Gel Memory Foam Mattress 10″ 12″ 8″

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Gel Memory Foam Mattress 10″ 12″ 8″ Twin Full Queen King Size Mattress In A Box

Please Note: It Sales Mattress Only, But Not Includes Any Other Items, Such as Beautiful Model, Bed Frame, Pillows, Carpet, Etc..
Please recognize your mattress is sold by OYTHome official store, to Ensure high quality product and premium after-sale service.

Features & details

MATERIAL & CONSTRUCTION: 10 inch Memory Foam Mattress is designed with three layers all-foam system, improving support and heat dissipation, mattress layers include 2 inches memory foam,4 inches of comfortable layer ,and 4 inches of high density base support foam for ultimate comfort. It includes a soft hypoallergenic cover layer that is washable for your convenience.

12 inch Memory Foam Mattress is designed with three layers all-foam system, improving support and heat dissipation, mattress layers include 2.5 inches memory foam,2.5 inches of comfortable layer ,andinches of high density base support foam for ultimate comfort. It includes a soft hypoallergenic cover layer that is washable for your convenience.

HEALTH & HYPOALLERGENIC MATTRESS: The foam has been certified by CertiPUR-US and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Certified, which means that it is made of safe materials. It does not contain heavy metals and harmful substances. Such as formaldehyde, mercury, and other heavy metals.

COMFORTABLE & BREATHABLE: All-foam bed design combined expertise and the best materials with advanced sleep technology. Memory foam conducive to continuous airflow & breathable; Skin-friendly fabrics ;Buoyant, no-sink support foams adapt and conform to your body for optimal pressure relief;Specialized foams reduce motion transfer of a partner so your sleep is undisturbed.

EASY SHIPPING & SET-UP: Mattress is compressed and packaged in a box for shipping, allowing it to easily be delivered to your door and expand to its full lofty shape inside your home. They fit all frames, such as box spring, floor, slatted base, flat platform or adjustable bed, hospital bed.NOTE:Please allow up to 72 hours for the mattress to fully expand and for any potential odors to dissipate.Tips:May take longer to fully expand due to other factors,like cold weather.

WARRANTY: We are a manufacturer specializing in the production and processing of mattresses, we also have professional production and R&D teams. Committed to providing consumers with quality products at affordable prices.Our bed mattress come with 10 years warranty,if for any reason you are unsatisfied, please contact us at any time for support before you return items.   

Product information
Specific size
Firmness Weight
10 inch Twin Size
39″*75″*10″ Medium  36.38
10 inch Full Size 54″*75″*10″ Medium 47.02
10 inch Queen Size 60″*80″*10″ Medium  57.06
10 inch King Size 76″*80″*10″ Medium 72.62
12 inch Full Size
54″*75″*12″ Medium Soft  57.98
12 inch Queen Size
60″*80″*12″ Medium Soft 68.34
12 inch King Size
76″*80″*12″ Medium Soft 85.19

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Item specifics

New: A brand-new, unused, unopened, undamaged item in its original packaging (where packaging is 
Type:Gel Memory Foam Mattress
Medium —Medium Soft
Product Line:
Factory Manufacturer
Cover Material:
Mattress Breathability:
Breathable, Full-Body Support, Hypoallergenic, Memory Foam Layer
Manufacturer Warranty:
10 Years
Labels & Certifications:

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4.2 overall

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  1. jennifer


    It filled in nicely and I did not notice any smell (as per reviews) it is soft and supportive. We use it as a guest bed and it’s been great!


  2. Rachael

    Chronic back pain sufferer

    I was in desperate need of a bed and decided to try Amazon and affirms pay per month option. This bed came highly recommended so I decided to give it a try. I also purchased an adjustable bed frame due to my back injury.Bed reviewThis is a slightly firmer bed than I would have liked but I woke up the first day after I had put it together and I wasn’t in excruciating pain like I expected. I find that I am sleeping harder and staying asleep longer too.I purchased an inexpensive bed pillow and that made this bed a 10 for comfort and pain relief. I have gone through 3 beds in the last 5 years. Back pain is horrible and when your bed is not what you were sold then you suffer. I read the reviews good and bad and found most who had back issues chose this bed. After o reinjured my back a week ago this bed made my life easier, well the adjustable part but this bed was a huge improvement over all others I’ve tried. I highly recommend and if you need some more softness a pillowtop will help make this even more perfect

    7 people found this helpful


  3. Melissa Hawkins

    Took the mattress out of the box and it had a stain on it.

    Haven’t slept on it yet but it just came in today, took it out of the box and had a stain on it.

    Melissa Hawkins

  4. samantha lo

    Great mattress

    Great mattress

    samantha lo

  5. Nancy Koch

    Fits the bill for a spare room. We put in 2 twin beds!

    We like it because it came to the house,light weight and comfortable.

    Nancy Koch

  6. Keshia

    So soft and comfortable

    It came shipped in a large box. We followed instructions to let it fluff in the 24-48hr it’s so soft and worth the price saved a lot of time buying it don’t Amazon


  7. Jean Sembach

    This mattress is hard!

    Came promptly, in good shape, took shape quickly, no odd smell. I was happy to find a good quality narrow twin. I knew it was supposed to be a medium firm. But it is like laying on tightly baked hay. It is HARD! A soft 2 inch foam topper should fix it, tho.

    Jean Sembach

  8. Angela trammell

    Not for 2 people

    So I ordered a 10in, it’s barely hitting 9inches. Has been 24 hours. The edges did not form like alot of other reviews, it’s to soft, didn’t expect to sink so much. I weight 200 lbs. Seems like one side sinks more but not sure yet. If you and your partner or whoever sleeps with you weights more then the other they will roll into you. (My 7 year old slept with me the first night in it. And he kept rolling into me. I wish I would of trusted the reviews, wouldn’t of purchased this mattress.

    Angela trammell

  9. Andrew

    nice soft mattress

    no smell or anything when unpacking. feels like angles didn’t open up completely but am going to wait for 12 hours more and see how it expands. I’d personally recommend to buy it


  10. Audrey Kesner

    Pretty good!

    I’ll say for the little money spent on this mattress it’s not bad. I’m not a huge fan of firm so I added a pillow topper to it. Fine for now, would also be great guest bedroom mattress!

    Audrey Kesner

  11. Sheila Cothron

    Easy set up, comfortable


    Sheila Cothron

  12. Orlando Acevedo-Charry

    Surprisingly comfortable

    Nice mattress for the price. It came in a box air pressure and just putting out the mattress recover otra shape. I was shocking the comfortable is this mattress

    Orlando Acevedo-Charry

  13. Lauren Williamson

    500% better than firm even with back problems

    I have major back problems with 2 herniated discs. I could never get comfortable on a firmer mattress. I toss & turn a lot during sleep. I sleep better now but if I feel the need to change positions it’s problematic only because of my back issues. That’s the only reason I give it 4 stars instead of 5. I have no regrets & love this mattress. If you don’t have back problems & can sleep solid on your back or side you will not regret the quality of this product at this price. I’m a happy customer. Extremely comfortable. This review was from my dad !!

    Lauren Williamson

  14. Anonymous 👥

    I love this bed!!

    This mattress is amazing for my back

    Anonymous 👥

  15. Ashley Lozinski

    Highly recommend

    This mattress is super comfy! Highly recommend however it never expanded to 10 inches….

    One person found this helpful

    Ashley Lozinski

  16. Nicholas Garcia

    Great mattress especially for price

    Loved the price, arrived early, and exceptional mattress

    Nicholas Garcia

  17. Nina K


    Took time to get used too. Memory foam isn’t very comfortable to sit on but for sleep it is good. We love that we don’t feel each other move often. It inflated to full size and is worth the money

    One person found this helpful

    Nina K

  18. Amazon Customer

    Helped with back ache

    Very comfortable

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  19. amanda neiswender

    Very comfy

    Very comfy

    amanda neiswender

  20. Breann

    Haven’t even been able to sit in the bed!

    As soon as we unrolled this bed we noticed multiple dark stains all over it. There is no way that we are going to be able to repackage it to submit for a return, plus we’ve already thrown away the other mattress. My husband thinks it is oil stains. It is just really frustrating to spend this much and receive a stained product.

    4 people found this helpful


  21. Becky D Mc

    Squishy foam

    Cons: you can’t sit on the edge: there is no support, the entire side caves in with any weight. If you normally sleep near the edge of your mattress, or share a bed and have to do the same, this isn’t the bed for you. I sleep alone on a twin. This bed works if I stay in the middle.Pro: comfortable. Basically it is a thick foam mattress. Does it contain gel?? I have no idea.It is similar to my last foam mattress, though much thicker .

    3 people found this helpful

    Becky D Mc

  22. Culley Burleson


    My daughter loves this mattress. She’s 11. I slept on it once and have a HORRIBLE back due to scoliosis. I slept well. It supported me in all the right spots. Super soft and cushiony.

    Culley Burleson

  23. Anita H.

    Excellent Mattress

    I use to wake up, toss and turn numerous times in the night, back hurt the next morning.This mattress has changed all that, sleep well, no more back pain, so comfortable, not too hard or too soft, no bad odor like others reviewers stated. Love this mattress!Make sure you wait 24 hours after you open the mattress to sleep on it!

    Anita H.

  24. Mackenzie


    I was scared at first reading the comments but I bought it and it only took about 25 minutes or so to properly expand out I got the eight inches one and it came out very nicely. I checked for bed bugs and mold and it wasn’t either of them ofc it was a smell but nothing bad. It wasn’t to the point where I would take it back it’s been at a warehouse so it has that smell but regardless I love the bed and it’s nothing wrong with it I’m glad I bought it at the price that it was! Finally sleeping peacefully very easy set up! It’s a nice firm bed but very comfortable and soft. Soon as I got in it I sunk in. Relieved the pain in my back almost immediately.


  25. Lamonshradale

    Really great

    I love the mattress I was very nervous buying it online but it is so soft and very comfortable. I don’t wake up in pain like I did with my other mattress. The pillow that I chose to get with it is amazing as well.

    One person found this helpful


  26. donnie


    Got it very quick ! Came vacuum sealed and compressed I let it expand for 24+ hours got it for a guest bed ! I was really amazed since it was on the cheaper side and felt amazing considered selling my purple bed and getting one for my room because very comparable to that for a quarter of the price $$

    One person found this helpful


  27. KJ Ater

    Best Bed for ALL sized Peoples

    It is a great price. You sink in just enough to take the weight off your joints. It is like being cradled or having pillows in all the right places. You fall asleep fast and don’t wake up in a pool of your own sweat like most beds with memory. My soon-to-be husband is on the heavier side and was very reluctant to even get on the bed. He was out less than two minutes after his head hit the pillow! He loved how he got up and the bed went right back to normal. It didn’t show any signs of him ever being on the bed. So this bed won us over, and everyone else I have introduced it to. Try it out and I bet it will make a believer out of you too.

    4 people found this helpful

    KJ Ater

  28. Juila

    Soft not for stomach sleepers

    This bed is too soft for me.. The initial touch it same firm however once you lay in it.. It is not for stomach sleepers!!


  29. shane s.

    Continue to shop.

    VERY firm, more like hard. Not 10 inches. Not a great price, over $300.00 with tax. Took 3 weeks to deliver. This is for a guest room so I got a plush mattress pad. If it was in nightly use I would have returned it. By the way, Amazon has a great way to return!

    shane s.

  30. R. Woo


    Best mattress i have purshased in a long time. very conforable, good support. would recommend. unfolded perfect, no sink holes.

    R. Woo

  31. Amazon Customer


    The mattress has black stains all over it so I tried to take cover off so I could try to wash and remove stains but was unable to bc the Zippers we’re broken off and are stuck were you can not unzip the cover of the mattress.

    Amazon Customer

  32. Mediocre Millennial

    Comfortable, No odor, No fiberglass

    I researched reviews like a lunatic regarding fiberglass in these types of mattresses. This 1 did not have any mentioning fiberglass and seemed like a great option. So many products I researched had thousands of great reviews but also a lot mentioning fiberglass. 1 particular brand had a lawsuit from a woman in California where fiberglass got all over her house and she had to move out, and had lung damage. Here is what I discovered… The FG is a fire retardant and will be found in most of these. If done correctly, it should be a small layer inside the cover. The cover should be thick and sturdy enough to keep the FG in. The problem lies when people decide to remove the cover and wash it. Easy solution…DO NOT remove the cover! Get a separate mattress cover and wash that. Just common sense. This mattress has been great. It is comfortable and perfect for a guest room. It does sink in a little and can hold in a lot of heat. So it is nice to sleep on in the winter. I am including photos of the great instructions it came with too. It came in a small box and was easy to unpack. Also very little odor that went away after a day.

    17 people found this helpful

    Mediocre Millennial

  33. Sandra Dos Anjos

    It’s so comfortable. Love love it.

    I love this product. I was kind of hesitant to buy it but I’m glad I did. It’s so comfortable and comfy. My pain relief is gone from a 10 serious pain to a 2 tolerateable pain. Would recommend to anyone. Best purchase yet.

    One person found this helpful

    Sandra Dos Anjos

  34. Vanessa c.

    Decent purchase

    It’s a decent purchase. I don’t regret it.

    Vanessa c.

  35. Tiera Colonel

    Let the bed sit for 3days

    For the price this was an amazing buy I love……I let the best sit for 3days to get all they way fluffed and it shapes to your body type feels like a very comforting hug love it

    One person found this helpful

    Tiera Colonel

  36. Carlos


    I normally don’t even leave reviews but for the last 3 weeks we been having awful back pain and not sleeping as good. In the beginning everything seem great. But mattress support just doesn’t seem to be the same. It even feels like we are sinking to the middle of the bed. Overall support is not the same. Softness is there for sure.


  37. Keith B.

    Not a True King-Size but soft

    PROS:Came faster than expected delivery date.It fully inflated to 14″ in about four hours.It cradles you and you will sleep well.CONS:The sliding bar scale visually indicates this is a medium firm, however, above that it says – “Ultra Soft.” It is ULTRA-SOFT.It’s so soft that it’s hard to get out of or roll around on.This is NOT a true King-Size bed and the dimensions of the bed are not mentioned on the page. This mattress is 76″x76″. A true king-size bed is 76″ X 80″ (193 X 203.5 cm), so if you have a king-size suite; this bed will not fit properly. If you are buying one of those open platform beds that the memory foam mattress sits on top of – it will work.NOTES:I gave this bed four stars because it came fast, no smell, was able to use it that night, and is comfortable.I subtracted one star because the dimensions are incorrect.TIPS:The softness can be adjusted. It is made of several layers with the hardest being on the bottom – the layers can be swapped around from hard, medium and ultra soft to fit your liking.There were a couple of reviews regarding the ends not decompressing and being misshapen. I had the same issue but fixed it by unzipping the cover to notice there is a fishnet mesh over the foam that was constraining the edges. I adjusted those to see if it would continue inflating and get square edges, which it did.

    92 people found this helpful

    Keith B.

  38. hardhead

    Skeptical, but GLAD I did

    As soon as I unwrapped the mattress, it began its inflation. No qualms. I have wait the 72 hrs grace period but I’m sure this mattress will suit me

    One person found this helpful


  39. LaToya White

    Love this mattress 💜

    This mattress is exactly what I need for my muscle and joint sun. I was so impressed a month later I bought a twin size for my daughter who has Arthritis also. We love the comfort and stress relief.

    One person found this helpful

    LaToya White

  40. Patricia Ann Ivery

    Good buy, very narrow.

    Not bad for price. It is very narrow, but makes up for it in softness/comfort. It’s for a child so it works well.

    Patricia Ann Ivery

  41. Amazon Customer

    Great price. Good quality

    Never got to 6″ which is why I purchased it. It’s still only 4″ a week later

    Amazon Customer

  42. Amazon Customer

    Sinks in

    This is a great bed and super comfortable ! The only thing I dislike about it is that I’m always sinking in my boyfriends side of the bed in the middle of the night. He complains I never give him enough space, but everytime I wake up and go to move over it’s sunk in on his side ( He’s bigger then me ) I just put a pillow in between us to keep me from falling into him. Becides that it’s super comfortable. I should’ve gotten a king size instead of the queen.

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  43. linda blake

    too soft

    Feels lumpy and hard to get comfortable. Sits too low also…should have gotten the higher size. Very funny the return policy. Just exactly how would this happen? Carry it into Kholes for a return?

    linda blake

  44. George r.


    Too firm

    George r.

  45. Camalus

    Helps with back problems

    Got this to replace a 20 year old mattress. This really helped my back pain. Let it decompress for two days and it’s great. There is a smell but that’ll go away. I’m really happy I got this and it didn’t cost thousands of dollars.

    One person found this helpful


  46. Jeff Green


    I was skeptical about purchasing an “in the box” foam mattress, but my traditional mattress that cost 3x as much was shot after only a couple of years. I purchased this mattress as part of a recent move and absolutely LOVE it so far. My years of back and neck pain have all but vanished in the first 2 weeks of use. It’s very comfortable and the medium softness seems to be the perfect fit.

    Jeff Green

  47. G- ma

    Firm but comfy. Love it !

    I needed a comfortable mattress that wasn’t too soft or too firm. This is perfect

    One person found this helpful

    G- ma

  48. H. Douglas Vaughan

    Did not rise evenly on one end.

    Wife says it is very comfortable.

    H. Douglas Vaughan

  49. Reginald Ongtowasruk

    Lop sided bed…

    After letting the bed set for 24 hours, 1 side of bed is still not inflated. Other than that its ok.

    Reginald Ongtowasruk

  50. Amazon Customer

    So comfortable!

    I got it to have my baby sleep next to our bed. It’s not even technically fully inflated yet (comes vacuum sealed and rolled) and it’s already so comfortable. The cover is really soft, and it’s firm enough to really feel like a bed. Definitely recommend.

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  51. Janet K

    Wow! Fantastic new bed!!!!

    Honestly I thought I would hate this mattress because it was all I could afford. It is FANTASTIC! BEST MATTRESS EVER!!❤️Update: I have now slept on this mattress for 6 months. Prior to getting this mattress I had head and neck pain all the time. My body just hurt every morning and usually until about 1:00 in the afternoon.I sleep so well in this mattress. It never develops dents it is neither too hard or too soft and my pain is pretty much gone. Sometimes my pillows still cause me neck pain. But it is an amazing bed. I used to wake up with my hips killing me from my Tempur-Pedic bed. And that was a $4,000 mattress. I’m so glad I bought this one and I recommend it to people who talk to me about sleeping badly.

    5 people found this helpful

    Janet K

  52. Erin OBrien

    Nice mattress for the price

    Nice mattress for the price. This mattress comes completely compressed in a box and is rolled up into a nice tube. Once you release the plastic, the mattress starts to take form. My only gripe is that ours didn’t completely take form. The left and right side of the mattress are still tapered and it feels like you can just slide right off of the bed. I’m hoping that in time, they will fully expand.

    Erin OBrien

  53. Misty crosby

    I slept great thank you for this great bed

    Was not sure about buying a queen size bed online I thought what if I don’t like it. But I love it slept great thank you so much this bed is perfect

    Misty crosby

  54. Julie Pipke

    Sooooo comfortable!

    VERY comfortable, it’s going to work great!

    2 people found this helpful

    Julie Pipke

  55. Mom

    Too firm

    I thought it would be soft, but it’s quite firm! Too firm


  56. Mike

    Sleeps GREAT

    Sleeps great !!!


  57. Giovanni Shaffer

    July purchase 2022

    Hello. I bought this bed in July and it is now October 2022. That’s 3 months of having this bed and it is already sinking in some areas and making it very uncomfortable to sleep. I would think twice before buying this bed. Price is good but lacks durability and is way too soft does not offer back support or any real support. This is for bed back sleepers and side sleepers.

    Giovanni Shaffer

  58. jorge cevantes

    Muy buenos para des cansar

    Por mi salud

    jorge cevantes

  59. Gonzo

    Super soft

    I was a bit worried about getting a mattress a might not like, but honestly my old mattress was so bad that Basically anything would have been better. This is my very first boxed mattress and the only thing that I regret is not getting a 10″ one. 8 inch works so good for what I needed it, but 10 inch might have been just perfect. I’m about 5’9 and weight 150LB, I ordered a twin because it’s for a bunk bed (student stuff 🤷🏻‍♂️) and It feels like what I imagine clouds feel like. Do I recommend it? Well… maybe? It depends. If you’re looking for a more affordable soft mattress? and it also depends on your weight and such, if you’re a bit on the heavier side I wouldn’t recommend it unless you get the thicker one, I can see that if I were to be 25 LB heavier it might be a bit uncomfortable, but since I’m not and probably won’t be until I finish college it’s pretty good for me.Kids? Sure get it whatever.Dogs? Probably not, get something that’s designed for their bodies, you want to take good care of them.Couples? Obviously get the thicker larger one and think about height/weight of each person.6 people (I don’t judge)? Yea no… you’re gonna need a custom one 😂Overall, great mattress. I’ve bern using it for about a week and I’ve been sleeping better.

    3 people found this helpful


  60. Armando Aranda


    It’s very comfortable bought it for my daughter she loves it great product

    Armando Aranda

  61. Shaunda Solomon

    Nice bed for price

    Mattress expanded to full size. Nice and comfortable very soft.

    Shaunda Solomon

  62. Jenny

    You will need a foundation for this mattress

    I put it on a platform bed with slats and you could feel them through the mattress. I purchased a bunkie board and it helped.

    One person found this helpful


  63. WedgeRenton

    Good for a Kids room

    I bought two of these for my sons bunk beds, and they are small boys, 3 & 7, these work well for them. Since I got the six inch I’m not sure how well it would work for myself, I have some back problems, and am a bit overweight so the times I’ve fallen asleep on this bed I’ve woken up with a bit of a back twinge, nothing dreadful. But I say that to say I am very happy with these for the kids. I’m not sure if I would be happy for myself as an adult using it. Great beds for children, comfortable and quality is good.

    One person found this helpful


  64. Mike

    Highly recommend!

    OTY mattress comes highly recommended by me.Purchase the king and it came in a smaller box which made it easy to maneuver. It came with directions and tool to open up the plastic mattress cover.You also get to pick two different heights which is great because the platform beds typically sit lower, so I selected the higher option.The mattress inflated the appropriate size immediately (not all of them do). Extremely comfortable feels like a cloud.Definitely would recommend and buy again.

    3 people found this helpful


  65. Amazon Customer

    Not very soft like advertising.

    Start having saggy spot after a few months.

    Amazon Customer

  66. Lisa Cornell

    Great mattress!

    I bought this mattress for my guest bedroom. I’m very pleased with it. Not too soft and it came to it’s full depth within 48 hours. There wasn’t any odor. It is very well made. It’s exactly what I wanted. I’m glad I ordered the 14in queen size.

    2 people found this helpful

    Lisa Cornell

  67. Charles

    Corners did not expand, very soft foam.

    I bought this for my son’s first big bed. It’s very comfy he loves it. The foam is very soft so I found when I sit on the edge bed to tuck him in it leaves a pretty large divet for a few minutes. I fell asleep with him on it last night for a few hours, it is quite comfortable. My biggest complaint is that the corners are not expanding yet it has been 2 days, I’ve tried to massage them to get them to expand to no avail. Maybe it just needs more time. Overall decent but probably would spent more for a hybrid mattress if I could do it again.


  68. joyce s. bradford

    My paralyzed boyfriend loves it

    My boyfriend sleeps on this mattress, he is paralyzed completely on his left side due to a major stroke. It’s easier for him to get in and out of

    joyce s. bradford

  69. Bibbity Bobbity Boo

    Cheap and flimsy

    I love a soft, foam mattress. My daughter loves the same thing. I have a Nectar mattress and hated how hard it in is and how long it took just to break in. I didn’t want to buy her a mattress that would be so no uncomfortable for so long. This mattress seemed like the perfect idea, a foam mattress that would start off softer (and save a ton of money). The mattress arrived quickly and didn’t have much of an order, things started off promising. It is very thin, reminds me of the cot mattress you would run into at a camp grounds or on a hospital bed. I thought it would inflate more but it never did. It was soft from the start but after laying down with my daughter the first night, only for a few hours there was an obvious even softer spot where I ad laid instead of her. Even she pointed out she could feel where I laid for that hour, literally less than an hour and the mattress was already breaking down. Since then, I have laid with her a couple times and ended up with severe back and neck pain each time. The pain wakes me up and reminds me to go to my own bed. I was very hopeful but I honestly wish I had not purchased this mattress. Spend a little more for something a little better.

    Bibbity Bobbity Boo

  70. Chantel

    You WILL sleep

    I never write reviews but I figured I should. When I first got this bed I really didn’t think it was anything special. Until the second day I came home from work and said I’d lay down for a few minutes and get up and be productive. Spoiler alert, I slept the evening and whole night through 😩Anytime I want to relax for just a bit I end up falling (and staying) asleep. It’s actually wild lol. So yes, that’ this is my experience with it so far.

    2 people found this helpful


  71. Janet

    Our back pains my husband and I are gone after sleeping on this new mattress, best decision ever!

    Best choice ever!


  72. Jessica Selvaggio

    great, comfortable, came early…. but

    This mattress is great so far, its comfortable, the delivery was a lot earlier than the eta which was great. Box is very heavy i needed two people to bring it up my stairs but overall a great mattress. The reason why i rated it four stars and the “but” in this review title is referring to one thing. When i unboxed my mattress and laid on it to test it out i smelled this strong odor. It smelled like wet paint or chemicals or something. I realized it was coming from the mattress. I googled it and this website said it could be because it has a “new mattress smell” from it being compressed and should go away. This is my first night sleeping on it with a smell of wet paint … just a heads up for everyone!

    85 people found this helpful

    Jessica Selvaggio

  73. Emily E.

    Just Buy It Already!!! AMAZING!!!

    TLDR; Definitely buy this mattress if you want to sleep on a squishy cloud every night.First off I want to say, I read a ton of mixed reviews before clicking buy and was quite nervous! I researched for months!!!I haven’t bought a new bed of my own before, let alone a bed that comes in a box. I really was so confused by the reviews. Some were raving and many hated this bed. I got tired of researching and going around in circles with every other good and bad review, so finally just decided to click buy on this one: 10″ Queen.It arrived in a box just shorter than me. (I’m 5’2″, extremely difficult for me to carry the box alone into the house, but I managed!) I was a bit skeptical that this sealed mattress in this box would expand to an actual queen size and 10″ thickness. I followed the instructions on how to open and get set up. Definitely follow these instructions and don’t accidentally cut the plastic layer keeping the mattress compressed -until ready for it to expand- or the mattress itself. Cutter tool was included, which was very useful!!Once situated in the room, I cut the last layer of plastic off mattress and it immediately began to expand. I measured it for a few hours and by the end of the night it had expanded fully.I wasn’t sure what the firmness or lack there of would be due to the reviews. I laid on it and it was extremely squishy, like very squishy -like a cloud. The first few nights my neck hurt from sinking in so much. However, I switched to a less fluffy pillow and now absolutely no back pain. I used to get out of bed and be so sore, no more with this mattress though! (Also purchased a 14″ metal platform frame off Amazon too, and that helped more with the comfort. I initially had the mattress on the floor the first week.)Only con is that, the corners aren’t fully expanded to the usual corner shape; I don’t think. But to me that is fine, because those 2 corners are against my wall and hidden by pillows.Now that you’ve read this novel, just add it to your cart and get ready for a comfy, squishy bed that you just sink into like a cloud. 🙂 A good investment at a reasonable price if you are budget shopping for a nice, convenient mattress. Also, great that there’s no hauling required, ships right to your doorstep.

    18 people found this helpful

    Emily E.

  74. Kash

    It’s so comfy!

    This mattress is great. Firm where needed and soft everywhere else. Works great on my adjustable bed!


  75. Amazon Customer

    Get the 10 inch

    I don’t know why I thought the 8 inch would be plenty thick. While it’s ok, I am would definitely get 10 inch next time. Otherwise, it’s quite comfortable. Not too hard, definitely feels like memory foam

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  76. Amazon Customer

    Comfier than expected

    Much comfier than I thought it would be! Firm, but encompasses you nicely. Provides great support. A good guest bed – my visitors said they were surprised how well they slept on it!

    2 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  77. Amazon Customer

    I love this bed!

    This bed is perfect for couples who toss and turn all night because the foam absorbs the movement so I don’t feel my husband move at all. When I first laid on it I thought it would be too hard but after a few seconds my body just sunk into the mattress and I felt so cozy.

    2 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  78. F. R. Perez

    Very comfortable

    Pros: this 14” king is a great mattress. Is a 7 in a 1-10 scale, where 10 will be hard and 1 soft. I did let it rise for 36 hrs. Reached the full 14”. Love it.Cons: edges kinda soft to sit. Feel like you gonna slide out when sitting on the edge to put shoes on, etc. I think this is an issue by all this type of mattresses. Not an issue when laying down on it, just when sitting on the edge.

    F. R. Perez

  79. Sherrylynn

    They are amazing

    My kids room they love how they feel


  80. Tanisha Donald

    Very comfortable bed the relief all of my pain.

    This product is good for the relief of back pain. I have struggled with pain for two years and I do not have that pain anymore after purchasing this item. The only downfall that I have is that it did not rise up to 14 inches.

    5 people found this helpful

    Tanisha Donald

  81. cheyanne

    Very nice bed

    I’ve had this bed for about a month now, and honestly at first I was worried about buying a mattress off Amazon. I mean who does that? Well a lot of people including my self lol. I’m amazed at how well it feels sleeping in it. I’m a side/tummy sleeper and honestly enjoy sleeping. It’s helped to fall asleep easier and longer since having the bed.

    5 people found this helpful


  82. steven

    You get what you pay for.

    It inflated within 5hrs,perfect shape.Couple nights really good but then it started to sag, I’m 250lbs and then add another person we were rolling into each other it sucks. Oh but try and return it HA that’s a major joke. So now I’m stuck with a saggy bed. Great……

    One person found this helpful


  83. mholmes

    Great value, holding up since 11/9/20, so 18 mos.

    We love this mattress. We’ve paid way more for beds that were not nearly as comfortable. I hope to lie on no more springs of any kind again.At $100 or so more than we paid, it’s a great price still. Foam has gone up a bunch. We’ve tried sleep # & other high value (and price) mattresses previously, and this one wins- hands down.I only gave 4 stars for softness, because it would be nice to have a bit of a stronger edge to old onto getting in and out. At 61 and 74, we try to be careful. It is very soft, very supportive and lasts well. I am 190 lbs 6′ and wife is 125 lbs and 5’4″. Wife’s insomnia has improved greatly.

    2 people found this helpful


  84. Michelle

    Great quality for price bad, very happy

    I downsized to a small apartment and my queen size tempur-pedic wouldn’t fit, I had to purchase a full size bed and didn’t want to pay a lot of money for a new tempur-pedic so I did research and found this mattress and I am very happy with it, great mattress for the price and very comfortable

    2 people found this helpful


  85. Ty

    Great Quality Product

    When I received the package I went outside to pick it up & when it got delivered to me it was completely out of the box. It was like someone just threw it and torn open the box already for me haha. But other then that little mishap i got it inside. Took the bed to my room & opened it up. Personally I waited 1 full day for it to inflate all the way and I haven’t had any saggin or disshaped areas within the 1st 6 months I’ve owned this bed. Overall this bed is a really soft bed… I am 165lb and im 5 10’….I do sink in it but not to much to the point im not getting any support….personally id would of liked a tad bit firmer bed so if you’re looking for a firm but soft bed. This isnt the one for you. This is definitely a “soft” type of bed. Personally if you weigh around the 190-240 range I wouldn’t look at this bed. Need a firmer one but it is all preference at the end of the day. Other then that only cons for this bed is when its time to “make magic” in the room… doesn’t offer the best “bounce back” motions as I would of liked… understanding it is a full memory foam bed. I’d expect it to help me out at least a little bit😂. All jokes aside so far within the 6 months I’ve gotten this bed… its been holding up really good. No weird odors…… just need to wash the zipped cover thats already on the bed frequently & maybe invest in a water proof cover for those “wet times” or else your mattress will suffer😂

    14 people found this helpful


  86. Amazon Customer

    So comfortable!

    Got this for our daughter’s bed. Would eventually like to get one for our own!!

    One person found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  87. Andrea Villalobos

    Good for price

    Bed fits good for a child i’ve laid on it but but since its memory foam they tend to compress from heavy weight temporary solution for my 6 year old. This size is for children not adults.

    One person found this helpful

    Andrea Villalobos

  88. Sophia

    Not for people who weigh more than 200lbs

    When this came it was soft, filled out quickly and was initially comfortable and was firm at first. However throughout the night I sank into it causing major back problems and aches and made it difficult to get out. If you are overweight, even a hybrid bed is a BAD idea as even a firm one will not support you for 8 hours. Get a normal mattress. I intend on keeping it and putting a futon mattress over the top for now to limit the collapse.


  89. Danett


    I love everything about this mattress I recommend


  90. Maria Padilla

    Very easy set up

    It was bought as a gift for a friend in need

    Maria Padilla

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