vein, I have no complaints.However, Amazon does, in its description, mislead us. It states that the weight is 8+ pounds. With no knowledge of the brand except for the good reviews it had, I decided to purchase it along with the fact it was heftier than most non-die-cast toasters such as the Breville models which I have been used to. But the Buydeem weighs in at 4.13 pounds, just a little too light to be valuable as a toaster, especially if children are using it. This toaster does get hot.When I lifted the risers to remove the pieces of bread after they were toasted, the toaster flipped up off the front feet. Worse, when I pushed both risers down to start all four slots toasting, the toaster flipped downward to the counter. In either case, had the toaster been used over and over again, I could have burned my hand. This, for a child, could be—I will say it again—could be a danger. For this reason alone, I am returning the toaster for a model with good reviews that will not flip up or down.It seems to me that a toaster that not only is made in China but is from an actual Chinese company would have weighted it down a little more for safety reasons. I did not see any UL Certification but it may have been..

    18 people found this helpful


  159. Elaine R. Magenheim

    Looks great

    Love the retro look. Nice wide slots.

    Elaine R. Magenheim

  160. maria


    Works good . Love the fun color.


  161. Jasmine


    Y’all!! This one is a cutie and toasts all my thangs puurfectly. 11/10


  162. GPM

    Finally a high quality toaster that doesn’t break the bank

    I am 68 years old and I cannot tell you how many Krups, Cuisinart and other highest rated toasters I have owned in the over $50.00 price range for the last 20 years, but I was never even slightly satisfied with any of them. None of them browned evenly on both sides like the Buydeem DT-640. I know a lot of people love the way it looks and I do too, but I love it because it works better than any other toaster I have ever owned in my life. Day after day it browns evenly and works great with muffins, Naan or any kind of bread always giving the right results. You won’t be sorry.

    One person found this helpful


  163. Martha Beauchamp

    Great toaster for one person

    I have used it for bagels so far and they come out perfect. The toaster is just the right size for me since I live in a one bedroom apartment. It is easy to store when not in use.

    Martha Beauchamp

  164. Marcia B.

    Good toaster

    Good toaster for breads and muffins. Went from toaster oven back to toaster with good results😀

    Marcia B.

  165. Linda Kahler

    It’s a nice toaster

    Easy to use

    Linda Kahler

  166. Kim Jarrouj

    Awesome toaster!

    Great toaster with wide slots, bagel/muffin setting, many levels for desired toastedness & arrived on time!

    Kim Jarrouj

  167. Barbara Faruggio

    Colorful Toaster

    Not only is color perfect for our kitchen -but toaster has eary to read numbers- no more burnt toast and added feature for small pieces of bread- handle lift toast to an easy to reach position

    Barbara Faruggio

  168. Brenda K. Glover

    Service was great.

    This toaster was exactly like pictures on website. The quality is good, packaging was excellent and shipping was prompt. I do think it’s a bit overpriced but am overall happy with it.

    2 people found this helpful

    Brenda K. Glover

  169. A. Smith

    Toast of color

    Normally buy familiar brands. This was me taking a chance for a green toaster. So far it works really well. Easy to use. Easy to clean. I get compliments on this. Unique look and functional.

    A. Smith

  170. Emily

    This toaster brings me JOY! I love it on my counter

    this is an adorable toaster and it works amazing! Great bread consistently. My children and husband love it too!


  171. Gremlin

    Damaged without any possible repair, one entire side useless!

    The product decided not to toast well on the right side and then finally stopped working and swallowed an entire slice of bagel which I cannot remove from the toaster!


  172. Ms Consonants

    It’s pretty, it toasts stuff

    True to picture, works well so far, love the style.

    Ms Consonants

  173. Rivka Friedman

    Its pretty and works well

    I like how it looks its retroLooks more expensive than it is

    Rivka Friedman

  174. Linda M Robinson


    I like the color, the weight, easy to wipe down. It roasts quite hot, so I haven’t had to turn knob past 2 1/2.

    Linda M Robinson

  175. Willis

    Lovely toaster

    Run it empty several times before use to burn off any chemical. Toast evenly everything. Looks nice on the counter. My wife absolutely loves it.


  176. pathurline

    great toaster

    love it


  177. Alice R.

    Classy, good price, excellent function

    Is it possible… can a toaster be… this sexy? Yes. Absolutely yes.This sexy toaster fit right in my farmhouse style kitchen with it’s cool mint green color and retro vibes.I have made toast with it and a toasted sandwich with cream cheese and thin sliced turkey – it was delicious! This toaster pops so quiet I missed it, twice!!! My toast was cold, but then I noticed this amazing thing also has a REHEAT button!!! So no worries if you miss that pop sound. Your roommates won’t even hear you make toast in the night….Pros: Four slots and they are the wide and long type meaning those fancier breads fit without squishing the sides of your slice. It has a bagel setting, as well as that nifty reheat button so your toast doesn’t get burnt or overly crispy if you aren’t hovering over it and miss it pop up and have to retoast it. The LED lights around the buttons are kind of cool too. It is fairly easy to clean, just dump the tray, so no worries about crumbs or bits of bread burning in the bottom and ruining the perfect taste of your slice. The knobs have a neat texture and are adjustable so you can time it just right for Pop Tarts (2), toast (3.5) or toasted sandwich bread (4). And who really goes past 4 anyways? I mean, the setting is there so you can, but let’s face it if you are setting your toast past 4 on the dial you probably should seek out some sort of therapy. If you are using 7 (and it does go up to 7) then mayne you should go to your room and start considering why you hate toast and what it has ever done to you to warrant that.Cons: My husband is a little jealous of how much I love this toaster, and has been asking me if it is better than him. What could I say? I mean it makes TOAST, all he makes is methane gas so… Maybe consider ordering a couples therapy workbook to go with this toaster when purchasing.PS. NO, I am not receiving any promotional consideration for my review of this beautiful toaster I just really, really love it! If you think that makes me weird… then you probably just haven’t found the right toaster for you yet. Don’t worry, it will happen… especially if you buy this one.

    378 people found this helpful

    Alice R.

  178. Susan

    Excellent toasting

    I love the high lift for my English muffin halves and the muffin setting makes for a perfectly browned cut side. Quality product

    One person found this helpful


  179. Summer Wishon

    Best toaster

    Really easy to make bagels they don’t get stuck like in other toasters. Easy to clean and looks sleek.

    Summer Wishon

  180. Amazon Customer

    BUYDEEM DT640 4-Slice Toaster

    This toaster is easy to use.

    Amazon Customer

  181. Abby Treharn

    love it!!

    absolutely love this! bought it for my mom for mother’s day because it matches our kitchen and she asked for a new toaster! she adores it!

    Abby Treharn

  182. Big Weave

    Cool Appearance, Works Great, Many Features!

    I’m really pleased with the Buydeem DT-6B83G 4-Slice Toaster! From the wide slots, to the bagel & muffin options, to the sweet retro appearance, this toaster is a winner! (Yes, I AM excited about a toaster)!Controls are straightforward-the browning controls are advertised as 7 position, but are actually infinitely variable. Engaging the bagel or muffin options are simple (just hold the option button longer for the red light for muffins). The extra lift feature keeps you from having to go fishing with a fork for your food. I especially like the cord length…not too short but not too long and easily wrapped for storage under the toaster. Crumb trays remove easily for easy cleanup.One thing I really appreciate about the Buydeem toaster is consistent results! One run of toast or multiple back to back, the amount of browning remains nearly identical. Many other toasters seem to get confused by residual heat from prior repeated use. The Buydeem does not.The retro appearance in shape and color is truly well done! The rounded lines @ pale turquoise finish add a touch of luxurious simplicity to the kitchen. Did I just use the word ‘luxurious’ to describe a toaster? Dang right I did! 🤣 Additionally, the folks at Buydeem did an excellent job at designing the exterior of the toaster to stay cool while looking great.I’ve attached photos with this review of my results of toast, blueberry bagels, & English muffins prepared in the DT-6B83G toaster-each set to the middle darkness setting and using the bagel or muffin setting as appropriate. All breads were fresh. I’m really pleased! Toast is my ‘perfect’ outcome. Bagels were warm throughout and nicely browned/crisp on the cut side. Muffins, despite not looking browned, were perfectly warmed (easily melting butter) and with a nice crunch to every bite. Again, these were all at mid setting for comparison-you can adjust to suit yourself.Hopefully this review helps you decide if this is the best toaster for your home. I’m very happy with mine in all aspects.

    18 people found this helpful

    Big Weave

  183. sewchris

    makes toast

    It’s a toaster so it makes toast. Bread slots are wide and the controls are easy to use except the browning control knob is hard to read.

    One person found this helpful


  184. Monika Johnson

    Super cute toaster!

    4 days after ordering, I finally got my toaster and I am in love with it! The color is so cute. And it has a retro feel to it.

    Monika Johnson

  185. E. B.

    Save your marriage, Settle your toaster feud

    Cute, does the job well. Perfect for the cinnamon-raisin enthusiast who lives with a garlic-onion bagel type. And cleaning it is easy because the drawers in the bottom.

    One person found this helpful

    E. B.

  186. H R Bovee

    So stylish

    This is so cute, everything works as it should

    H R Bovee

  187. Kiki

    Love it!

    I was in need of a new toaster – my old one still worked, but it seemed to take forever & it was only two slots. I absolutely love the new one! Not only is the color fabulous, but it toasts quickly (& evenly!). I also really like the additional features – defrost & reheat – very handy! Would highly recommend!


  188. Diana Maldonado

    Green olive toaster

    I love the green olive color. Toasts perfect and fun to use.

    Diana Maldonado

  189. Shannon

    GET IT!

    Absolutely love this little green toaster💚.I thought it was a bit much for a toaster, so I waited for it to go on sale on Prime Day! But, it’s definitely worth the money & I truly couldn’t love it more😍.


  190. Amazon Customer


    I’ve been searching for the perfect toaster for 3 years. Thank goodness I thought to look on Amazon because this is where I found my wonderful toaster. It browns great whether you want it light or dark. It toasts pretty fast too. It has a cancel button if you need to pop your bread up at any time. I ordered the green color and it goes great with my other kitchen appliances.

    3 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  191. Patty L

    Really sweet!

    This toaster does a great job toasting and it looks really nice on the counter. Easy to use instructions and it does just what it supposed to do.

    Patty L



    Vintage looking and my favorite color! Works great!!


  193. The Nanny Megg

    So cute and works well

    I love how cute this toaster is. I have a lemon themed kitchen and this matches so perfect that I leave it out on the counter. It works well for a toaster, nothing to complain about but nothing special

    The Nanny Megg

  194. desertgal

    Works for us …

    We like it, it works and it’s easy on the eyes and so easy to use. No complaints, a good product, happy with purchase.


  195. Kelly Stagg

    Great Toastet

    This toaster is not only a pretty mint green color that I love, but it works great too!

    Kelly Stagg

  196. Lourdes

    Very Nice

    It looks very fashion and it works perfectly. It is so pretty. Love it.


  197. Happy Customer

    A happy little toaster

    I purchased the 4 slice toaster three months ago and I really like it. We’ve needed a larger toaster for years, and I’m glad I found this one.We’ve toasted bagels, breads, and frozen waffles.Pros:*the soft, mint green, color gives a cheerful welcome when I walk into the kitchen.*the settings work well once you’ve figured out your preferences. It heats, defrosts, and toasts consistently and evenly.*Crumb trays remove easily to clean, but have to be pushed back in place with a little bit of firmness. They don’t feel like they’re going to fall out as soon as you push them back in.*The extra wide slots are nice for bagels.Con:*One of the numbers around the a temperature adjusting knob has worn off and two more are about to. I had read about that in the reviews and made a point to avoid wiping around the knobs as long as possible. I bought it knowing it would be an issue. I can come up with something to replace them.Overall, it’s a stout, little toaster. It seems well made, so I don’t understand why they cheaped out on the most important part of the design, that being the numbers for temperature adjustment… Fix that and it’ll be near perfect.

    8 people found this helpful

    Happy Customer

  198. Verified purchaser

    Works great and looks good

    Great toaster

    Verified purchaser

  199. Michael Wood

    Nice toaster!!

    I got this toaster upgrading from a cruddy old one I had forever I love that it has four slots it’s stylish and that it doesn’t get hot on the outside only had it for a couple months hopefully it lasts a long time pretty happy with it so far

    Michael Wood

  200. Kaela

    Functionally cute!

    Love the color and it toasts super quick!


  201. Tim Carlson

    Love it

    Just what I wanted.

    Tim Carlson

  202. MissyB

    Looks nice, works great!

    This toaster works great, is easy to use and clean, and looks fabulous! We love it!


  203. Cookie spice

    The color is so pretty

    Love my new toaster and the color is so pretty I ordered the yellow works great

    One person found this helpful

    Cookie spice

  204. Keegan Adriance

    Looks great and works great!

    I’ve only had this a couple of months so I can’t speak to longevity and durability, but so far so good! It looks great on the counter and we’ve had no issues toasting – it toasts much more quickly and evenly than our last toaster.

    4 people found this helpful

    Keegan Adriance

  205. Resmith

    Works great and is cute!

    I read something somewhere about the lady who thought it was ridiculous that she and her husband ate sandwiches at different times because with their single toaster, the bread was never ready on time for both people to have a hot sandwich — and I realized that my spouse and I have been doing the same exact thing for years! So I immediately got on and looked for a double toaster, and I’m so glad I picked this one! It works superbly, is super easy to clean, and gives a nice pop of color to our otherwise black / stainless steel kitchen. Love it.


  206. Renee Lafarge

    works well. is pretty

    Works very well

    Renee Lafarge

  207. Kathryn Victor

    It toasts well.

    Replacing another product. I like that it toasts both sides well. I’ve tried it on bagels, thick rolls. Absolutely like the “retro” colors (ours is the mint green). Haven’t heard of this brand, but would recommend it highly to others.

    Kathryn Victor

  208. Joshua Boswell

    Great Toaster – Over-the-top Customer Service

    We have 11 children and eat a lot of toast. Over the years we tried and been disappointed with a lot of toasters. This BUYDEEM toaster has been awesome for us. It heats up fast, evenly toasts the bread and has a wide range of settings… which is important because some of us like it lightly toasted, others a bit darker, and still others would rather have a golden-brown bagel.Most impressive to me has been the customer service. The one side of the toaster was having some issues. We contacted customer support. They replied immediately, send a replacement toaster and followed up in a professional and friendly way to make sure I got the new unit and was happy with everything. Seriously one of the best customer service experiences I’ve had in years.If you need a workhorse toaster that is backed by outstanding customer service, this is it.

    2 people found this helpful

    Joshua Boswell

  209. Cola

    Vintage with accommodations

    Browns perfectly every time and it’s so cute!


  210. Customer

    Good for the money

    I did the green one and its really nice looking! It evenly toasts bread but over toasts bagels.My complaint is the numbers 2-5are missing on one knob and the number 1 and 4 missing on the second knob


  211. Hanna

    Amazing I love it

    Amazing I love it!


  212. Maddie

    Beautiful and great functionality

    So excited. It’s very beautiful and toasts amazingly


  213. Dennis Paquin

    Quick and easy and even toasting

    Upside.. I have had it for a couple months now. The toaster works as it should so far. Toasting was even on both sides and quick enough not to dry out the bread.Downside.. Since I use different settings for the different items I toast having black dials that you can’t see the marking on makes it a bit of a pain to check and adjust quickly. I will probably end up painting a white line on them. This could have been a simple fix for the manufacturer and is why I gave it 4 stars rather than five.

    One person found this helpful

    Dennis Paquin

  214. Topsy

    Works great

    Received earlier than scheduled. Got the green color. It’s so nice. Husband is even impressed. Performance grade = A+. Good value for the price. (I never write reviews)


  215. Andrew


    This is the slowest toaster I’ve ever used. It takes 5-6 minutes for a piece of toast.


  216. Bailey F.

    Looks great, works great

    Looks very beautiful in my kitchen. Toasts well.

    Bailey F.

  217. Figgy

    Best of group!

    We tried 3 other toasters and this was best of group. Nice toast , not hot on outside

    One person found this helpful


  218. Urooj M.

    Value for money

    Great to have four slots. Defrost option is great for frozen breads. I get perfectly toasted bread for breakfast everytime.

    Urooj M.

  219. Rick Wolfe

    Excellent toaster

    So far so good. Toaster is attractive, looks good on the counter. Works well with bread, bagels, and English muffins. All is good.

    Rick Wolfe

  220. Carol Rosa


    There is nothing I dislike about this toaster! It is a very high quality item and not only works excellent, but the design is really nice. we love it …and friends asking us WHERE DID YOU GET IT? It matches an electric kettle I bought and that too is EXCELLENT QUALITY!

    2 people found this helpful

    Carol Rosa

  221. Amazon Customer

    Great design and value

    Toast the way you actually want it. Selectors are right on.

    Amazon Customer

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