Pocket Knife, Multi Folding Knife and Flashlight Set

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  • ☀【Pocket Knife and Flashlight Set】: Multi functional folding knife can be used as bottle opener, saw, seat belt cutter, knife and glass breaker. our led tactical flashlight is bright enough for outdoor use with 500 lumens.
  • ☀【Safety of Tactical Pocket Knife】: The push Lock design make you safer in daily using in case the blade folding accidentally. You don’t need to worry about the loosening of the torque screw used to assemble the knife, Our tactical knife is make of stainless steel to ensure long-lasting using.
  • ☀【Easy To Carry】: Both the pocket knife and the handheld flashlight are with belt clip, so you can hook it in your pocket or backpack, portable for carry. Quick and easy access with the pocket clip design, making it ideal for everyday carry.
  • ☀【Advantage of Tactical LED Flashlight】: Our tactical flashlights can be used in 5 modes: high brightness, medium brightness, low brightness, Strobe, SOS. And with Zoom in/out design, can adjust the visual distance according to your needs. The wide-to-narrow focus feature is a big plus and at highest focus this light projects out well over a hundred foot in a tight bright beam.
  • ☀【Gift】: Knife Flashlight Combo for camping, hunting, hiking, adventure, and home use; Dad, Brother, Boss, Boyfriend, Husband;Suit for Hunter, Fisherman, Camping Lover.

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  1. Ivan H

    Belt clip screws loose

    When I received the product did not realize the screws to the belt clip was loose and lock wasn’t working either. The flashlight is great though!

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    Ivan H

  2. Beach man

    Knife and light

    Excellent bang for the buck. The knife is a nice size, looks nice, ipens and closes nicely and has a great clip. The flashlight is of good quality, has a great bright light and also a belt clip. I like both of them.

    Beach man

  3. Beetle

    Light and knife durability

    we sent this as a present to someone for Father’s day because of the door ability and the light we figured the person was always outside it would come in handy to see different things or even help out with cutting on a rose bush or maybe on some branches because the knife looks very durable 😎😎


  4. Joyce Marin

    That I hope it made my brother happy!

    I never seen or touched it as it was sent to my youngest brother for his Birthday and his only communication was a text saying thanks and he uses in his job! Love you Brother.

    Joyce Marin

  5. Doug

    Poor quality

    The knife does not lock, but it looks like it was supposed to have some sort of locking device that just doesn’t work. Hard to tell. The flashlight is very bright, and I was ready to love it, but it started malfunctioning very quickly and with almost zero usage.


  6. tiffanyb73

    Not the best

    The flashlight is actually really good and super bright. The knife is not durable. My husband carried it a handful of times and the clip broke off.


  7. charles atwood

    Happy with purchase

    Nice set

    One person found this helpful

    charles atwood

  8. hari sono

    Nice combo

    Not crazy about the lights that have a dozen settings to scroll through but it is very powerful and the knife is beefy and sharp. Good price !

    hari sono

  9. 杉さん



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  10. Vincent

    Worth the price

    I liked this combo the knife is pretty solid nice and sharp the flashlight is bright I recommend it

    6 people found this helpful


  11. Nadia Garcia

    Great combo

    Light is bright and blade is sharp

    Nadia Garcia

  12. Audioservant

    Just as advertised

    It’s a great knife and a great flashlight. Would have liked “spring assist” but it works so good doesn’t need it.


  13. Amazon Customer

    Not safe

    After 3 weeks the knife wont lock in place.

    Amazon Customer

  14. WILL Murphy

    Amazon Rocks ( Seriously )

    This was a great deal super pricing good quality product delivered fast and securely

    WILL Murphy

  15. Scott

    Great value

    Knife seems really durable and is just right size for a pocket knife. The flash light a lone is worth it’s weight in gold.


  16. Jojo

    Nice for the price

    Great item, my son likes it a lot and uses it often


  17. That guy

    Black Friday sale. -totally worth it

    The rope/cable cutter on the handle is super handy. Blade is sharp & seems to keep an edge.Flashlight is bright and compact. Great deal for the money

    That guy

  18. Erin Thomas

    Great flashlight

    Enjoy this really nice

    Erin Thomas

  19. 三角

    難なく使えて あると便利

    ナイフは見てのとうり 小ぶりでずっしりした感じですオープン ロック問題なく、切れ味もソコソコです、ライトのほうも、男性には嬉しいサイズ感ズーム機能もあり遠くまで照らせて安心 重さもはこちらもソコソコあって取り扱いに不安はありません、まぁ、ふたつとも真っ黒なのでなにか目印をつけとかないと、夜のキャンプサイトでは無くしやすいかもですね、値段の割にはいい商品でコスパはグッドです、


  20. おおかみ




  21. Swreiter


    Love this product, bought for vacation—-in my truck full time now


  22. Laura Lenti


    Lost my first one, literally wanted the same knife again.

    Laura Lenti

  23. Amazon Customer

    Good product

    Good product

    Amazon Customer

  24. Patricia G mello

    Great gift

    Awesome knife and flashlight! Very good quality

    Patricia G mello

  25. 及川




  26. KingXD

    Survival knife!!

    Nice !!!!! And very useful 👏👏👏👏👏👏


  27. Aldemar Henao

    Son una ganga este par de artículos

    Excelente linterna y el cuchillo muy práctico y hermozo

    Aldemar Henao

  28. Reshard

    Great gift

    A great gift


  29. ains



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  30. Abdul R.

    Nice for work

    Knifes super sharp!!

    Abdul R.

  31. Luis

    Facil y seguro funciona correctamente

    Funcionan perfectos no hay problema con su uso


  32. Gonzalo

    Very good

    my best buy in amazon, extremely good and quality


  33. Kimberly Baker

    Quality is bad

    Knife clip came apart in shipping, and screw wad gone. Had to unscrew the other and go with no clip at all.Once knife opened, the lock doesnt always work rendering the knife extremely dangerous…i like my fingers the way they are. If i had more time I’d return. The flashlight’s ok. Nothing to write home about. Ok for car use, but that’s about it. Not what i was looking for, but for that price i guess my expectations were a bit high.

    Kimberly Baker

  34. Sean Dalgic

    Dont waste your money on this!

    Flashlight broke on the second day ,after i used it like 3 times.Dont waste your money on this.

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    Sean Dalgic

  35. gene chapman

    Nice set

    Good for the pricenice set

    gene chapman

  36. Ray

    Great set worth the money

    Got this for my motorcycle riding kit. Nice knife with many uses and a bright flashlight. Rather have it and not need it…

    4 people found this helpful


  37. Matthew

    Good knife and flashlight

    Would have given five stars but had to fix knife so it would lock open


  38. Bobby



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  39. Lynn R

    Very satisfied with light and knife.

    Well worth the price. Great gift.

    Lynn R

  40. Landon McMahon

    Above and beyond what I expected.

    All metal, very sharp, nice weight and quite larger than I expected. Great functional knife that I’m confident would be perfect in survival situations. I’ve not gotten the batteries to test the flash light so not much to say about that but it seems like a neat bonus is all.

    3 people found this helpful

    Landon McMahon

  41. Chloe

    Fathers day win

    Amazing product absolutely would recommend this product my husband loves the flashlight it is definitely tactical and definitely got my moneys worth best fathers day gift for sure


  42. Sam Jones

    Great value

    Great quality

    Sam Jones

  43. me-go




  44. Rick Curiel

    Great product!

    Great buy! Very strong material was used, very sharp and durable knive! Flashlight works pretty good as well real bright!

    Rick Curiel

  45. Red Price



    Red Price

  46. dewon lewis

    Can’t recommend

    Only had this knife since May I’ve literally only used it to cut tape and it’s already falling apart can’t recommend.

    dewon lewis

  47. Ari

    Great value, great products

    My fiancé bought this a few months ago and loves it! The flashlight is very bright, has a zoom in feature, and is compact. The knife is heavy duty as well. Would purchase again.

    4 people found this helpful


  48. alix

    100% recommend

    One of the best knifes on Amazon, the flashlight is great as well


  49. JFan

    Great purchase.

    Excellent quality. Metal blade and handle, very strong. High-quality and bright aluminum flashlight. Would definitely buy from them again.


  50. Charles Mickens

    Great buy

    Knife is razor sharp, flashlight is very bright! They both have a nice weight, and very durable

    Charles Mickens

  51. GigiAmazon Customer

    Great gift

    Good this for a friend. He loved it….now I have to get one for hubby and may end up being the all guy gifts for Christmas this year.

    GigiAmazon Customer

  52. Nicholas S.

    Great Product for Great Price

    Both the knife and the flashlight are as described and work great. I really enjoy the weight of the knife and the fact that it is not a spring assist to open as that is technically illegal in some of the states that I may work in. The lumens from the flashlight are what I have been looking for in an inexpensive, but durable flashlight. I have been using both for about a month now and have had no problems with either. Highly recommend.

    7 people found this helpful

    Nicholas S.

  53. bink


    great product fast shipping


  54. Dom

    Good work product

    Very good product especially for the price 👌


  55. スキニャン


    ■ どんな商品?LED懐中電灯とサバイバルナイフのセットです。・懐中電灯500ルーメンの強力なライトです。電源は18650電池または単4×3本です。どちらも付属はないので事前に用意しておきましょう。ライトはズーム機能で照射範囲を調節、広く照らしたり一点を強く照らしたり出来ます。救助を求める際の点滅モードも備えます。・ナイフ折りたたみ式のナイフです。折りたたみ式ではありますが、多少の硬いものを切っている時でも強度に問題は感じませんでした。■ 感想私は趣味で登山道が整備されていないような山に入る事があります。その際は藪こぎと呼ばれる、草木をかき分けながらの工程になります。そんな時に便利なのがのこぎり機能のついたナイフです。ちょうどライトも一つ調子が悪いのがあるな…と思いつつ見ていたら、丁度いいセットでした。本格的なアウトドアを楽しむ人なら、どちらも必ず必要になるアイテムです。価格のわりに品質もそこそこ高いので、お勧めできます。

    34 people found this helpful


  56. Dan Panetti

    AWESOME knife and flashlight set

    The knife alone is worth the price…or the flashlight – but together this is a great deal. The knife is high quality, sharp, durable and looks great. The flashlight throws a huge amount of light that can be concentrated or diffused. The flashlight is “medium” sized – not small, but not large – probably about the same length of your cell phone – and about the same size as the knife. Really excellent pair that would either make a great gift or just a nice set for yourself!

    7 people found this helpful

    Dan Panetti

  57. S

    These knives are dangerous, stay away!

    I ordered 4 sets of these for myself and my sons. In less than 2 months the knives are slipping out of the lock position and have completely become unsafe! I had mine come down and almost cut my fingers very bad. The flashlights do not hold up well either, and have started to fail. SVe yourself the headache and buy a better product.


  58. Don

    Good for the rprice

    It seems to be good for the price.


  59. Mikem2684

    Great price for product!!

    Very nice durable product!!


  60. ふざけるな!




  61. FFBRH25

    Loose screws looses blade 6months use

    Useless after a year of use, small screws fall out, becomes extremely loose must tighten every screw at least once or twice a week. Blade screw becomes scary loose and strips so good luck with that.


  62. April Skye


    My bf loved this knife

    April Skye

  63. Elizabeth Chico

    Great for money

    Husband loved it. Very sturdy and sharp enough for me. Light is bright just as expected. Cute btw in its package

    Elizabeth Chico

  64. ぶーみん




  65. Happy Buyer

    Nephew loved it!

    My nephew loved it as a Christmas gift. We’ll made!

    Happy Buyer

  66. Ron L.


    Great pocket and a flashlught, great price

    Ron L.

  67. Conscious customer

    Must have!!

    I am an avid reviewer as I read people’s review prior to purchasing.You cannot go wrong with this!!!!!I must say, the tactical flashlight is an additive incentive and they look sleek. Further, the ease with which the knife can be open far supercedes the usability of almost all the previous pocket knives I’ve owned!!!Will definitely recommend to my friends.Ill update later on durability again, but thus far it is quite sturdy.I HAVE NO RECWIVE ANY FORM OF COMPENSATION FOE THIS REVIEW. I READ OTHERS REVIEW AND FEEL ITS IMPORTANT RO HELP INFORM FELLOW SHOPPERS RO MAKE THE BEAG INFORMED DECISION DOR THEIR BUCK QHEN THEY ARE ON HERE

    4 people found this helpful

    Conscious customer

  68. JD Oldroyd

    Lights on knife

    What I can’t figure out is on the tactical knife it looks like it has a light on it but I see no way to turn it on or adjusted any help out there

    JD Oldroyd

  69. Amazon Customer

    Tactical Knife blade lock extension broke off . Flashlight is very good/bright.

    Not much use with knife – just open/close a few times. noticed knife blade wouldn’t lock in open position. It appears that the blade “lock extension” had sheared/broken off. Pic shows “shiny” broken area on blade where it would lock into place.

    Amazon Customer

  70. Veronica Chavez

    Knife dulls quickly

    My son was so excited to receive this set. The knife dulled in a week.

    Veronica Chavez

  71. Jean Skalsky


    Great product

    Jean Skalsky

  72. Gene Gilbert

    Very Sharp easy to operate Knife, Right outta Box

    Knive IS Extremely Sharp out of the Box! Flashlight Lives up to Promised Performance..a Must Get Item for One’s Self or Another…

    Gene Gilbert

  73. Amazon Customer

    Good item

    Good price

    Amazon Customer

  74. Marq Tinajero

    Love it!

    Knife came in very sharp! Sharp enough to shave with! It is a bit slow to open but good knife overall! Flashlight is very bright. I could shine the light across the street when zoomed out and is very visible!

    Marq Tinajero

  75. Juan Camilo Saldarriaga

    Very bright. Great knife

    Great product very bright

    Juan Camilo Saldarriaga

  76. Carlos clavero

    Buen tiempo de entrega buen material. La linterna excelente

    Excelente linterna buena potencia

    Carlos clavero

  77. 越雲 邦夫



    越雲 邦夫

  78. T.Nalley

    Very well done for the price

    I have a tactical bag that I take with me when we travel, this set is so cool and dependable and good to have with you in case of emergency. Good Investment in my opinion…….


  79. Morgan ney

    They are great!

    Ordered for my husband and he loves them!

    Morgan ney

  80. Lamar

    I guess it’s the luck of the draw

    First the screws on the knife clip fell off never to be seen again then 2 days later the on switch on the flashlight went all the way in opened it up and it fell apart I would really like a replacement or a refund plus it didn’t arrive when it was supposed to


  81. Ravinia

    This knife is dangerous

    Solidly built, but the blade is impossible to close without risking slicing your fingers. There’s no release button or no guard whatsoever, just you applying a ton of pressure with fingers right there. Dangerous.


  82. David Jackson


    Great products very happy. Very durable and priced right.

    David Jackson

  83. PAULA

    Great knife

    Boyfriend absolutely loves it and the flash light is super bright. Would buy again. Great for a gift idea too


  84. N-Max


    このセットを結局3つ購入しました。 気に入った理由としては、ライトもナイフも作りがしっかりしていること、LEDライトは本当に明るいです。ズームも効くので100メートル先のスポットも照らすことができます。ライトもナイフも重さがありますが、私はこのずっしりとした感じが好きなので気になりません。以前近所である事件があった際には、警察官が現場検証をするのを照らしてあげて感謝されました。 ナイフは、根元の部分にギザギザの刃がついているので最初は使いにくいと思っていましたが、実際に使用してみると。あまり気になりませんでした。使用は、梱包をほどいたりロープや小枝を切ったりしています。作りがしっかりしているので、握っていても安定感があります。通常は。ベルトにクリップで留めてぶら下げています(家の中では)。ロックも、指で押して解除しますが。慣れれば簡単にできます。 人にプレゼントしようと思って。次々買ってしまいましたが、あげるのがもったいなくなって、まだ手元にあります(笑)。買って損はないと思います。


  85. Justine0705


    Excellent quality and awesome price. Total steal!



    Try one for yourself

    Awsome light and knife. The flash light super bright. My opinion great buy


  87. hugh

    Excellent product

    Great product.. knife very sturdy and not tiny like others. My flashlight had a minor defect but they sent a replacement within two days.Very satisfied with both items


  88. Eric

    Get it fools!

    Its just a very great product.


  89. Abigail

    Would buy again!

    Perfect discreet knife and flash light I can easily hook to my belt and take for hikes for a little extra peace of mind.


  90. 石井るか




  91. Aaron

    Great products!!!

    Awesome products! Flashlight is bright and knife is really sharp!!!


  92. BOSS




  93. Amazon Customer

    A great buy!

    Great set. I am using them for my EMT bag for my car. Flashlight is bright and hooks outside the backpack! Knife is useful and feels of good quality. It has so many features that could save your life one day. Window breaker, seat beat cutter is a great feature to have. Good purchase.

    Amazon Customer

  94. Rob

    Nice little package deal

    Only problem I had was, my son popped over for a visit and saw the box and asked if he could have it.. Needless to say it didn’t last me 24 hours before my son had a new flash light and knife.. Probably should order a couple more for me and my other son.


  95. Casey


    Seems to exactly as described I have yet to use flashlight cause I have to go buy batteries but really sturdy and nice


  96. Eric

    Muy util

    Súper práctica y discreta


  97. shimizu




  98. Mrs. Tutein

    Great choice!

    Very sturdy tactical and LOVE the flashlight for late night walking or seeing things from far in the dark

    Mrs. Tutein

  99. Shoppingisfun

    Great product

    The flashlight is awesome and so is the knife. simply a good product.


  100. Jimmy


    Excelente product for the price.


  101. Julie

    Quality of product and durability and this product isn’t it

    The media could not be loaded.

     The knife doesn’t stay open, I guess the lock mechanism broke. It broke within 3 days of using the knife, and I only used the knife to break down Amazon boxes. I wouldn’t purchase this product, waste of money.


  102. Amazon カスタマー



    Amazon カスタマー

  103. 秋山イスハエル




  104. Carlos 78

    Muy práctico

    Super útil

    Carlos 78

  105. Gary Blake

    Cant beat this deal

    Great deal. Well worth the price and then some

    Gary Blake

  106. Robert Blake

    Great product

    Use the light every night at work. Great quality

    Robert Blake

  107. Bigcountry

    Great deal for the money.

    The flashlight is great and the knife is average. So far a great deal for the money.


  108. イライラ




  109. YSK



    32 people found this helpful


  110. Amazon Customer

    Keenstone tactical flashlight and knife.

    Works as it should good sturdy knife and bright flash light. Plan on ordering a few more just for extra flashlights to leave here and there. Can’t beat the price.

    Amazon Customer

  111. Cruz

    Pocket Knife is fine, Flashlight is cheaply made

    I bought this kit for emergency use, but the flashlight broke after a couple uses. Not worth the money.


  112. エァメァズォンかすたまー。




  113. Lynn R

    Very satisfied with light and knife.

    Well worth the price. Great gift.

    Lynn R

  114. MIGs M

    Dont buy this

    That flash light fell out of my hands while walking and broke. The inside of it is trash. Lasted me 2 days. If you drop it itll probably wont work any more

    MIGs M

  115. Doni Graham

    Great combo deal!!

    This was a great deal! The flashlight is lightweight and allows you to zoom in or out and the knife is small but sturdy. Good deal.

    Doni Graham

  116. Eric Rodriguez

    Cheap quality!!!

    Very cheap knife the screws came off within a week of the purchased!!! No worth it spending the money.

    Eric Rodriguez

  117. 坂本純一




  118. Amazonのお客様




  119. sean rosenlof



    sean rosenlof

  120. Charles Vaughn

    Extremely durable

    Our cats have knocked both light and knife off the kitchen atleast 30 times and still like new the light I am surprised still works and super bright.

    Charles Vaughn

  121. Abi Cordova

    Keep shopping around

    Cheap material. Belt clip did not last, used daily for a month now it’s a dud.

    Abi Cordova

  122. Aldemar Henao

    Son una ganga este par de artículos

    Excelente linterna y el cuchillo muy práctico y hermozo

    Aldemar Henao

  123. Jojo

    Nice for the price

    Great item, my son likes it a lot and uses it often


  124. Kindle Customer

    So far so good

    Just received today. Both feel pretty sturdy. I like the weight to the knife. I want to feel like I have something in my hand. I want to address the two negatives I see a lot of in the reviews. 1. The knife doesn’t lock. This is true if you only use your thumb without any added pressure. However if you use your thumb to start it a flick of the wrist is all it takes to lock it securely in place. 2. The knife is dangerous to close. I find this to be completely inaccurate. The locking mechanism is below the blade where it folds but that is not uncommon. It just requires you to close with care. I actually think this is safer than most because their is a little plate to place your thumb on the lock that keep it mostly out of danger. Overall I like this knife so far, it is sharp enough to get the job done and I really like the serated base and bottle opener. We will see if it holds up to the test of time, but it seems like a great deal for the price.

    Kindle Customer

  125. Jean Skalsky


    Great product

    Jean Skalsky

  126. Amazon Customer

    Really good knife light weight

    I like this knife

    Amazon Customer

  127. JenniferW

    Bought as gifts.

    The people I bought this for love the knife and light set.


  128. Carlos 78

    Muy práctico

    Super útil

    Carlos 78

  129. Mac

    Horrible quality

    Horrible product. Blade came loose within a few weeks.


  130. 7#ou9h7


    Good bang for the buck.


  131. EDNALEN

    Satisfied with purchase

    Flashlight is bright and pocket knife is heavy duty. Could be sharper but does the job.


  132. John

    A must buy

    Great buy


  133. Michael Pascale

    Its nice

    Its nice

    Michael Pascale

  134. Zachary Oakes

    Bad hardware/good knife

    Had the product for about a week before both screws fell out of the clip. But other than that, everything is sturdy and the blade is sharp

    Zachary Oakes

  135. Gonzalo

    Very good

    my best buy in amazon, extremely good and quality


  136. EDNALEN

    Satisfied with purchase

    Flashlight is bright and pocket knife is heavy duty. Could be sharper but does the job.


  137. Rebecca Hansen

    Sharp/Sturdy/Bright = Brilliant!!

    Very nice knife and flashlight is really bright but also has a lower brightness setting. I’m very happy with them!

    Rebecca Hansen

  138. Nicholas

    Improper manufacturing

    Haven’t even had it a week and losing parts off it..


  139. 藤林 響子



    藤林 響子

  140. Robert Blake

    Great product

    Use the light every night at work. Great quality

    Robert Blake

  141. Linda K. Miller

    Very well made and great for protection.

    My Grandson was given rules on how to use this for protection.

    Linda K. Miller

  142. Amazon Customer

    Great product

    My husband loved this gift set.

    Amazon Customer

  143. John from MKE

    Flashlight only worked for about 45 seconds after turning it on.

    Flashlight only worked for about 45 seconds after turning it on. Total junk after that.

    John from MKE

  144. サンタクロース




  145. Amazon Customer

    Quality light and blade

    Great package, ordered a second.

    Amazon Customer

  146. Big Horn

    Light bright and durable

    Very sharp and built well knife

    Big Horn

  147. Angela Maiwela

    Solid set.

    Feels good in your hand. I especially like the feel of the flashlight. Seems high quality. Happy girl.

    Angela Maiwela

  148. Amazon Customer

    Buy it!

    Amazing light, very sharp and nice looking knife. Love it!

    Amazon Customer

  149. drako


    The media could not be loaded.


    41 people found this helpful


  150. Kindle Customer

    Not worth the money

    The knife doesn’t lock and the flash light doesn’t work.

    Kindle Customer

  151. Amazon Customer

    Definitely worth the money!

    This set was worth the money. The knife came out of the package extremely sharp and the flashlight was bright. During my camping trip this set was very useful and met all my needs.

    Amazon Customer

  152. Marisa

    Super impressed

    This kit is so worth it. Study knife and flashlight set! Can’t beat it for the price!!


  153. Shawn M.

    Flashlight is spot on

    For real its bright, like wow under $20 kind of surprised how bright. Knife works well as well, does knife things.

    Shawn M.

  154. Mike

    Nice 👍🏻



  155. Sarah!

    Highly recommend!

    Great stury knife and flashlight. Solid metal on flashlight, with great zoomable beam. The knife is really solid and well made. Daughted is a xop and uses both knife and light


  156. RicoRico323

    Buy it now

    Got it over night shipping, was not disappointed, delivered at time promised, durable flashlight, even more durable knife, started at new security gig in DTF ( Fullerton ) dropped flashlight a few time and still bright as ever and in good shape, good buy for the price and worth the over night delivery if you need it


  157. J.D.N.

    Disappointed in the belt clip

    Clip screw came out after one week and the hole was stripped. Couldn’t get the screw to stay in.


  158. Amazon Customer

    Sharp knife be warned 😂

    I love the flashlight it’s very bright. The knife is sharp I did slice my finger with the knife. The only downside to the knife is that the the big Screw is coming off.

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    Amazon Customer

  159. sat




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