Aluminum Cell Phone Cases – For Iphone

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Aluminum Cell Phone Cases for iPhone
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aluminum cell phone cases
Aluminum Phone Cases
Aluminum Phone Cases
Aluminum Phone Cases

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Weight 0.0 kg
  • Brand Name: R-JUST
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Type: Half-wrapped Case
  • Design: Plain
  • Features: Mirror Film,Anti-Fingerprint,Anti-Scratch,Dual Layer,Dustproof,Heavy Duty,With Lanyard,Non-Slip,Water-Resistant,Wireless charging
  • Compatible Brand: APPLE
  • Color: Red/Gold/White/Silver/Yellow/Camouflage Green/Black
  • Compatible Model 1: For Apple iPhone 5 5S 5C SE 6 6S 7 8 Phone Bag Cases Cover
  • Compatible Model 2: For iPhone 6 Plus 6S Plus 7 Plus 8 Plus Phone Cases Shell Coque
  • Compatible Model 3: For iPhone X Cases Shell Fundas Capinhas
  • Dropshipping/Wholesale: Support
  • Feature: Luxury Doom armor Dirt Shock Waterproof Metal Aluminum phone bags case
  • Function: Anti-knock+Dirt-resistant+Life waterproof+Shockproof+Camera Protection
  • Material: Tempered Glass+Silicone Cover+Aluminum Alloy
  • Style: Luxury Deluxe Unique Chic Outdoor Sports Young Fashion Men
  • Time on Market: Hot Selling Mobile Phone Bag Case Accessories
  • Type 1: Fitted Case
  • Type 2: Full Protection Case

Based on 18 reviews

5.0 overall

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  1. Noelia T.

    I am very pleased with this phone case. My son has autism and is going through a stage where he throws the iphones or bangs them up and has broken the toughest cases. This case is awesome because he cannot pry it open! And I watched him toss it in the air like a frisbee and watch it land! I thought ok.. this is it.. this will tell me if I need to keep searching for a tougher case! Nope! This case held up! No damage to case or phone. The case feels sturdy durable and the touch screen works wonderfully! The case is a little heavy! But I can live with that! I love the price! I will buy again for the rest of the iphones!

    Noelia T.

  2. Mark stewart

    Excellent quality I love it

    Mark stewart

  3. Rikki

    After 3 broken iphone screens I made my son get this. He was exasperated at first because of its bulkiness. After a few days he was ok and actual said how great the quality was and he felt like he could drop it off a building and it be ok. I said let’s not try. His only complaint now is that you have to unscrew it if you want to hide your money. I told him that’s what wallets are for. Over all this mom is VERY pleased with what appears to be a tank of an iphone. Now I need to get the screen fixed. Next time android for him.


  4. lisa

    Perfect for kids.. got it for my 9 year old he use to have a rubber cases and always stretches them out or take the phone out .. with this he can do none of that and the phone remains clean ,.


  5. Amazon Customer

    Very good sturdy case . I run heavy equipment and I am also a Volunteer Firefighter. To date the case is holding up great

    Amazon Customer

  6. Ascanio gonzalez

    Lo recomiendo! Excelente

    Ascanio gonzalez

  7. Classless

    So I’ve bought 3 of these for 3 different iPhones. I have not had another case that is this durable. It has saved my phone countless times. I am in the landscaping and hardscaping business and I am always dropping my phone on rocks, running over it with wheel barrows, getting it dirty, etc. the only thing I did to modify it was, pulling out the screen protector it came with and installing one that sticks to the screen. Though it isn’t technically water resistant now, I’ve found that the case fits so tightly that water splashes do not really make it past the case. Again, landscaper here, my phone has been sprayed by sprinklers and dropped in (shallow) mud puddles and NO damage. The paint does start to chip off and I’ve lost a few screws, but it comes with extra, just keep up with those. And for those of you that are go getters, putting a little locktite on the screws prior to installation pretty much cures this issue. But don’t put too much cuz you’ll never get the screws out of you need to open the case. Just the teeniest tiniest dab you can imagine will do it.Oh, one more thing, only downside to this case, because it’s metal, I seem to lose service when traveling before others do. I live in Austin Texas and can travel between Houston, Austin, and Dallas without issue, but when I get further out, I’ll lose service and my wife won’t. I don’t really mind that as I can swap to a different case for long distance travel.


  8. Amazon Customer

    I bought this for my grandson and it works perfect. He has a top bunk and he has dropped it from the top and there was absolutely no problem with the phone. It protected it perfectly. That’s just what we needed because kids are pretty rough. LOL

    Amazon Customer

  9. Phyllis Phillinger

    I know that people will look to life proof or otter box….but this case feels bullet proof around the phone. I want on for my phone now. I feels so durable and well protected!!

    Phyllis Phillinger

  10. John A. Leite

    Well, this case is very sturdy and I was happy to see that the price HAS gone down a bit. this is the 2nd one I bought and wish that my new phone would’ve fit into the old case, my phone is VERY well protected but it IS a bit on the heavy side, heavy enough that if you chop someone with it’s edge you could knock the heck out of them with it, if you had to. so, it doubles as a self defense device

    John A. Leite

  11. Charianna

    The screen bubbles up


  12. J D Hood

    It is everything I was looking for. Very sturdy and compact.

    J D Hood

  13. Denise wiley

    My teenager is hard on her phone. So this is perfect

    Denise wiley

  14. Christian

    Now this is a phone case. Trust me, you can tell right off the bat that your phone is locked up in a fortress. GREAT job to the developers of this case.


  15. Danielle

    Recently bought my son his first phone, and we ordered this case to put on it. Long story short, his phone was ran over by a car today. The case screen shattered, and so did my sons heart thinking his new phone was broken. But low and behold, we took the case off and there isn’t ONE scratch on the phone itself. AFTER BEING RAN OVER BY A CAR. It may be bulky, but I am 100000% ordering another as a replacement!!


  16. Gregory

    Tough case got a little weight to it. But besides that I heavily recommend if you love your phone. Had it for a year now. Haven’t had any other phone case since then👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾👍🏾


  17. Anthony Miller

    It is broken it will not turn off the ringer or back on

    Anthony Miller

  18. Emma

    I bought this because I have broke the screen of my iPhone 7 times now, and I needed a good case, this worked perfectly for that, my iPhone fell a lot of times and nothing happened to it.The only “bad” thing about it is that is way too heavy and so now, being and quarintine (I use my cellphone more) I had to remove it because of that.


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