Unisex Height Increase Insoles

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Height Increase Insoles

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Dear friends :
When you place an order, please note the following points!
Material: EVA, fiber.
Gender: Unisex
Color: black
Transport: Sent within 48 hours
Package:1 pair of Height Increase Insoles
【Adjustable Height Increase Insoles】 4 layers design, Adjustable Height-Increase(3~9cm / 1.18″~3.54″) and air cushion shockproof.
【Size Fits Most】 EUR 225-270 (US size 5-9). Cut easily your size with lines indicated at the bottom of insoles. Totally Invisible, wearing them without anybody’s notice.
【Great Material】 Mainly made of synthetic elastomer, super elasticity, shock absorbent.
【Height Increase Insoles Durable with a Long Product Life】 They are also used to reduce pressure on the back and knees when walking. This is proven to effectively reduce spinal shrinkage with age.
【Strong Protection】 The air cushion protects your knees and ankles, balances foot pressure and is suitable for standing for a long time.

Height Increase Insoles

Height Increase InsolesHeight Increase InsolesHeight Increase InsolesHeight Increase InsolesHeight Increase InsolesHeight Increase InsolesHeight Increase InsolesHeight Increase Insoles



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  1. Scott Backer

    These are goof

    Seriously my favorite secret lift insoles. Comfortable and perfectly ajustable.

    12 people found this helpful

    Scott Backer

  2. Alan Hill

    If your short your short

    Son wanted to be a taller baller. He accomplished what he wanted with these. Very satisfied.

    3 people found this helpful

    Alan Hill

  3. sillygirl1030

    Gabriel lifters

    Gabriel loves they


  4. sabina


    Mi hijo lo uso y el estuvo satisfecho

    One person found this helpful


  5. Sylvia B.


    My first pair is over a year old now, there was a very small amount of flattening of the air cushion, but it still provides comfort. Bought a second par.

    Sylvia B.

  6. claribel batista del rio

    Plantillas de aumento de altura

    Muy buen producto

    One person found this helpful

    claribel batista del rio

  7. Christian pineda

    Great inversion

    This product change my life and had help me a lot to look more tall..

    One person found this helpful

    Christian pineda

  8. Triz

    Great Buy!!

    Did exactly what I needed it to do!!


  9. Misty Bishop

    Best insoles ever

    Love that the are adjustable

    One person found this helpful

    Misty Bishop

  10. Sammar

    Value for price

    Perfect as described.


  11. Minh Nguyen


    make me taller

    32 people found this helpful

    Minh Nguyen

  12. gandhi villarreal



    12 people found this helpful

    gandhi villarreal

  13. JRAM

    Great product

    Great product


  14. RJWilliams

    Who doesn’t want to be taller?

    These work great with high top sneakers like Chuck Taylors or Reebok BB4500s. Gives almost 4″ of height increase. You might want to order shoes 1/2 up from your normal size to accommodate the inserts.

    7 people found this helpful


  15. Chef Vigoreaux

    Good quality, fair price

    This is a good buy in my opinion. They are comfortable and fit most of my shoes. The added inches for height definitely increased my confidence. I would recommend walking in them only, do not run, unless you want to tear your shoes.

    4 people found this helpful

    Chef Vigoreaux

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