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Mini Bluetooth Speaker – Waterproof

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Super Mini Speaker

Small, Until You Hear it, an incredible bass.

Egg-sized, delicate, premium and innovative.

A106Pro Bluetooth speaker has been designed to fit in everywhere.

Steel Body

EWA insist in metal speakers , seemless metal cavity brings more gorgeours and penetrating timbre ,

and stronger bass, followed a minimalism design.

Awarded “Overwhelming Sound Quality Mini Speaker”(A106 Pro, 2021)

and “Best Speaker of the Year” (A107S, 2021)

by Japanese authoritative magazine Monoqlo,

comparing with similar products of world top brands.

Hear the Innovation

In such a tiny space, we needed to add a driver, the battery and all electronic components inside.

Through our innovative technology,

the speaker comes equipped a downward passive radiator,

which is why it releases such miraculous power in the middle-range and bass.

The Art Craftsmanship

We pushed the limits in the creation of A106Pro,

leveraging unique manufacturing innovations to craft a speaker,

that delivers premium sound quality in a sleek and versatile metal body.

Hear it lould

Thanks to the fully equipped custom-made high performance 3W neodymium driver,

the EWA A106Pro is surprisingly loud with well-balanced sound,

even louder than most of speakers which double its size.

Great Battery Life

Featuring a built-in 700mAh Li-ion rechargeable battery,

ensures up to 8 hours solid playtime when set to 50% volume.

Recharge in just 4 hours with the micro USB cable included.

IPX7 Waterproof

EWA A106Pro Bluetooth speaker in the shower,

submerge it in the pool, or get it soaked on a rainy day—the IPX7 waterproof
case will still protect all the important stuff inside.

Wireless Connection

Compatible with most bluetooth devices,

connect to your iPhone, iPod, iPad, smartphone or tablet,

and automatch with the devices you last used..

Play it easy

The only button on the speaker is the ON/ OFF button with LED indicator,

which is also able to play/pause with 1X click,

play the next track with 2 clicks and play the previous track with 3 clicks.


The packed case allows the speaker to keep playing music inside.

Also protects the speaker from scratches,

The packed metal hook allows you to hang it up to your bag, bike.

About this item


IMPRESSIVE VOLUME AND BASS – A106Pro mini speaker is conveniently small but able to releasing crystal clear sound with impressive bass and room-filling loudness through a high-performance driver and a passive subwoofer. Small, but such powerful Bluetooth speakers. Wireless streaming music or internet radio services such as Pandora and Spotify from your Smartphone, iPhone, or other audio device with Bluetooth.


EASY TO CARRY – Weighing 6.2 ounces and measuringΦ1.89*H1.54 inches, along with the speaker, you will get a metal hook and a carrying case which allows you to take your music on the go, and also protect your EWA A106Pro portable speaker from damage. So it is perfect for outdoor, hiking, beach, dorm room, kitchen, bathroom, boat, golf car and more.


LONG BATTERY LIFE – Built-in Lithium-Polymer battery guarantees 6 hours of play time, and up to 8 hours(at 50% volume). Just half an hour of charge time with 1A charger equals 2 Hours of play time.


SIMPLE YET STYLISH DESIGN – Our vision was to make a small wireless speakers with bluetooth that is just a speaker, so you can use it anytime, anywhere. We gave up functions such as a microphone, 3.5mm jack and unnecessary buttons, leaving one silicone button (Hold to switch on/ off, one-tap to pause, double-tap or triple-tap to switch songs), a perfect gift.


WHAT YOU GET – 1 EWA A106Pro Bluetooth speaker, 1 micro USB to USB charging cable, a user manual, 1 carrying case, 1 metal hook, 1-year warranty and a 30-day risk free guarantee. (If you’re not completely thrilled with your A106, send it back for a full refund, no questions asked).




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  1. Ted Basye

    great speaker. not very load but working great andd sooo small. arrived super fast in 2 weeks.

    Ted Basye

  2. Xose Mendez

    Really fast shipping so good. Performance may be different sound is also very good.

    Xose Mendez

  3. Aasiyah Haney

    All as in the description on the site, the column came charged at 60%, works normally.

    Aasiyah Haney

  4. mystacheandi

    Fantastic portable speaker!

    I love this speaker! In fact, I have two of them now because my Dad bought one but doesn’t use it.Great for everything, I attach it to my bike, attach it to my beltloop, or just hanging outside and want an extra volume boost for music. The one issue I had was that after a while the the little loop that holds the keyring came off, but that was easily remedied with a shoelace. Great speaker, great price!


  5. jwh

    Great sound from such a small device!

    Great sound, easy to travel with.


  6. linda mckenna



    linda mckenna

  7. Emma Carra

    Otrimav. It’s not testuva. On viglade all yakysno. Column poidal povnisteu Rose

    Emma Carra

  8. Q.Willz

    Credit Where Credit’s Due

    Just wanted to give kuddos to EWA for responding and remedying my issue with expedience. I had a unit that stopped working after (2) months and there was no fuss in getting it replaced under warranty.To speak on the speaker itself, I love this little thing. It sounds great, packs great and super versatile due to its sizeI think the bonus is it comes with the soft case, as I never use the speaker without it. As a matter of fact, it seems to amplify the sound a bit. This also naturally means it protects and keeps the speaker from getting scratched and dinged. My original still looked the same as the 1st day it arrived.I’ve used it while taking a shower (not direct water contact), as my golf cart speaker, at the pool for entertainment and oftentimes in the kitchen while cooking, cleaning, etc.The battery life is great but I don’t have another mini speaker to compare it to. I don’t have to charge it but maybe once a week to a week and a half, practically using it everyday in one of the scenarios aforementioned.It’s definitely a great buy!!!

    11 people found this helpful


  9. Amazon Customer

    Tiny speaker hits hard

    This little speaker is all magnet (all speaker), awesome for work, can hang on my apron and doesn’t get in the way. Great sounding. Easy to charge, charges fast and easy to set up to phone.

    Amazon Customer

  10. Rhonda

    Tiny but perfect for travel

    I wanted a small speaker with a big sound that I could take anyone. I thought I’d have to compromise sound to get some small and lightweight. Not the case with this EWA speaker. Sound quality is great and covered the area I needed.


  11. Jai Larkins

    So far Amazing

    The media could not be loaded.

     I love the color! Even the little case is cute! 😍 The SOUND is AMAZING for a little Bluetooth Speaker so small! It’s PERFECT for travel! I just got it today. It connected to my Galaxy Note 9 fast and reconnected with no hesitation! I’m still charging it so I didn’t rate the battery and I don’t know how it will hold up. It’s not shower time yet 🤭 lol but I’m excited AND curious to see how well it holds up under water. With that said, I wonder why there’s no service plan for it. I would love a service plan in the event it doesn’t hold up to the description and claims! I do want to try putting mine in a glass container of water 💧 and watch the BASS blow it away! ☺️

    Jai Larkins


    Love it!

    It’s super cute, compact and surprisingly loud. I travel with it every where and people always ask me for the link to it. Just amazing.


  13. Renesmae Knapp

    Good, loud speaker. Looks great. Very happy with the order.

    Renesmae Knapp

  14. TD Ohio

    What a dump of a speaker

    Run. Run away from this as fast as you can.BT range is maybe 3 ft. The it starts breaking up. Tested on Android and Apple devices with same results.Sound is absolutely horrific. Well, unless you’re listening to some weak podcasts. Then it’s even iffy.Do Not Buy This Item….

    TD Ohio

  15. Katherine P. Bliss

    Excellent small speaker especially for travel

    Reasonable price too

    Katherine P. Bliss

  16. Bud Larson

    Awesome little speaker!!

    Very versatile speaker.

    Bud Larson

  17. Olevia Lauder

    Items come in the days ahead of time. Description of, quality is excellent as device, and sound. Previously seen in another and had long wanted to buy, but successfully get a discount and immediately acquired. Column бомбовая, included cord for charging the case with a clip on the belt. Recommend this product, you will not regret.

    Olevia Lauder

  18. CSR

    Big bang, Little package

    This little thing has great sound, and has great battery life. I’ve used all day at work as my computer speakers are shot. 3 days now on same charge. Just now starting to skip because battery is low.


  19. Lanie Edwin

    Nothing is better than this product in this size yet. The TWS unsupported and five-pin charging are blemishes, but they cover with sound quality.

    Lanie Edwin

  20. Fi

    It was good while it lasted

    Product had excellent sound initially. I’ve had two months and it no longer holds a charge. I purchased another one for my son and his wouldn’t hold a charge after 2 days. Not sure what’s wrong with this product battery wise but disappointed. I’ll be attempting to return if seller can assist with other solutions. I’ve tried the helpful troubleshooting video but no luck

    One person found this helpful


  21. Roy

    Excellent Value

    It has been working well as a significant improvement over the speaker in a phone or tablet. At the time of this review it was still selling for under $20.


  22. Samirah Hood

    Small, heavy. Listening to music in the office is the most it. Slightly worse than JBL Go by Bass, otherwise the same loud

    Samirah Hood

  23. Greg

    Wow! That’s all I can say

    All i could say is WOW! I would never expect the quality of this mini speaker to be as such. Right out the box, It does NOT look or feel cheap. I’m truly surprised how such a small speaker could sound so good. The bass, highs, everything is just phenomenal. I mean, the bass is so active that you could literally feel it! Thank you for such a great deal and quality product.


  24. Hayden Walker


    Worth the money!

    Hayden Walker

  25. Susann Masson

    Monster like Guy! Long before the tiger than the larger and clunky A102 for only one Ryan with the purchase by very impressed and received well exp, this guy is no surprise four.

    Susann Masson

  26. Cindi Mcfarlin

    The size is really small and good. It is heavy and the sound quality is good.

    Cindi Mcfarlin


    Fantastic small speaker with bass.

    So easy to use with great sound.


  28. bill klimko

    Small form factor.

    You can easily hide this speaker in your mouth.

    bill klimko

  29. k.young

    great sound

    The sound quality is great, surprisingly so for so small a speaker. After receiving a message from the manufacturer I was able to pair it with my iPod. For the price I’m very happy.


  30. Rad H.

    Did they change this speaker?

    I’ve bought about 8 of these, given as gifts, and have several. I just bought 3 more, and I don’t know if it’s just me, but the recent batch doesn’t sound as good as the old ones. The newer ones comes with the usb-c cable. I’ve spent the last hour listening side-by-side with my older ones. I just think it sounds a little thinner, tinnier. Anyone else feeling this? It still sounds great, but maybe not AS great as before? I gotta say, this is truly an amazing little speaker, the design is clean, and every time I use it ppl are like “woah is that coming from that thing?” So I wanted to stock up again. Anyone else feeling maybe something changed in the recent batches? Maybe I should try a blind sound test. Need to confirm it’s not just in my head. Anyone?

    One person found this helpful

    Rad H.

  31. Fernand Aveline

    The non-Chan is size so cute and sound for home drawing is like so cute so ㅎ ㅎ hot.

    Fernand Aveline

  32. BobOki

    A shocking good sound from such a small package

    Ok, so this is not going to match speaker 3-5x the size, so curb your expectations to reality, but for the size this is it puts out SURPRISINGLY good bass and treble, while on a table. It uses the table to disperse the sound better, and works well when it is on a flat surface, like I said surprisingly well. It gets about 2x louder than my phone speakers, MAYBE 3x… and has way more bass then them.If you are looking for a slimline speaker, or travel speaker, this is really hard to beat.

    3 people found this helpful


  33. Ajeepmn

    Sounds AWESOME

    For such a small bluetooth speaker, IT ROCKS. Good bass, mids, and treble. Very seldom do you find a product worth every penny. This is a 10/10…


  34. Mary C


    Perfect for travel

    Mary C

  35. Amazonian

    WOW – Big Sound For Small Speaker

    For the price, just can’t do better. Big sound with decent bass, waterproof, small enough to fit anywhere, carrying case, and under $20.


  36. Lelah Pelosi

    Thank you seller. Delivery is less than a week, all as in the description. I liked the column.

    Lelah Pelosi

  37. B.

    The Tiny Sound Machine

    Great sound quality, the bass wow. Easy to connect to Bluetooth on my phone and it has a long battery life; I used mine for 31/2 days for roughly 5 hours. I only wish you could control the level of loudness or no sound at all on the device instead of your phone. Otherwise, I have NO complaints, this would make a great stocking stuffer for the holidays or just for gifting.in general!


  38. Jaimee Harter

    Thank you very much to the seller! It’s all here, quickly!

    Jaimee Harter

  39. Amir mohamed

    Good furniture sound to the size it is this little one very happy with purchase

    Amir mohamed

  40. Néo Lortie

    Delivery early, well packed, commodity Super seller fellow, rekomenluyu

    Néo Lortie

  41. Dan

    Very cool for their size

    My brother bought a set of these and they sounded so good we had to get a set.

    One person found this helpful


  42. Angel Griffith

    Still unsure

    I got this speaker which looks amazing. I was excited to use it because of the other reviews. First time using it it was about a foot away from the shower water and it just stoped working. Had to get out of the shower and resume it from my phone. Will write another review after using it a few more times.

    Angel Griffith

  43. Jim’s iPad

    Awesome speaker

    Awesome sound from a speaker that is so small. Holds charge good and easy to connect to. Liked it enough to order three of them.

    Jim’s iPad

  44. bls334

    For the size & money

    For the size and the money this thing is well worth it it actually sounds really good, only one button no confusion.


  45. Armaan Ellison

    The columns are even better than I thought, the sound is caliper, small compact, I advise everyone

    Armaan Ellison

  46. Speranzio Bartolone

    Days order days rated days shipping has turned the corner but this degree cotton Standard.
    Second purchase day. charging bulb original figure in C is being changed to good reviews. Case is only about Harness. being down collar. handling. Especially Medal on vulnerable. Sewing parts 찟 rejuvenation. Its pull cotton good rope pick eight 시간 inlay.

    Speranzio Bartolone

  47. Bored guy…

    A lot of full frequency sound reproduced very loudly!!

    Louder with more bass than you think it would have. Very surprising!

    Bored guy…

  48. A.S Haley

    Amazing considering price and size

    Bought this on Prime day for about $13 based on the reviews. While it’s not powerful enough for the beach, it’s great for my desk or shower. The sound is NOT tinny. It really is an impressive little speaker.

    A.S Haley

  49. Isadora Heer

    Quickly sent, and came earlier. Heavy for its size) plays worthy

    Isadora Heer

  50. Olevia Lauder

    Quality top line. Have a charge 2 of JBL, and sought a small box with quality. Astonishes the size!

    Olevia Lauder

  51. Julie V.

    Good quality, connects easily, battery wears out quick.

    Good quality, connects easily, battery wears out pretty quick.

    Julie V.

  52. Luis

    Lo versátil, cómodo y la alta fidelidad del sonido.

    Me agradó que puedes estar escuchando la música y no interfiere la conversación. Increíble.


  53. amber

    Big noise for such a small device!

    I just got this speaker today, so I can’t comment on the battery life yet. However, connection was incredibly easy, and boy does it crank up! I was not expecting it to get as loud as it does with how small it is. It is heavier than you would expect, as well.


  54. Sidney Campbell

    Nice little speaker for the price.

    Wish it didn’t have the lights on it.

    Sidney Campbell

  55. happymom

    the little thing really works

    My car is too old to connect to my phone. I use this speaker in the car to connect my iPhone and listen to songs or some ebooks. It really works. It is so cute and tiny. But the tone and volume are very good. Especially you can’t beat the super low price. It’s been over 15 days. I use it every day when I drive. I haven’t had to charge it a second time.


  56. Mundyleigh

    Great sound for a small speaker

    Great speaker for on the go


  57. Bonnie Montes

    Great for my needs column. Delivery fast.

    Bonnie Montes

  58. Whitney

    Great speaker

    I was amazed at the sound coming out of such a small item. The sound is as loud as I want with total balance .. great treble but also great bass. Connecting via Bluetooth was extremally easy and fast. I am more than satisfied with this purchase.


  59. Sal

    ASombroso sonido

    me encantó, tiene muy buen sonido y el precio es poco.


  60. Rheta

    Great Speaker!!

    Love this little speaker. The sound is amazing :0)


  61. Javier Molinoqe

    Column very like, go for a week. The sound is clear and loud for these sizes, Bass is very surprising and nice.

    Javier Molinoqe

  62. shannonski

    Big sound for a tiny speaker

    The sound on this tiny little thing really surprised me. Perfect for throwing in your beach bag or using in a hotel room!


  63. Rick

    Long battery life

    It is water proof and can serve tens of showers before out of battery.All metal built, small but solid.


  64. Shanda Gatling

    Everything came all fine excellent quality
    The sound of an excellent bass is but still JBL has deeper more than JBL Clip 3
    Did not expect this put 10/10

    Shanda Gatling

  65. Brian K.


    So tiny, sounds great! Use in shower, gardening, bike rides, beach…you name it. It is perfect!

    Brian K.

  66. Prudence Rodden

    Great baby! Loud, heavy. I take it not the first time. I took both myself and my friends. Everything is fine! Delivered in 4 days to the cash register in the nearest five. To the seller Thank you very much! I recommend the product definitely!

    Prudence Rodden

  67. DanT

    Surprisingly Awesome

    I thought for the price, this little thing wouldn’t do much more than add some volume to my iPhone speaker. Man was I wrong. I am surprised at the sound quality of this tiny little speaker. I’ve had plenty of cheap little speakers, this is the only one with solid sound quality! It’s got a little woofer on the bottom, and leaving it it the case it comes in, actually helps the depth of sound. Resting it on something solid helps the base come through. I couldn’t be happier with this little speaker. Has really good volume for something it’s size also. I may get another as a backup, as I tend to lose little speakers and with my luck, the one I find that sounds good will be discontinued or something….

    One person found this helpful


  68. Critique

    Exceeded my expectations

    This device is used in the shower, but doesn’t get drenched in a pool of water. Occasionally, water does splash on it, but I protect it with the cover that came with the purchase. Sound quality and volume are good – even better than a slightly bigger Bluetooth speaker I’ve purchased.


  69. Tandy Hoyte

    Arrived well ahead of schedule and than I imagined, it is great, the sound is equalized. Lack only I test the battery time the tightness of it.

    Tandy Hoyte

  70. Emilio

    Excelente producto

    Esta corneta es excelente, el sonido es muy bueno. Casi cinco horas de duracion de las baterias. Excelente para llevar a la playa o al parque. Recomendado 100%


  71. Nour Hartman

    Products arrived in a timely manner.
    Todo well!!!
    Products 100% recommended

    Nour Hartman

  72. Jeremy pinot

    To the Krasnodar Territory reached 4 days!
    Regarding the sound-I like the sound very much, the bass, it’s cool to put on a large resonating surface, strengthening the already good volume)
    The material of the case is chic, I love heavy metal things) small, heavy. Nice to hold in your hand. In the journey to take-the most it!

    Jeremy pinot

  73. PA teacher

    Small but powerful

    Exceeded expectations

    PA teacher

  74. Heather

    Perfect little speaker

    Great sound from this tiny speaker. Fits everywhere and hangs easily. Love it for traveling or popping in my purse for a beach day. Battery lasts a couple days.


  75. Xia

    Great sound, iffy case

    I love this speaker, the sound is great (especially the bass). Love using it when I’m taking a bath or shower. The ring on the case pulled off after barely a month of minimal use (I didn’t hang it from anything). Otherwise, a great product.


  76. Cindi Mcfarlin

    The DV for 10 days track number, called offered delivery courier or pick up in the office of delivery, well packed! Excellent quality! Easily connected! Quality sound like all clear bottoms are present! The heater weighty small and solid! Sound loud cool price quality size all-match! !!! Definitely recommend store and seller!!!

    Cindi Mcfarlin

  77. Fernand Aveline

    Stunningly fast delivery!!! Everything came intact, works)

    Fernand Aveline

  78. Jennifer Johnston

    No volume control

    I like how small and powerful this is. The sound quality is great and it’s surprisingly loud! I bought it so I can listen to audiobooks in the shower. It comes in a case but I stopped using it because you have to unzip the thing every time you want to turn the speaker on or off. There’s also no volume control on the speaker, so if your phone is charging in the other room and you want to adjust volume, you have to walk into the other room and do it from your phone. Other than that it’s good.

    Jennifer Johnston

  79. shopgirl

    Works great

    For the price, this little mini speaker has been working great! I’ve been using it for a few mo now & no problems so far.


  80. Sink

    Remember The Limitations

    Remember, this is a tiny speaker. The sound won’t blow you away. That being said, the sound is good for a speaker of this size. Bluetooth connectivity is good. It’s also heavier than it looks if you plan on carrying it around. All in all you can’t go wrong for the price. Carrying case not bad either. Go for it.


  81. Aamir Boyd

    Excellent speaker and volume for your size is a leon

    Aamir Boyd

  82. Ali lilbookworm

    Just got it and love it

    Super heavy duty feeling. Definitely has some heft with how tiny it is. Sound is amazing for the size. Compaired to other speakers I have I love this one.Might be getting another.Will update in few months

    Ali lilbookworm

  83. Dawn R Braeger

    Big Things Come In Small Packages

    My husband loved my speaker so much he ordered one for himself. And he never buys anything. It’s a great gift idea for that picky someone. Highly recommend

    Dawn R Braeger

  84. JOHN

    Worth every penny

    Small speaker big clear sound love it


  85. NYNick

    Great Small Portable Speaker

    I took this small powerful speaker on a motorcycle trip so I could listen to my own iPhone music while vacationing in a remote cabin in a National Forest. The speaker is small but hefty (6oz.) due to the large magnet, and compact enough to pack in a shoe. Didn’t need the carrying case, but that’s a nice feature of this purchase. Sound quality is AWESOME for such a small speaker, and you can control volume from your cell phone. Blue-tooth connectivity is a no-brainer once the speaker is charged up, and one button operation (on-off) is all you need. Extremely pleased with purchase, and price was reasonable. Considering getting a second one just because it’s so cool.

    4 people found this helpful


  86. Jeremy pinot

    -Pro Paul connect small EWA A 106 waterproof, super cool IPX7 headphones✌️
    -Good manufacturing material
    -Charging speed
    -The packaging is very good.✌️
    -Nice salesman answering all the questions, “Thank you very much.”

    Jeremy pinot

  87. Marble Garden Gnome

    Small package with huge sound!

    This Bluetooth speaker is small, but packs a punch! I like that it is a “no frills” device. It doesn’t answer your phone calls. You don’t ask it for directions. It simply syncs with your phone and plays sound from it. The battery lasts for a long time, and it charges fast with a USB-C connector. It is inexpensive and functions great.

    Marble Garden Gnome

  88. Cheryla

    Nice little speaker!

    This speaker is cool and much louder than one would expect! I use it in my office and usually have to turn it down. I have not use it in the shower…it comes with a waterproof case with a hook to use in the shower.


  89. Lorean Soni

    very very fast shipping and good

    Lorean Soni

  90. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Yes, surprised, the quality is shaking for its size even very good, delivery too, five days to the Krasnodar Territory, with the phone contacted instantly, from the TV box, I will. If everything goes well, I’ll order more, honestly I did not expect such a sound, Bass clear does not lock, I recommend, DPD also worked well, thanks

    Jamel ben mabrouk

  91. Chris

    Tiny and cute!

    I bought a different Bluetooth speaker and was pleased but instead of buying another one of those I decided to give this a try. Glad I did! The sound quality is amazing and the battery life is great and it’s so easy to pair with my phone. It’s surprisingly heavy for its size which likely corresponds to the speaker quality. I didn’t realize it came with a nice zippered case which is lime green. Now, I like lime green but had I known I may have selected a speaker color other than rose gold!


  92. Penny

    Cute and loud

    I placed the speaker on the upper corner shelf of my shower when I reorganized the clutter. I love that it’s dainty yet still loud like the bigger Bluetooth speakers.


  93. Kathi Okamura

    It’s small but very powerful, it has a pretty powerful bass, not all music sounds the same, so I’ll have to try different equalizer configurations with every musical genre, in short I am very satisfied with the product your but my expectations 🙂 arrive in about 15 days well packed and without damage.

    Kathi Okamura

  94. Kholmatzhon Daniarov

    Great baby. Great packaging. Great gift.

    Kholmatzhon Daniarov

  95. JG

    Good little speaker

    For the price and the size it’s a good little speaker works well


  96. Miriam Perry

    September 2 Purchase
    September 7 received.
    Product performance is known in advance.
    The speaker I ‘ve been using for about three years
    New purchase away from high

    Miriam Perry

  97. Christine DiPonzio

    Amazing sound and quality for the price!

    Can take this littlr speaker anywhere! Lice the size case and quality! Bought one for all my friends!! Great gift

    Christine DiPonzio

  98. Christopher

    Awesome speaker

    Oh boy! What can I say about this incredible speaker? First off it’s a great size for portability it can easily be put in your pocket or backpack. Secondly, it comes with a great little carrying case that can clip to your belt loop or bag. Then there is the connectivity, connects fast to any Bluetooth device it connected to my phone in less than a couple seconds and immediately started play my music. Sound quality is outstanding on a scale of 1-10 I’d give it a solid 10. Bass is clear and crisp and the highs are on point there is absolutely no static or cutting in or out. As far as loudness by far surpasses most of my more expensive speakers. I’ve topped the volume out and it can handle 100% of the power volume. Cool thing about the battery is if you have an iPhone it will actually tell you how much battery percentage you have left on the speaker so there is no guess at all (no to sure if this will be same on other phone brands). I guess if I had to have a CON in the whole review it would be about the paint coating on outside of speaker. Looks like the manufacturer doesn’t use a clean room to spray the paint coating on and the reason I say that is because the paint has little fibers in it that looks like someone wiped a rag over it before the paint was dry. This in no way effects the speaker other than being cosmetic and for me that’s not a bug deal I listen to speakers for their quality not there appearance much. Honestly this is a awesome speaker to have around for that quick little outing or camping or just to have around the house.I highly recommend this speaker don’t hesitate get one and thank me later.


  99. Ann Willis

    Nice little speaker

    Sound quality is pretty good. Nice small speaker, good little case. Battery life is really good!

    Ann Willis

  100. Julie Bennett

    Great quality for the price

    Sounds great

    Julie Bennett

  101. Rudolf Kirsch

    Gift Box, was charged at 70%. Connected instantly. Oret very purely despite the dimensions

    Rudolf Kirsch

  102. Cecilia Munoz

    Cheap Scraper Blades package

    I have not used them yet, but they look very good. I like them because they are individual packages of 10 units and I can easily carry them and they seemed very cheap for the value

    Cecilia Munoz

  103. AW

    Didn’t last long at all

    Lights on nobody home.All lights work. Don’t know what they all mean. That part is not in English. Worked one time.Sent it back to replace with another one.New sent RIGHT AWAY! I still haven’t sent in old one. I have several weeks, I will next time I go out that way to return it.I wanted to give this another chance. It sounded amazing!


  104. Katherine P. Bliss

    Excellent small speaker especially for travel

    Reasonable price too

    Katherine P. Bliss

  105. Sara Cruz

    Great sound!

    Really lovely sound from something so small! Hyper portable!

    Sara Cruz

  106. Stephanie

    Small But Mighty

    Great sound quality, durable and affordale. Worth the buy


  107. Lisabeth Brennen

    Excellent thing with good sound quality! Quite heavy. Additional accessories were a cover and a carabiner. The column is complete with a charger.
    During transportation, the box was badly crumpled, the production box was also damaged, the device itself was intact.
    There was no need to communicate with the seller.

    Lisabeth Brennen

  108. Jannette Wilmes

    The best !!!!! Owsome! I love it strong and not bad!!!!
    Product shell all scale
    Fast shipping speaker ballistic missile!!!!

    Jannette Wilmes

  109. Aamir Boyd

    Ink direct to be nicer price may be different shipping fast

    Aamir Boyd

  110. Trance Dancer


    I am in the music industry – our team achieved our first Grammy Nomination using a 1MB Mac and have done fairly well ever since. We have every speaker format you can imagine and I purchased this as another mastering reference along with the dozens of other expensive and inexpensive speakers we use. This is an amazing little speaker and I am really enjoying it. I think you will also. The reviews are legit.

    3 people found this helpful

    Trance Dancer

  111. Lorean Soni

    I tried to hear it when riding, but it has a little weight. It sounds well. I like the product.

    Lorean Soni

  112. John McGinley Jr

    Nice sound

    Easy to connect and use. Nice sound.

    John McGinley Jr

  113. Chae Jiang

    Cool column, sound clean, small size, delivery was fast about two weeks.

    Chae Jiang

  114. Alfonso Villapol

    Small and think more impossibly ink direct to grip sense is too good etc.
    Performance is the small size is without discomfort in sound quality and
    Portability is too good, camping, riding, when writing just nicer or summer heavy bass also can feel and
    Can run almost stuffed animals children gift as Zhou can like Cotton as the four key

    Alfonso Villapol

  115. Diedra Spath

    This is the first time I bought this speaker brand, and I was really surprised by its construction quality, as for the sound it is clear, the bass is present and does not distort anything, I didn’t really expect you to hear so high for the size you are, The whole body is metal and has a good weight, the truth surprised me quite a bit, I certainly recommend it.

    Diedra Spath

  116. Ryleigh Cox


    This speaker fits in the palm of my hand, has balanced bass sound, good battery, easy to connect my iPhone, good volume and doesn’t sound distorted at high volume, has a carrying case, AND it’s waterproof! I usually use this by my sink when I’m washing dishes or outside while I’m gardening and it works wonderfully. It’s super easy to use despite only having one button. The instructions are very clear and I’m very happy with this speaker. 10/10 would recommend.

    Ryleigh Cox

  117. Simon Davison

    Compact device, big sound

    It’s not going to burst your eardrums, but the sound is great and there’s not much loss on the low end.

    Simon Davison

  118. Andrea Xiong

    In Moscow 5 days. Packaging is reliable. The sound is excellent, it fully corresponds to the price.

    Andrea Xiong

  119. Durante Sciara

    Squat Tokay (weight is silent, is a little wallet) the dock and the sound quality is also compliant. The Bluetooth speaker morality after day. Yuan only costs $ one for this degree stuff in this cotton fully Hot Products.

    Durante Sciara

  120. Donna Seagraves

    Amazing for the money

    This is a small speaker with a big sound. It is heavy so it doesn’t tip over or slide around. The case is a great bonus. It is very sturdy and has holes on one side to allow sound to come out clearly. And, it has a clip on the case to attach to a zipper, clothing, etc.

    Donna Seagraves

  121. Jeremy pinot

    Camping is available try purchased a used
    Genuine small high sound quality so good!!
    After shipping days only! Domestic shipping stripes ㅎ ㅎ well used to ~~~ ^^

    Jeremy pinot

  122. Erik Tejada

    La calidad cumple las expectativas en relación a su precio

    De fácil conectividad al Bluetooth, la durabilidad de la batería es como el fabricante lo especifica y la calidad del sonido en relación a su tamaño, que es bastante pequeño, considero que es de muy buena calidad…e insisto que por el precio y tamaño no me esperaba que fuera tan buen producto

    Erik Tejada

  123. Ben Rakes

    Great little speaker the works.

    For $16 I didn’t expect much, but was very suprised. Sounds great for it’s size and price. I ended up buying two and one for my girlfriend.

    Ben Rakes

  124. Aamir Boyd

    Came in exactly 14 days. Everything is clear, for the size in the “lighter” The sound is decent, in the case the sound is better. I hope it will work for a long time.

    Aamir Boyd

  125. Ray

    LOVE IT!

    I am in Dental Hygiene school and I needed a small speaker to play music for my patients during me providing treatment. I wanted something compact, easy to wipe with a sterilizing agent, and the battery could last a full 8 hour day. This little gadget does the trick. Easy to place in your pocket to take to and from clinic. Easy to clean. Easily connects to Bluetooth. Plus, the battery life is STELLER. 5/5 recommend!


  126. Amazon Customer

    Great Product

    Love this product! Small and powerful!

    Amazon Customer

  127. Rhonda

    Tiny but perfect for travel

    I wanted a small speaker with a big sound that I could take anyone. I thought I’d have to compromise sound to get some small and lightweight. Not the case with this EWA speaker. Sound quality is great and covered the area I needed.


  128. Alan Rowoth

    Super small. Amazing for its size.

    It doesn’t sound as good as my HomePod mini or larger JBL portable speakers. But the fidelity and volume are unmatched for its size. If you need better, louder, more full ranged sound than the internal speakers, this is the smallest thing I have found that isn’t junk. I carry so much stuff with me that size and weight have become extremely important to me. The best portable Bluetooth speaker is the one that you will bring with you. If I’m going to spend a month somewhere I usually bring a bigger speaker, but for an everyday carry, you can’t beat this.

    Alan Rowoth

  129. veiviee

    Makes Showers More Relaxing

    After using this for over half a year now, I can confirm that this is definitely effective and waterproof. I can now listen to lofi hip-hop and my Spotify playlists. Having music in the shower is also good for relaxing or inspiring story ideas. I absolutely love this device!Note: Make sure you shake the water out of the device and wipe the inside of the charger port after it gets wet. Otherwise, rust/lime/orange stuff starts coating the inside of the charger port.


  130. D. E. Johnson


    Wow, I am impressed with this little speaker. It sounds great, is well made, and comes with a reality nice case. It is heavy for it’s size which gives the impression of really high quality – supported by the sound. We’ll see after 6 months or so; hopefully it doesn’t die after a period of time liked others have reported. At this point it seems like a great value!

    D. E. Johnson

  131. Dani

    It’s descent

    You get what you pay for it’s loud but not how other reviews made it sound to be.


  132. Sis Payne

    Great lil speaker

    This is a great lil speaker. Sound is good. I’ve only used it a few times but I do believe it’s well worth owning.

    Sis Payne

  133. Amazon Customer

    Powerful tiny speaker

    Love this tiny speaker so portable. Use it outside by the pool. Don’t even need to turn volume (on phone) all way up. Can’t wait to take on my upcoming cruise. Connects quickly without problems

    Amazon Customer

  134. Flygirl

    Perfectly Portable Little Gem

    I travel for work and love my music , this takes up very little space in my suitcase . The sound is great and all my friends are amazed by the sound quality that it produces . I love how I can carry it around from room to room . Perfect for this girl who’s constantly on the go ! The little travel case keeps it protected as well .


  135. mystacheandi

    Fantastic portable speaker!

    I love this speaker! In fact, I have two of them now because my Dad bought one but doesn’t use it.Great for everything, I attach it to my bike, attach it to my beltloop, or just hanging outside and want an extra volume boost for music. The one issue I had was that after a while the the little loop that holds the keyring came off, but that was easily remedied with a shoelace. Great speaker, great price!


  136. Amazon Customer


    A great little take anywhere speaker.

    Amazon Customer

  137. Lanie Edwin

    Shipping fast. Description corresponds. The sound is excellent. Thank you. Recommend!

    Lanie Edwin

  138. Yuvraj Wolf

    Sound good. The column is loud enough even on the street. Delivered from the second attempt. I ordered to mail, eventually delivered DPD. I liked everything, thank you to the seller!

    Yuvraj Wolf

  139. Nana L.

    Poor instructions. Good sound.

    Good sound quality. Quick Bluetooth connection. Only 4 stars for instructions; everything else ok. Poor instructions. Said LED indicator light..blue. That’s it. Light red.. that’s it.Blue blinking.. that’s it. And so on. Only can play with it to figure out what each light means.

    Nana L.

  140. Rich Sweeney

    Out of the box review

    I bought this for my laptop, tried out in a a light industrial part of our shop, several machines running. Sounds great!

    Rich Sweeney

  141. courtney

    Perfect perfect perfect

    This is a great speaker


  142. Amazon Customer

    Its keeps cutting out? Poor connectivity

    Its keeps cutting out? Poor connectivity

    Amazon Customer

  143. Derrick Sclafani

    Sound quality is terrific.
    Woofer and the bread bread by EE Satisfied Products.
    Domestic shipping stripes… -Fast.

    Derrick Sclafani

  144. David

    Excelente altavoz

    Excelente sonido, muy cómodo de llevar, muy practico.Me encanta.


  145. Braden

    Small speaker packing more than meets the eye

    This speaker is nothing short of amazing. It’s so small but has so much power to it. The battery life is better than most speakers and it is extremely portable. Bluetooth connects quickly.


  146. Sara

    Powerful little one! Buy it!

    I have bought 3 so far! Nice sound, tiny but powerful!


  147. MissyBee

    TOO loud

    I never thought that “too loud” would be a negative, but alas, here we are. The speaker itself is wonderful. Small, portable, just what I needed for work. It shows the charge level when connected to my phone, which I love. However, it is SO LOUD. My entire office can hear it, even on the lowest possible volume level. UGH. If you want a super loud speaker with good sound quality for a ridiculously good price, this is definitely for you and you should buy it immediately. Sadly, so continues the search for a decent speaker that can be used in an office for background music.


  148. Veryrreal

    Wow! What a great little speaker

    I have a great sounding Bluetooth speaker in my work rig. But I just needed something small while I’m in my hotel room listening to music. Let me tell you this little speaker sounds really good for what it is. Remember this is small. So you aren’t going to get what a Bose can do but it’s clear and it does not distort.It’s small enough I can put it in my backpack but it’s big on sound!It comes with a small zip up case where you can still play the music thru while it’s clipped to just about anything.Remember! This is a $19.99 tiny speaker! Not a $100 dollar large speaker but the sound is equal to once’s that are larger and way more expensive. I am very happy with it!Might be what I’m getting my kids for stocking stuffers this next xmas.

    3 people found this helpful


  149. shelby

    Awesome sound

    Big sound, compact. Love this speaker


  150. Dastan Nurbolatev

    Delight! A small column, but so heavy and loud! Advise

    Dastan Nurbolatev

  151. Anna Pender


    Wow! I’m impressed. Great sound, unique and cute!

    Anna Pender

  152. Lisabeth Brennen

    I took my daughter’s column. Required parameters such as compactness, moisture protection and protection against falls. Everything in it is present (for protection from falls the cover is responsible).
    The column for its size is loud, plays qualitatively.

    Lisabeth Brennen

  153. Major Woodrum

    This is my second column of this brand, better search did not, the first was the year and 11 months. It has passed all the lights and water-I like books, included almost every day, other than 2 – 3 times a week outside in any weather, under the clothes of course, but in the winter it still freeze, plus endless drop, one case broke, started to use the second, And then the next fall still it is silent, charged at the end only up to 80 percent. Find the result lovely, very much hope that quality products remained the same.

    Major Woodrum

  154. Amazon Customer

    Great Small Speaker

    Very Clear Sound for this small speaker I use it outside at the farmers market I Love it I highly recommend it

    Amazon Customer

  155. Kindle Customer


    Just got mine delivered today ,easy hook up and great sound. Will be using it in my golf cart .

    Kindle Customer

  156. Gage Edmonds

    The column is very miniature) for background music will go. The music will not open completely, there are no deep bass there, like JBL GO3, but there are deposits. I put 5 stars for the fact that for such a price and such sizes, the column tries to squeeze out the maximum.

    Gage Edmonds

  157. Brian Collins

    Truly impressive sound, solid build quality, love the travel case. All at a reasonable price point

    These tiny EWA speakers have truly impressive sound quality and this particular one with the travel case gets my vote of all their various versions.

    Brian Collins

  158. Moriya Masanobu

    Excellent sound, small size, long playing, I recommend. I do not take it for the first time.

    Moriya Masanobu

  159. Korey Wu

    There’s good and sound quality is also not bad. Size smaller, so several writing with the condition of health trend

    Korey Wu

  160. Renesmae Knapp

    The size is very small, but the volume is not pushed at all by bletu speakers of more than one palm.
    The weight is quite small.

    Renesmae Knapp

  161. RandyLue

    It’s Small & Waterproof, but the Sound is just OK.

    This item was recommended/reviewed my Johnny Jet, who is a true “Travel Guru”. He touted its size and sound. I 100% agree with him on the size. It’s amazingly small. However, the sound was just OK, not great. I prefer my Bose Soundlink for sound quality, even though that speaker is MUCH larger than this one. So, not a true comparison. Just a preference on my part. This guy is small and that makes it great for travel. I’ve not owned it long enough to judge the durability or the battery life, or even the Bluetooth connectivity. Although, it connected to my iPhone with no issues whatsoever. I purchased the model with the waterproof case to use the speaker in my shower. Again, I’ve not used it long enough to report an issues. That said, it’s a nice feature too.


  162. Cassey Odle

    Size is Small’s sound is rung from the trunk. Camping go quietly music listening in the top four!

    Cassey Odle

  163. Alpha Um

    S only for shipping too nicer

    So light style, although

    Bag is up and walking in the end it’s OK

    Black case was then good did not know in case there are living thank you very much

    Sound even better

    Alpha Um

  164. MikeStimp1

    Noce Sound

    was surprise how great it sounded for its size. and also how heavy it is.


  165. M. Geelhoed

    Speaker last longer than my walk

    All I know is that I used this speaker and its external carrying case for an hour long walk, and it kept playing (~50% volume) when I was done. I have yet to play it for longer so it works for what I wanted it to. I am sure it can go longer as the advertisement says.

    M. Geelhoed

  166. Ira Forster

    Not a bad baby .. The sound is loud for me! But
    For Home Disco does not fit .. The sound does not hissing at the highest volume ..
    A little bass.
    In general, I’m happy!

    Ira Forster

  167. Tandy Hoyte

    Very satisfied, the column is really loud and the sound is quite high quality for its size. Do not wait for a miracle, it just sounds clear and there is a kind of bass, for its size it’s very good

    Tandy Hoyte

  168. Ingrid R.

    Good speaker but case gets a one star

    We only use this speaker when we travel and it has great sound for a little speaker but the case for it, which we wanted, fell apart within using it three times. First the carrying loop fell off and then the zipper fell off.

    Ingrid R.

  169. Branda Goshorn

    Fantastic, it seems a lie that being so small sounds so good. Very satisfied with purchase, super fast shipping, recommended seller.

    Branda Goshorn

  170. Ana Laranjeiro

    Great quality for a small speaker.

    Purchased this because I was traveling. Wasn’t sure what to expect from a small, inexpensive speaker. I’m happily surprised. Sound quality is great. Connects without any issues and battery life is quite extensive. Only negative is that you can only control the sound on the device which the music is playing. Aside from that I highly recommend it.

    Ana Laranjeiro

  171. Roberts

    Portable Mini Bluetooth Speaker

    The quality and sound is great for such a small speaker.


  172. J Jacobs

    Nice Sound

    Love the size of this speaker, it does have good sound but doesn’t have a volume adjust button. I would like to be able to adjust the volume a little louder.

    J Jacobs

  173. Prudence Rodden

    The baby pleased-an excellent column, a good sound for her size and price, a stylish look, the battery after full charge ~ 5 hours at max volume, the norms are packed,

    Prudence Rodden

  174. Finn Junkermann

    The bell is super. For its size plays loudly and with bass. For understanding-while testing for the entire volume. I stood next to the table and even wanted to reduce it. It’s loud. And so heavy iron. It is strong and beautiful. As seen in the photo will fit even in the pocket of jeans.

    Finn Junkermann

  175. Winston Hyde

    Good column. Sound better than a small one. Thank you seller!

    Winston Hyde

  176. Ira Forster

    This price, Chan Chan for sound quality pair per bag
    As Ali right at all like properly
    The water gun single gun was four key small body home
    Speaker stomping mingle around four key code
    Mens hair dont buy buy recommend

    Ira Forster

  177. Frank

    Sounds great & easily paired

    75% charged out of the box and easily paired with my android phone and kindle fire tablet. Sound is good especially from such a small device. So far, I’m happy with this purchase!


  178. Jannette Wilmes

    Guys this is just a gun!!!! Super! For 734 rubles top!
    Swim fast! The sound is 100% I gave power! I got kicked off the far room! In general, autists and djbl lovers are past! I’m guys with straight hands and understanding the work of the equalizer! You are welcome!

    Jannette Wilmes

  179. Fukumoto Shusake

    I will order already 4 columns of Eva all work perfectly, there is no naricania, thank you

    Fukumoto Shusake

  180. Speranzio Bartolone

    Wo ~~
    Fairing and
    Music Coming Out Day
    Wo ~~ is
    Genuine business leather case four key
    Quickly click to buy
    Distressed please don’t
    After the baby buyers,

    Speranzio Bartolone

  181. Aasiyah Haney

    Very fast shipping. Cost are OK. Bike when they try not bought a little weight according to control looks to be difficult.

    Aasiyah Haney

  182. Butters8

    Small but mighty!

    I use this at work and can move it around my work room when I need too! The travel case was a plus! I just love it!


  183. Amazon Michael F.

    Great sound

    BA little speaker! Works much better out of the case but has a bottom end that is out of this world.My brother had one and I had to have one. It’s awesome.

    Amazon Michael F.

  184. elliot

    Super thrilled with this tiny speaker!

    Very impressive sound. Super sturdy. Love the lil case. Charges quickly and holds charge for a long time!


  185. mikesmigaj

    Compact, sturdy feeling speaker with GOOD sound at a reasonable price !

    Compact, sturdy feeling speaker with GOOD sound at a reasonable price !


  186. J Strawn


    This Bluetooth is so cute and powerful. It’s charge is absolutely long lasting. I love it!!

    J Strawn

  187. Michael P. Mullen

    Nice for it’s size

    Nice sound quality seems great.worth the money

    Michael P. Mullen

  188. Sink

    Remember The Limitations

    Remember, this is a tiny speaker. The sound won’t blow you away. That being said, the sound is good for a speaker of this size. Bluetooth connectivity is good. It’s also heavier than it looks if you plan on carrying it around. All in all you can’t go wrong for the price. Carrying case not bad either. Go for it.


  189. Ultra

    Great speaker but static after 14 months

    Great sound quality & v portable. I can throw it in my clutch if I need. Auto shut off is great too. The only issue is now after 14 months you can hear static which is disturbing.


  190. Anacleto Adornetto

    The sound quality is usually more than expected. It’s heavier than you think. It’s heavy and I drop it.

    Anacleto Adornetto

  191. Lisa Smith


    Everything about this little wireless speaker far exceeded my expectations, even ones I didn’t know I had. The sound this speaker emits is so amazing for its size. (Please know if you are looking for Bose sound quality this speaker is not for you.) I also LOVE the case that comes with it. Most importantly for me it protects the speaker itself and easily allows me to take great sound along with me! I use this speaker everyday, watching my IPad, listening to podcasts and music. You won’t be disappointed!!

    2 people found this helpful

    Lisa Smith

  192. Lona Nicholle

    Sadly stopped working entirely

    I’m not sure how long ago I bought this, but it’s been my constant companion until today. It doesn’t light or charge or function. It’s a paperweight. I AM buying another, in case this is a fluke, but be warned

    Lona Nicholle

  193. jeanne m.

    Love it

    Great sound for such a small speaker

    jeanne m.

  194. Derrick Sclafani

    Cool Speaker: beautiful, plays clearly and quite loudly. To the seller Thank you, 5 stars.

    Derrick Sclafani

  195. Amazon Customer

    Not the sound I was looking for.

    So for me, having a full balanced sound is important, and while this speaker had the volume, it was severely lacking in low end, making it sound almost like a cheap handheld transistor radio at some points. It’s a great speaker if you’re just wanting something loud for the size, but as for great sound, I’d look elsewhere.

    Amazon Customer

  196. Felix Molina



    Felix Molina

  197. Dieter Krist

    Video was accidentally posted 2 years ago on YouTube and ordered by man
    The size is small, the volume is considerable. I mean, I ‘d buy a few more.
    Not only the volume is large, but all the range is fairly clean from the base.
    I look down where there’s a thumping sound, and the upper is hitting from the bottom ..
    It’s so good. It’s China, so you can sell this quality product at such a cheap price, right?

    Dieter Krist

  198. Alisa Watts

    Think more smaller and more compact.
    Woofer ringing the floor on this dish
    Small body, despite sound dock and neat, etc.

    Alisa Watts

  199. BHG

    Good Sound Quality

    This little speaker packs a punch. I was pleasantly surprised.


  200. Gérald Courbet

    Wowww amazing speaker! Fast shipping but arrived at a different city.

    Gérald Courbet

  201. Gibby

    Packs A Lot of Punch

    Smaller than a soda can, but sounds nice, clear, and loud. Has a little bit of heft to it, but that makes it feel solid and durable. Great bang for your buck.


  202. Dion McDonald

    Great little speaker

    Sound is really nice for its size.

    Dion McDonald

  203. Rose

    Great speaker

    This speaker has great quality for being so small but the whole reason I bought it was for its traveling capacity and the case didn’t hold up for even one day. The ribbon that holds the clip broke off and now I can’t find a replacement. Amazon says we have to return the whole thing to replace the case but I don’t want to do that. I don’t like to waste and if the speaker is good I only wanted a new case. So Amazon gave me a $5 credit toward a new one but I looked to see if I could find the case on Amazon and when I try to order it it’s a different product. So…still trying to decide what to do about it. But like I said…it’s a great speaker with a poor quality case.


  204. Grillin And Chillin

    Happy customer

    The sound quality is so good for such a small speaker! I have only used this speaker a few times, but it works really well. I am shocked it is this inexpensive. It is also much heavier than I expect it to be. I want to get a second one for the beach.

    Grillin And Chillin

  205. Arackis

    Amazing little speaker

    It’s loud and has good bass for its size. Battery life is good so far and has good sound quality. Only thing I kinda don’t like is how heavy it is but I guess you can’t have speakers without magnets.


  206. Eleri Barnes

    It is grieved, super cute the color, to take anywhere as it is smaller than the palm of the hand and with good power. Mexico arrived in 2 weeks 🙂

    Eleri Barnes

  207. Nick Ng

    very nice sound

    First a disclaimer, I am no audiophile. I find the sound from this speaker very pleasant. Lyrics and spoken voice from podcast are very clear. The speaker does not vibrate when i turn the volume way high for testing. Bluetooth connection is very easy. This will be very easy to travel with due to its small size. This tiny speaker gives suprisingly good sound for a good price.

    Nick Ng

  208. Wendi Raver

    Fast shipping. Super column. Worth your money.

    Wendi Raver

  209. Amazon Customer

    Powerful little thing

    Can’t shower without my EWA blasting my Playlist

    Amazon Customer

  210. wassman1

    great speaker

    This is a surprisingly great speaker. I have other Bluetooth speakers (Bose, Sonos, Sony, etc) and this is, by far, the best speaker for the money if you need something small for travel. I’ve stayed in a few Airbnb’s without speakers and use the EWA. It sounds great and can be enhanced if you have a small cardboard box (shoe box) to put it in. I’ve also enhanced it with a porcelain bowl. Shockingly great sound and excellent value for the low price.

    One person found this helpful


  211. Lisa Landman

    Perfect little gadget

    This is a great little gadget to take with you wherever and whenever . Easy to use with clear sound and great price . Awesome gift idea as well if you need a little something for someone.

    Lisa Landman

  212. Ben Rakes

    Great little speaker the works.

    For $16 I didn’t expect much, but was very suprised. Sounds great for it’s size and price. I ended up buying two and one for my girlfriend.

    Ben Rakes

  213. Javier Madrigal

    Calidad de sonido y duración de batería

    Me gustó mucho el sonido tanto en espacios cerrados y abiertos, me la lleve al bosque un fin de semana y se escuchaba muy bien y la batería duró muchas horas aun con el volumen alto, es muy recomendable y muy practica por su tamaño Yam pequeño.

    Javier Madrigal

  214. Lakisha Mullenix

    The column is good relative. Includes a cool cover and a ring for fastening to something, already ready-made design for carrying. The dimensions are very small-height 4 cm and diameter 4.5. At full volume possible wheezes, for a quarter approximately need to reduce the sound. I chose to send from Russia, but went for a very long time, instead of a few days, it was weeks and a half or two, and for some reason not from Russia was Russia was I would know, the color would be different. For the speed of delivery so 2 stars. On autonomy I will complement the review after use.

    Lakisha Mullenix

  215. Yuvraj Wolf

    Delivery 2 days. Weary. Loud. The cover will check. Minus charging can be time-out. Why a lot of wires.

    Yuvraj Wolf

  216. Melinda Robison

    Small but Mighty!

    This was truly a great purchase! Drove 1800 Miles + with it, forgot the charging cord for it but it only died at the end of the trip. Not to mention I didn’t charge it before I left either. It was super simple to have all the teenagers in my car connect to each of their phones so they could share songs etc that they wanted too. On a normal basis I listen to a lot of sermons on You Tube and it is helpful so I can hear better than on my phone! Love this thing and how compact it is! I probably am not the best one to discuss quality of sound as that isn’t something that really bothers me compared to others but no one seemed to say anything on the long trip about it. They were just happy to blast the music! Lol!

    2 people found this helpful

    Melinda Robison

  217. Brie

    Fabulous sound for such a tiny thing

    I use this speaker at the small used bookstore where I work. We are allowed to play our own music but only a record player is provided. Since I don’t share the owner’s taste in LP’s, I bought this speaker to play music from my iPhone.The sound quality is sufficient to fill our two admittedly small store with background music. Portability back and forth to the store is no issue, since it’s so small. Quality of sound is excellent for its size and price point. It’s not as good as my Bose Soundlink Revolve, but it’s not anywhere near it in price or size, either! It’s a great speaker when I’m traveling, as well, as it fits in the bottom of my backpack and allows for better music quality in a hotel room or the living room of an Airbnb.


  218. MaryAnn Montour

    Great Little Speaker

    I love this speaker! Good sound for such a tiny speaker. I love that it is water-resistant. There was a slight buzz in the sound when I first started using it, but that cleared up after a few minutes of play. It is a great value and I definitely recommend it.

    One person found this helpful

    MaryAnn Montour

  219. Bryan

    The Sounds She Makes

    Pretty Loud and heavy for its small size. Bluetooth connection is quick and easy. This thing will stay on if you do not turn it off. Battery life is good. Wish I could slap the bass, but the bass could use some tuning.


  220. Shanda Gatling

    Great product, the sound box and very fluffy and very powerful loved.

    Shanda Gatling

  221. Anacleto Adornetto

    Thank you very much to the seller for the quality, fast delivery. It’s perfect. Recommend.

    Anacleto Adornetto

  222. Kindle Customer

    Good value!

    This little speaker has pretty decent quality for the size and price. The battery life seems to be pretty good too as I used it for 2-3 hours and it is only down to 90%. It connects easily to both my laptop and my phone. It’s heavier than I’d expected, so I should have checked the weight before ordering since I plan on packing it when I move back overseas. Also, it came with a charging cord that doesn’t fit it at all! I almost returned it, but then looked again and thought I could probably use a regular micro USB cord like for an android phone and that worked fine. But they should really send a cord that fits if they’re going to send one at all.

    Kindle Customer

  223. Coleen Dragon

    Wow!!! Sound led bread bread and the sound quality is also good.
    New arrive small desktop sound Fantastic Four.
    Used without fault hadn’t Wish four key

    Coleen Dragon

  224. Avid shopper

    Great speaker

    Absolutely love this had to order another one for my son so he would stop taking mine

    Avid shopper

  225. Brian K.


    So tiny, sounds great! Use in shower, gardening, bike rides, beach…you name it. It is perfect!

    Brian K.

  226. Lorelei


    Love this little speaker. It is so clear and I am so hard of hearing that this is a blessing.


  227. CSR

    Big bang, Little package

    This little thing has great sound, and has great battery life. I’ve used all day at work as my computer speakers are shot. 3 days now on same charge. Just now starting to skip because battery is low.


  228. Anacleto Adornetto

    Thank you for the fast shipping. You packaged it meticulously ^^* I am very satisfied and thank you. prosper your business^^*

    Anacleto Adornetto

  229. James W. Moyer


    It’s a little speaker that follows my phone around like they know each other. Great future here!!!

    James W. Moyer

  230. WendyH

    Ridiculously – AWESOME!!

    I never in a million years would’ve imagined something giving such incredible sound in a teeny little speaker! This is better than other actual full-size speakers that I’ve had in the past! It is completely amazing! I’ve played rock and opera, they are both incredible!

    2 people found this helpful


  231. b_e_small

    Big sound, tiny speaker…

    Who woulda thunk something so small could produce so much (high quality for what it is) sound? The Bluetooth is super convenient, and the carrying case is a great bonus. And the price? Seriously. Get yours yesterday.


  232. nichole crespo

    Long battery life 🔋✔ durability, sound👂✔

    Sound output is very good, not great but good, especially coming from a tiny thing such as that. Battery 🔋 life is 👍 great, lasts a very long time, not exactly how long, but long!!!! Let’s just say longer the 8hrs!!! Durability very good, did knock it on the floor from the bed a couple of times and nothing happened, thank God!!! But would not suggest you to throw it purposely on the floor or ground!!!! Now the 💧 water proof thing I have yet to experience, don’t think I want to try really, but if someone perhaps has tried it, I’d like to know?? But all and all super cute and pairs with your phone!!! 👍👍

    5 people found this helpful

    nichole crespo

  233. Rosetta Mason

    Outstanding Bluetooth!!!

    Nothing disliked just all likable review for my new Bluetooth!!!

    Rosetta Mason

  234. Diedra Spath

    Days only for shipping attains four key domestic shipping stripes okay okay.
    Small crab sound bread bread to four key case and usefully well would be available:
    Highly recommended pats the Yo

    Diedra Spath

  235. Lorelei


    Love this little speaker. It is so clear and I am so hard of hearing that this is a blessing.


  236. Nick C.

    This little guy rocks!

    I use this little guy daily. Sound is great and connects to iPhone no problem. Can’t beat the price and portability.

    Nick C.

  237. Jarmuz

    Great sound for a little speaker

    I bought this to use with my daughter’s tablet. When we changed her car seat to forward facing, the tablet mount we have projected the sound to the front of the car. She couldn’t hear the cartoons very well & I could. I was able to clip the speaker to our seat protector strap & face it towards her seat. It connected & has worked perfectly with our tablet for the 3-5 hour trips we have taken. I like this speaker.


  238. Wendy

    Excellent sound

    Works really well and its loud!!


  239. Jill M

    I love this little speaker

    It’s very small but sounds good. The battery life impressed me the most. It lasts a long time before I need to charge it again. I have not used it in or near water yet so can’t speak on that.

    Jill M

  240. Book Worm

    Small and sturdy

    Sound quality isn’t good enough to understand spoken language very well, but fine for music. Seems to handle certain tones better than others. I got it to continue to listening to morning news in the shower while getting ready, but now just use it for music because the clarity wasn’t good enough.

    One person found this helpful

    Book Worm

  241. Marivic


    The charger was not the right one😢.I like the quality and the sounds


  242. Efan Wharton

    I’m just in shock, from such a small pocket speaker ..))) for earlier I say a super thing, I advise everyone to take, such a gadget to make a gift,, +
    Plastic no, all aluminum + Iron ..
    Durable case, loud, convenient in pocket or on keys keychain, and in the kit there is a cover, it is very pleasing))) Thank you very much!!! cool
    The thing, did not regret that I bought… well done that invented such a thing .. the Chinese do miracles!!!))))

    Efan Wharton

  243. Hoot

    Great to own.

    Love the sound, range, and (so far) the battery life. I gave 4 stars (Bluetooth connectivity) only because the transmitter I am using takes it time, less (?) than a minute… and a half, to connect. Great to have when I am cooking, noisy (hi or low) oven fan, and great to have when cooking; in my opinion. I use this mainly when listening to You Tube and have to be in another room.


  244. R. E. Peterson

    Great for white noise while sleeping

    Got this speaker to take traveling and play “white noise” from my phone to cover up ambient noise. I tested the battery life to see if it would run all night, and so far I’ve run it for more than 16 hours on one charge at the low volume level I want for nighttime use. I’m using a free iPhone app that seems to be called White Noise (has a pink button) with the volume set at less than a quarter of full volume. A blue LED on the speaker flashes when it’s connected by Bluetooth, but the traveling case blocks the light effectively at night.

    2 people found this helpful

    R. E. Peterson

  245. Branda Goshorn

    Excellent column, sound worthy. I put this myself in the bathroom, I will please myself and neighbors, I also think you can take somewhere on nature. On the adequacy of the column to the water did not try, but in the future I think I will test. And so the flight is normal and everything is beautiful, definitely a good thing

    Branda Goshorn

  246. Tracey Jarvis

    Small but mighty

    Nice size to travel with.

    Tracey Jarvis


    Fantastic small speaker with bass.

    So easy to use with great sound.


  248. AE K.

    Freaking excited!

    I have not gotten this speaker for myself, yet. My neighbor has one and it being tiny and having good sound, I think it will be perfect for my needs.I had to make a comment after seeing the pictures in the reviews. I had no idea it comes with a carrying case that is super freaking adorable! I’m probably more excited for the case after the pictures.

    One person found this helpful

    AE K.

  249. George Browne

    Big sound in a little package!

    This is a great portable speaker. Compact and powerful.

    George Browne

  250. Quinn


    Likes:- Was perfect for the Galaxy S9. No interference issues.- Super compact.- Definitely looong battery life.- Thankfully water-resistant.- Been 1 yr and still functioning decently.- Easy enough to clean (on the outside).Dislikes:- Only 1 button for everything: pwr, pause, skip forward/back.- No volume control.- I prefer power to be a distinct flipswitch, so it would have an immediate response. Instead, this product’s power button requires a 3-sec hold which feels like forever when you’re just standing there soaked, cold, and naked.- The skip forward/back function is janky. Sometimes when I double-press, it interprets a single-press, so it just pauses instead of skipping forward. On the other hand, sometimes it interprets my triple-press as a double-press, so it skips forward instead of back. >:( Happens repeatedly while I’m standing there cold and wet.- Interference issues with the Galaxy S20 FE. If you put anything between the phone and the speaker, the speaker music skips.- No wrist strap holder.


  251. Joseph Garreau

    Amazing Speaker ! so much clarity and bass from this small small pocket bomb speaker !
    Came with all the accessories!
    Totally worth the money !

    delivery was also made early ! 16days early in my case !

    Joseph Garreau

  252. mntnmelody


    this thing is so cute and small, fits in a desk area and can play low enough to not be heard over phone if working. the only con is that you have to disconnect from a device to connect to another. a little annoying but manageable


  253. Amir mohamed

    Very cool column with such a small size. The sound is not even bad. Took for outdoor activities, 700 rubles. Very satisfied, delivered quickly by courier home.

    Amir mohamed

  254. Allistair

    Super awesome

    This is a surprising and wonderful wireless speaker. I’m very satisfied with its sound and performance. Thank you!


  255. Gene Sheppard

    The sound very good, easy to charge.

    Keeps traffic and road sounds out. Makes it easier to listen to my books on tape.Good sound quality. Works very well.

    Gene Sheppard

  256. alface

    Perfect for my needs

    I was looking for a really small speaker to fit in a tiny cup holder on my bike. I didn’t expect too much for sound quality because of how small the speaker is, but I’m pleasantly surprised. This little thing packs a ton of sound, and the quality of bass is impressive.


  257. Sheron


    Great valueFor traveling


  258. Nepean

    Good quality by the price

    I am happy with this small speaker. The only issue is the exterior paint comes off easily.


  259. Wendi Raver

    Nice column. Compact, heavy. Sounds good enough, at full volume there are noise, but there is no need to rub it at full. In the complete set with the column there is a cover, very convenient. I recommend the goods and the seller.

    Wendi Raver

  260. Amazon Customer

    Buy this now!

    You’re not gonna find a better speaker for the buck. I love mine. Go. Buy it now.Why are you still here? Go! Buy!!

    Amazon Customer

  261. Ariana Zebik

    Great Sound!

    It may be a small speaker, but the sound is TERRIFIC! I absolutely love my portable speaker! It makes listening to music so much easier!

    Ariana Zebik

  262. Seanna_731

    Good portable radio BUT received wrong color!

    Would’ve given it 5 stars but I received the silver instead of the rose gold that I ordered. Sound quality is OK; wish it could get a little louder though!


  263. Samirah Hood

    I did not expect this baby to sound like that! Loud and high-quality sound!.

    Samirah Hood

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