Metal Classic 4 Slice Toaster

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Metal Classic 4 Slot Toaster, Brushed Stainless Toaster Sandwich
Brand Name: Vieruodis
Origin: Mainland China
Power (W): <750W
Bread Slot Quantity: 4 slices
Voltage (V): 110V
Certification: CE
Classification: Bread Machine (Cooked Bread Producing)
Function: Automatic Pop-Up Function,Warm
Timing Gear: 6-7 stalls
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  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Power (W): <750W
  • Bread Slot Quantity: 4 slices
  • Voltage (V): 110V
  • Certification: CE
  • Classification: Bread Machine (Cooked Bread Producing)
  • Function: Automatic Pop-Up Function,Warm
  • Timing Gear: 6-7 stalls

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  1. wesley owens

    Great toaster!

    Works great!! However, start on the lower toast setting. I noticed Cuisinart products tend to run hot. Once I figured out my settings it worked perfect every time.

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    wesley owens

  2. Claudia S.

    No more burnt toast!!

    We had a very similar but different brand toaster several years ago. When it went out, we purchased lets say a cheaper local toaster. This thing never made a good slice of toast while we had it, it always burned the toast and don’t even think about warming your hot pocket or toaster strudel. It was so nice to once aging have toast for breakfast. This toaster works fantastic and only burns stuff if you demand it too. So nice to wake up and not have smoke everywhere. Very stylish and blends in with our Whirlpool appliances very well, love it.

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    Claudia S.

  3. fisherman

    Good toaster

    Delivered on time and in good condition. Good toaster. Would recommend.


  4. Ellen Kilduff

    works well

    Works well, it is what i expected

    Ellen Kilduff

  5. Amazon Customer

    Great toaster

    Wonderful, fast toaster especially for bagels.

    Amazon Customer

  6. sarah k.

    Damn fine toast

    So far this toaster is rockin’. It makes damn fine toast.

    sarah k.

  7. Rbaker

    Great toaster

    I finally gave in and bought an “adult” toaster. So glad I did and wish I had done it sooner. Easy to clean, temperature control is perfect for toast and bagels.

    One person found this helpful


  8. Amazon Customer

    Durable and lasting

    Mine lasted 7 years. Not bad for almost the daily use given by our family of four. Looked like new until its very end. I will buy it again. As a matter of fact I forgot I bought it here on Amazon. It was when Amazon reminded me that I had purchased it on September 2015 that it made me realize how good this toaster had been.

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    Amazon Customer

  9. Julia

    Great toaster

    I really like this toaster. I do need to be careful with the temperature control, though, because a 3 or 4 might easily burn the bread.


  10. Mary C


    I went from a two slice toaster to this four slice and it is perfect. Toast perfectly and matches all of my other Cuisinart appliances. I would totally recommend this toaster.

    2 people found this helpful

    Mary C

  11. Rachel A

    Works Perfectly

    We needed a toaster and purchased this one. Works great!

    Rachel A

  12. Cathryn C FitzGerald


    Good little toaster. Does the job quite well.

    Cathryn C FitzGerald

  13. Sandy

    Super nice

    It’s simple and works great. The silver is pretty. It works well for me.


  14. Belinda Hawthorne

    Great quality

    Love the variety of options on the toaster. Good quality

    Belinda Hawthorne

  15. chaplin c.w.

    good practical toaster

    Bought this to replace an identical toaster, that I had used for many years. The old one still worked but was starting to show its age. The new one with the black/stainless steel looks great on the counter.

    chaplin c.w.

  16. Matthew Leeds

    Light weight and visually appealing

    It’s a toaster. It goes pop when done. Has all the basic features, including holding my fridge magnets on the side. Did I mention it makes toast?

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    Matthew Leeds

  17. janet currie


    All of it’s features, easy to clean, used, wide slots, light -brown,

    janet currie

  18. Angelica Martin


    Great products wroth the price. Always have perfect toast and bengals. Have not had not one issue with it

    Angelica Martin

  19. Charles H.

    Excellent product

    Has every feature I could possibly use. Easy to use and stylish. Great value.

    Charles H.

  20. Suzette

    Good Deal

    Very nice job toasting whatever you need.


  21. Suze Mazzzei

    good toaster

    very good easy to use

    Suze Mazzzei

  22. Alvaro c. Sampaio

    The best

    Love this product easy and quick toasts. Even the reheat it is amazing

    Alvaro c. Sampaio

  23. Anna K

    This toaster I’ve owned

    Of all the toasters that I have owned in the past, this has to be the best. Easy to use, pretty to look at, four slice holders. Just perfect

    Anna K

  24. Michael Reinhardt


    This taoster is the best I’ve seen and used.

    Michael Reinhardt

  25. Jeff Hunt

    Beautiful, and excellent quality

    Two or three weeks after I bought this, I was watching some movie from a little over twenty years ago, and the camera panned over this kitchen — and there it was! Cuisinart has been making this *exact same toaster* for at least that long!Well, time-tested, and all that.The controls are intuitive, but then it *is* only a toaster, so. I have found it to be very consistent, although if I were to nit-pick … I would ask that the knobs be just a bit tighter. It’s easy to simply jostle them without noticing (barely touching them), and then the next slice(s) come out more or less toasted than you had expected.That is my only criticism. So, functionally, no real complaints. And it really is as beautiful as it looks in the photos. If you have a lot of stainless steel/ceramic/granite or marble countertops, this will look amazing there.

    Jeff Hunt

  26. aaron

    Toasts so good, I married it!

    I am married to a toaster. May I be blessed with mercy on judgement day.


  27. Kindle Customer

    Excellent toaster

    The temperature control is easy to use. Once set, toast comes out perfectly toasted. No complaints from family.

    Kindle Customer

  28. Carol Wilson, Maui

    I love this Toaster!

    It’s just perfect for toasting multiple thicknesses and pieces of bread. It toasts evenly and it looks great, too when it’s out on the counter.It’s rated so highly for a reason!

    One person found this helpful

    Carol Wilson, Maui

  29. Dean Dahl

    Great predictable toaster

    This cooks evenly and adjusts when you adjust it. My wife’s Gluten free bread needs lots of toasting, sandwiches light toast – this toaster actually adjusts reliably to cook the way it should. First month it’s made a good impression.

    Dean Dahl

  30. Thraddash

    I love this toaster!

    This is the best toaster I have ever purchased. I have always owned the basic two slice one setting toaster and never really gave it much thought. Then my husband decided he wanted to update our appliances and talked me into this toaster. I will admit, I was apprehensive. Let’s be honest, it’s a toaster, it just toasts. I was wondering why we would ever spend more than ten dollars on something that just toasts but I relented and the toaster was purchased. It arrived in great packaging and undamaged. I took it out of the box and was instantly in love. The toaster looks so adorably retro and the symmetry of the handles and levers on both sides of the dual toaster is very nice. It is a very sleek stainless steel with black accents.The toaster not only has different number settings for the level of browning you want but it also has four settings; bagel, defrost, reheat, and cancel.Since buying this toaster, I have started purchasing dessert breads (in an amount that I’m too embarrased to mention) and freezing the excess when they are discounted. Whenever I feel the desire to have a sweet treat, I grab the bread out of the freezer and use the reheat setting. I swear to you, it tastes just as good from frozen as it does fresh.Another feature I love about this toaster is that it has separate crumb trays for each side of the toaster. I don’t know why I like that, but the thought that the company went that extra little step is just a nice touch.Overall, though I initially resisted, I absolutely love this toaster. I would recommend it to anyone and would buy it again. Just a great product for a great price.

    11 people found this helpful


  31. Rick D

    Great toaster, does both sides evenly

    Wife loves it, best toaster in a long time

    Rick D

  32. Debbie Dawson

    Love the look!

    Love the look of this toaster. The four slots for bread are large enough. I feel it toast evenly. I would buy it again As a wedding gift or housewarming gift.

    Debbie Dawson

  33. Mary McFarland


    This was rated at the highest quality! I bought it as a Christmas present and I wanted a good one

    Mary McFarland

  34. Connie

    I really like this toaster just wish the cord was retractable instead.

    I wish it had a retractable cord otherwise it is awesome.

    One person found this helpful


  35. AussieMum

    Great toaster at a decent price!

    This is an excellent toaster, with multiple functions and controls. The toasting levels are perfect, which is hard to find. Evenly toasts the same every time. I definitely recommend this toaster!


  36. M

    4 slice toaster

    Easy to use and very good looking on the kitchen counter. No complaints

    One person found this helpful


  37. Marsha Gertz


    Love the color. Best toaster ever had so far. Love it.

    Marsha Gertz

  38. dwk60051

    Has shorter cord so less mess on the countertop.

    This is the second one we purchased for our 2 houses. Simple, looks good, works well. I prefer to be able to simply adjust the doneness level with a knob rather than the more expensive programable version.


  39. bubbly

    Nice 4 slice toaster!

    Needed a new toaster. This one works great!!


  40. Tamie Beegle

    Cuisinart Versus Oyster

    I’ve only had it a week. So far it’s great. We had an Oyster brand for 7 years. It stopped working so I decided to get another Oyster. It’s a 4 slice and the lever on the left side wouldn’t stay down after about one year. After reading tons of reviews from the most expensive toasters to the really cheap ones, I found that it didn’t matter the price or brand, you were taking a chance on getting a lemon. I bought the Cuisinart 4 slice because it’s the one that I was comparing the Oyster 4 slice to when I bought the Oyster a year ago. Since this Oyster didn’t last as long as my old Oyster I went with the Cuisinart this time. So far I noticed that the coils in the Cuisinart light up a lot better ( more evenly) than the Oyster. I’m no longer getting toast with one side darker than the other and light & dark spots because some of the coils didn’t get hot on the Oyster. The other thing I noticed right away is the Cuisinart’s leavers went down with ease and stayed down. I had to snap the Oyster’s leavers down hard and fast to get them to catch. That’s probably why one leaver on the Oyster stopped catching. The Cuisinart was 3 &1/2 times pricier than the Oyster so Im hopeful it’s a case of you get what you pay for. So far I have no complaints about the Cuisinart. If I was LOOKING for something to complain about on a personal level, it’s so quiet that when it’s done toasting I don’t hear it pop. Also, (this goes for every toaster on the market) it’s hard to toast pop tarts without loosing them down the sides. I’m not a fan of and don’t buy beagles or thick bread. I would pay 10 times more for a toaster that would toast normal slices of bread and pop tarts without the hassle. I will give an update after I’ve had the Cuisinart a while longer.

    2 people found this helpful

    Tamie Beegle

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