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LED Flshlight


Material: aluminum alloy
Power supply: built-in 18650 lithium ion battery
Maximum brightness: 1200LM
Working time: 3-6 hours
Lighting Mode: 3 Modes (High – Medium – Strobe)
Irradiation distance: 100-300m
Waterproof rating: IPX5
Size: 11.1cm*28mm*22mm
Net weight: 87 grams
Zoomable :Yes

Aluminum Alloy Material

Aluminum alloy shell, strong and durable LED Flshlight

best value recharable led flshlight

USB charging

Built-in high capacity 18650 battery, usb charging.
Charging time:2-3 hours
Working time: 3-6 hours

best value recharable led flshlightbest value recharable led flshlight


Zoom out: floodlight mode, can light up a entire room
Zoom in: focus mode, lighting distance up to 300m

best value recharable led flshlightbest value recharable led flshlight

IPX5 Waterproof

best value recharable led flshlight

3 Lighting Modes

High – Medium – Strobe

best value recharable led flshlight

Widely use

best value recharable led flshlightbest high quality led flshlightbest high quality led flshlight



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  1. Jaimee Harter

    Jaimee Harter

  2. Gage Edmonds

    Frankly great for its price, the nickel zoom mode it goes up to about 50m, nickel to target a person in a concert (for safety)

    Gage Edmonds

  3. Ellie Julius

    Good item. Exactly as described. Top quality for this price.

    Ellie Julius

  4. Miriam Perry

    Miriam Perry

  5. Miriam Perry

    The goods are denied shvidko, the quality is normal

    Miriam Perry

  6. Major Woodrum

    The flashlight at its small sizes, shines very well. Adjustable luminous flux. Very convenient for daily use.
    Seller respect and respect

    Major Woodrum

  7. Valtena Amodei

    The goods received in time, for their money a good product, I recommend the seller

    Valtena Amodei

  8. Sarina Santos

    Flashlight top. There are no complaints about quality, it shines perfectly, the battery is good (it used moderately, but it has not discharged in zero yet). Of the minuses, only the absence of slots for the lace: after all, the flashlight is not headlamp, it can be dropped.

    Sarina Santos

  9. Jamel ben mabrouk

    Posting for 9 days. Packed in 2 packages, inner with pupyrkoy. Flashlight immediately ready for use, light. Satisfied with the purchase.

    Jamel ben mabrouk

  10. Klemens Totleben

    Delivery in two weeks. Very fast. I am happy.

    Klemens Totleben

  11. Diedra Spath

    Diedra Spath

  12. Lisabeth Brennen

    Small but works fine. Good for this price

    Lisabeth Brennen

  13. Zoraida Swick

    Very good, light very much and it is small and manageable, it has 3 types of light in Raffa, long distance light with good illumination and the last with light with less intensity in case of

    Zoraida Swick

  14. Ildefonso Sollami

    very bright.

    Ildefonso Sollami

  15. Lluciano Marcos

    Super fast delivery for 5 days. The body is metal, the quality of light is fire, there is a zoom and 3 modes. Recommend!

    Lluciano Marcos

  16. Lorean Soni

    Small size, the beam is bright (you can dispel the beam by turning the body), it lights far. For how long the battery lasts-did not check. The body is good, strong.

    Lorean Soni

  17. Émeric Figuier

    Very good quality-price ratio. Arrived sooner than advertised. Tested, it works perfectly. Two spotlight, petty and big, flicker function for emergencies. Excellent seller.

    Émeric Figuier

  18. Diedra Spath

    Good item arrived in advance of a month

    Diedra Spath

  19. Micael Montes

    Alles gut

    Micael Montes

  20. Clarita Pursell

    Cool compact lantern, took for a bike, bought an additional mount to it on the steering wheel, the battery does not reach, charges from micro USB, sorry not Type S, keeps the charge the according to the time of the hour for 3 exactly enough, the angle of light is adjustable, the power of the light is sufficient, in general you can take

    Clarita Pursell

  21. Craig Piro

    Good flashlights. Look in the 403 rubles

    Craig Piro

  22. Shanda Gatling

    A good flashlight, it does not shine very bright, it charges, it does not understand. Track tracking number, delivery month

    Shanda Gatling

  23. Benoît Cortot

    Flashlight is the most for a handbag. Charging from the USB. Three modes of glow. Which inside the battery is not known, disassembled, but difficult. Beam adjustable. For socks in the pocket is the most. Delivery month

    Benoît Cortot

  24. Gianmaria De Sario

    Gianmaria De Sario

  25. Mammie Aguiniga

    Mammie Aguiniga

  26. Mahi Reid

    Good one! Metal case it is super! Size Mini straight! Shines well! Thank u

    Mahi Reid

  27. Cassey Odle

    In the photos of the store looks larger.

    In fact, we have a length of 117mm in a focused state and a width of 31mm on the lens case.
    Small, comfortable. Moisture protection is dubious, the charging port (Micro USB) is not closed.
    Three modes of operation: yakry, less bright and strobe.
    Packing so-so. But I got there.
    I did not communicate with the seller.

    Cassey Odle

  28. Adella Tarry

    better than expected

    Adella Tarry

  29. Ted Basye

    Ted Basye

  30. Adella Tarry

    Adella Tarry

  31. Benoît Cortot

    Lantern, like for 5 bucks with a battery-very not bad. The beam of light is quite dense, up to 100 meters. Light is not enough, not far in the Mercedes, of course. Zoom-works. At a maximum brightness of ≈ 2.5 hours shines. The battery is charged for a long time (but, it I did not take the risk of fast charging). During the work almost does not heat up. Delivery to Kiev is very fast, less than two weeks, Ukraine was lucky Ukrposhta.

    Benoît Cortot

  32. Alisa Watts

    The flashlight is good, bright. But there is no abalone for the strap and the button is not convenient. Delivery delayed for two weeks. The seller was willing to communicate.

    Alisa Watts

  33. Clarita Pursell

    The seller of the goods having gone on the one-stop of the castle is packed with a good track of the track all the children have come to the svidko.

    Clarita Pursell

  34. Alfonso Villapol

    It arrived in France in 23 days.
    Lamp fits the description she s’est loaded in under 2 hours. For autonomy that left to see. She is rather powerful and even with low light mode, one sees well with! In all cases it is worth its price!

    Alfonso Villapol

  35. Fritz Filippi

    I came quickly. Shines perfectly, while charging holds for a long time! Recommend

    Fritz Filippi

  36. Thibault Silvestre

    Thibault Silvestre

  37. Branda Goshorn

    Very happy with purchase works out really well nice and compact and good quality highly recommended to All, Thanks

    Branda Goshorn

  38. Wendi Raver

    Its description is accurate, it has good lighting, it takes a long time to arrive, 24 days to Los Angeles chile, I recommend it as for those we like to ride bikes, it’s light and good size

    Wendi Raver

  39. Jamel ben mabrouk

    I liked it very much it looks of MUI good quality now to see how long the battery lasts.

    Jamel ben mabrouk

  40. Kawano Tanyu

    A good flashlight, its plus that it has a battery, not batteries

    Kawano Tanyu

  41. Franchesca Schwebach

    Franchesca Schwebach

  42. Vladimiro De Angelo

    Vladimiro De Angelo

  43. Tandy Hoyte

    To be so small enough light, we will see with continuous use as it behaves

    Tandy Hoyte

  44. Mammie Aguiniga

    Thank you very much to the seller for the goods! Fast delivery, everything is intact, the lantern is excellent, it shines brightly, 3 adjustment ranges. Alloy made of aluminum, lightness, quality, reliability. Seller and recommend! All the world and good!

    Mammie Aguiniga

  45. Graham Rankin

    Very quickly delivered, shines perfectly, the body is metal, small dimensions. Excellent value for money. Recommend. Of the minuses, the absence of a hole for the loop, but this is not critical and does not affect the functionality.

    Graham Rankin

  46. Wendelin Jonas

    Delivery two weeks to Vladivostok. Seller Thank you flashlight is good

    Wendelin Jonas

  47. Fritz Filippi

    Delivery 22 days to Voronezh, it shines powerful, I will not say on the account of the charge, I still did not use it tightly, so 5 minutes I worked as a light and all for metal body, heavy, photo from 10 floors

    Fritz Filippi

  48. Gérald Noir

    Small flashlight (I dont l imaginais not so small!) very effective, and grab dc very little spot
    She l air solid.
    Rechargeable by USB.
    Light intensity adjustable, very satisfactory.
    Brief for the small price it’s worth it

    Gérald Noir

  49. Franchesca Schwebach

    Just a great product. Thank you very much

    Franchesca Schwebach

  50. Della Drew

    Got your flashlight, Courier. Well-made. There is a adjustable beam

    Della Drew

  51. Eleri Barnes

    Good quality for such price. Kids are happy . All modes and the charging are working fine. Delivered in 3 weeks.

    Eleri Barnes

  52. Speranzio Bartolone

    Speranzio Bartolone

  53. Susann Masson

    Delivered quickly in 16 days. shines bright, fully charged.

    Susann Masson

  54. Alisa Watts

    There are scratches, it is not critical but osadochek bad. Overall Great compact flashlight, which can be charged by micro-USB cable.

    Alisa Watts

  55. Sigmund Bruckmann

    It’s not so much brighter than Shangkag, but it’s useful in the dark

    Sigmund Bruckmann

  56. Lanie Edwin

    Lanie Edwin

  57. Marlen Akhmetov

    love this little torch, absolutely amazing . Very happy with it. Highly recommend buying it, useful item to have by the bedside, in case of a power cuts.

    Marlen Akhmetov

  58. Debbie Tanner

    Shining. I thought it would be straight in the distance to beat, but also so excellent. Recommend.

    Debbie Tanner

  59. Armaan Ellison

    Armaan Ellison

  60. Durante Sciara

    Durante Sciara

  61. Craig Piro

    Order received! Track is monitored. All works. Charge the flashlight. Thank you!

    Craig Piro

  62. Olevia Lauder

    Olevia Lauder

  63. Alfredo Lamanna

    Super, small, heavy and cool shines, how long will keep and TP, it will be necessary to look!!! Got there quickly. All satisfied

    Alfredo Lamanna

  64. Alfredo Lamanna

    Alfredo Lamanna

  65. Alfonso Villapol

    Alfonso Villapol

  66. Starr Lheureux

    Great flashlight!!! Its money costs 100%!!! Came completely discharged, charges for about two hours.
    After full charging on dim mode enlightened for three hours.
    Modes: bright; dim; strobe.
    To buy definitely recommend!

    Starr Lheureux

  67. Roderick Roth

    Roderick Roth

  68. Ellie Julius

    Ellie Julius

  69. Mammie Aguiniga

    Normal flashlight, charges from the microUSB. There’s a zoom. Not collapsible. 3 modes (light, light is low, and flashing) if you hold the button, the SOS signal flashes. Brought a courier sdek.

    Mammie Aguiniga

  70. Diedra Spath

    good quality, fast shipping, seller recommended

    Diedra Spath

  71. Major Woodrum

    Nice flashlight. I am pleased. The only thing is not clear how to change the battery. And so everything is fine. Seller recommend. Delivery sdek quickly brought.

    Major Woodrum

  72. Derrick Sclafani

    Just a good powerful flashlight, I liked it quickly, compact

    Derrick Sclafani

  73. Ellie Julius

    Thank you to the seller, the goods arrived, corresponds to the description.

    Ellie Julius

  74. Yuvraj Wolf

    Yuvraj Wolf

  75. Liberatore Accordino

    Normal flashlight, sent quickly, hopefully, will work for a long time.

    Liberatore Accordino

  76. Speranzio Bartolone

    Awesome flashlight, very powerful. Fast delivery.

    Speranzio Bartolone

  77. Dieter Krist

    Delivery within three days by courier in small village is quite far from the city… First do not believe. Flashlight excellent, good light, except суженным it shines into a certain shape, it would be just spot without such clear boundaries (but this прилирка to find fault) infected by powerbanka hour and a half, that is fine for the field conditions, many charge not spends. More niggle-when charged, for some reason, the green lights, and just off

    Dieter Krist

  78. Bonnie Montes

    Bonnie Montes

  79. Valtena Amodei

    Totally satisfied

    Valtena Amodei

  80. Micael Montes

    Fast shipping, sootvetstvket description. checked light with dignity. thank you.

    Micael Montes

  81. Liberatore Accordino

    Good leichtarik. On Vaga is important. Delivered shvidko. The beam is 200 m.

    Liberatore Accordino

  82. Roderick Roth

    Very good product and arrive in 8 days

    Roderick Roth

  83. Alfonso Villapol

    The product corresponds to the description, but came with a delay of 8 days.

    Alfonso Villapol

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