TeQsli Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

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cooling gel memory foam icoil hybrid king mattress

cooling gel memory foam icoil hybrid king mattress

About this item

  • 【Relieves Pain & Pressure】- TEQSLI Twin Full Queen mattress consists of multi-layer foams (gel memory foam, comfort foam and support foam) and pocket springs, offering you a medium-firm feel. The comfort and support layers help you
    effectively release pressure, provide optimal support for your neck, shoulder, back and hips, and the edges of the mattress are reinforced for extra support, giving you a great sleeping experience.
  • 【Cooling & Breathable Sleep】- The top foam of the TEQSLI Hybrid Spring Mattress is a gel-infused memory foam that keeps you cool all night. The soft knitted fabric is breathable and skin-friendly and high-density memory foam
    promotes air flow. With this spring mattress, you’ll sleep soundly and wake up refreshed to start your day.
  • 【Individual Pocket Springs & Motion Isolation】- The support system of 10/12-inch mattress is composed of hundreds of individually pocketed stainless steel spring coils. Each pocket spring works independently, you will hardly be disturbed
    when your sleeping partner or pets move around in the night. Whether you are a side sleeper, back sleeper or a stomach sleeper, this mattress can provide you with a quieter and deeper sleep.
  • 【Easy Handling & Setup】- Our cooling gel memory foam icoil hybrid king mattress is compressed, rolled & packed in a box for easy delivery to your door, you are able to carry it through narrow hallways and staircases. We recommend leaving the mattress in a ventilated area for
    72 hours after opening it to allow it to fully expand.
  • 【Buy With Confidence】- Sleeping preferences vary from person to person, so each TEQSLI mattress comes with a 100-Night Trial and a 10-Year Warranty, enough for you to determine if it is the right mattress. The foam is CertiPUR-US 
    certified to ensure a healthy and peaceful sleep. If you have any questions about our cooling gel memory foam icoil hybrid king mattress, please feel free to contact TEQSLI service team, we will reply to you within 24 hours.


Type:Gel Memory Foam
Thickness:10/12 in
Product Line:TeQsli X-TSA
Mattress BreathabilityHigh
FeaturesRelieves Pain & Pressure,Motion Isolation, Edge Support,Antibacterial CoverCooling Technology,Memory Foam Topper Included,Hypoallergenic,Microcoils
Manufacturer Warranty10 Years
Item Weight:46.5/48.5/62/65/66.5/70 pounds

Package include
1x Gel Memory Foam Mattress(In a box)

Mattress Dimensions

Twin: 75*39*10 Inch; Approx. 46.5 lbs
75*39*12 Inch; Approx. 48.5 lbs
Full: 75*54*10 Inch; Approx. 62 lbs
75*54*12 Inch; Approx. 65 lbs
Queen: 80*60*10 Inch; Approx. 66.5 lbs
80*60*12 Inch; Approx. 70 lbs

cooling gel memory foam icoil hybrid king mattress
cooling gel memory foam icoil hybrid king mattress
TEQSLI Mattress
TEQSLI Mattress
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  1. Miriam Vergara

    Muy cómodo y te ayuda a conciliar el sueño rápido.

    Mejoró la calidad de mi sueño. Por su comodidad excelente inversión

    Miriam Vergara

  2. Bill Parker

    Very pleased with the comfort and value of this mattress

    Love the new mattress. Great quality great price!

    Bill Parker

  3. Victor Morataya

    Good product!

    It is very convenient and durable during camping, extremely satisfied with this purchase.

    One person found this helpful

    Victor Morataya

  4. Chris O.

    Wow the best bed ever Tip I ordered a foam gel matress topper and using both together is amazing! .

    Wow the best bed ever Tip I ordered a foam gel matress topper and using both together is amazing! .

    Chris O.

  5. Liufang

    Very good

    Very good, very cost-effective, the mattress is soft to sleep on, and it has a good sense of foil. It is much better than the mattress I bought at home.

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  6. ironman994

    I’ve had it for three months so far so good

    Hi, Mattresses seem to be something we buy maybe three times in a lifetime it’s a very difficult purchase specially if you have issues with sore joints are bad back. I’ve only had this for three months but so far it’s worked out very well. My issue is I have a bad back so I need some stability with the back my other issue is that I have very loose ligaments which causes injuries in the night because my shoulder will pop out of socket so I need something that’s firm yet soft and I believe these hybrid mattresses are the way to go. They are about half the price of a regular top line mattress but only last about 10 years. I was getting ready to buy a $2000 mattress and I took a chance on this $400 mattress so far I’m very happy with the decision.

    One person found this helpful


  7. JJ


    Perfect mattress for our camper!Light enough to haul around and puffs up to 10″!No odd smell, easy to setup. I’d highly suggest buying a waterproof bed cover to be safe though!

    4 people found this helpful


  8. Chris Wang

    Great product, good value kids like sleep on it

    We purchased this memory foam mattress for our 4 year old son to have his first own bed, so far it works pretty good, I’m listing some pros and cons about the mattress.Pros: 1. Very quiet mattress, when you sleep or sit or move on it.2. Very steady, feels great quality, it took a little time when we took it out of the shipping box to shape back to the full shape3. Feels very comfortable probably because of the memory foam material, shape changes with you body’s shape.Cons: not much, maybe a bit bit on the soft side than what I expected, but very comfortable.My kid likes it, and I feel like we are going to use it for the next many years!

    Chris Wang

  9. Jocelyn

    Valuable mattress

    I was looking for a thicker mattress for a long time. This one is what I want. It’s a soft but still within my acceptance range. I have been sleeping on it for a week. So far I would recommend to everyone if you are looking for a thicker and comfort mattress, this one is what you need.


  10. Super Shopper

    This is just what I would expect from this type of mattress

    Ordered this for my son, 135 pounds. He has been sleeping on a very firm bed. He does not like plush, but I laid on his bed and don’t know how he can stand it. I got this one, a hybrid, medium firm. This means that there is coils for support on the bottom, and a mix of foam on the top. Both for support and cooling. The bed is still firm, but the top is soft, for a nicer sleep. It was a hit. In my son’s words, the bed was “fire”. I wouldn’t hesitate to purchase this mattress. I will be purchasing the full size for my other son. I don’t know how long it will last, could be forever, but if it doesn’t, for the price, you could afford to replace it ever so often.

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    Super Shopper

  11. Kobi

    Nice deep mattress

    I don’t know what qualifies as medium firm, but it seemed softer to me. Even though the mattress is directly on a platform bed, you still sink into it. I didn’t think I’d like it, but it was a good soft. I really liked it. I got it for my father abs I was worried he wouldn’t like it. He’s been sleeping on a firm mattress. But he said he had the best sleep he’s ever had in a long time. So that’s all that matters for us.

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  12. Sta

    good mattress

    Not too soft, I had a good sleep in the past week. The quality is also very good. Simple packaging, not heavy. I need to move around a lot at work, and it’s really important for me not to be heavy, The quality is better than I expected.


  13. Jianyinglan

    Great value for a high-quality queen mattress

    I am so pleased with this mattress! I purchased this to use in my new apartment , and I have been impressed with the quality and value. I have tried a few of the bed in a box mattresses before. I was worried that it’ll be noisy because of the springs, but that is not the case. After taking apart the vacuum bag, it only takes a few minutes to fully expand, and there is no bad smell.10 inch also worked out great because it gives the bed a good amount of height which I like. I recommend this mattress good quality and low price worth every penny!

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  14. Guiyan Guan

    Good bed!

    Was very easy to put and set up, and is very comfortable.

    Guiyan Guan

  15. Sierra

    Perfect and Plush

    I’ve been sleeping on the same top padded spring mattress for at least the last decade, and though I’ve never had a hybrid to compare this new one too, to say it was an upgrade is an understatement. Unlike pure memory form mattresses, I don’t wake up with back pain because this one actually supports your body too. It’s very plush yet once you sink down you can feel a firmness, which is subtle and doesn’t feel like you’re laying on the floor with foam on it lol. I went around it on my knees to test for springs and wasn’t able to feel any at all. They are there though, if you feel the bottom. I think they are hidden beneath the support foam. If it holds up over the years I will purchase again. Will update review in a couple years.

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  16. Jesse Gutierrez


    Good buy for the money.

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    Jesse Gutierrez

  17. Na Man

    Just the right firmness

    Initially, I was a little skeptical about the firmness, but it turned out to be perfect. Well packaged and high-quality material as well!

    One person found this helpful

    Na Man

  18. OA

    Better than store bought

    I have, over the last few years, been replacing old worn out mattresses. I had initially been using a newer on for my 8 year old, but one nights sleep in her bed and I was horrified at how uncomfortable it was. I gave this twin mattress in a box a shot and I can’t believe that it’s better than most of the higher priced store bought mattress I recently purchased. I used the included cutting tool to get the mattress out of the plastic and set up. There really isn’t any danger of the mattress flipping up and hitting you on the face, just be aware of how quickly it does take shape. I let it take shape for a couple of hours as I was doing errands. I tried out the mattress when I got home and I was really surprised and how comfortable it is. I have definitely changed my mindset on ordering a mattress on a box based off of this product alone.

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  19. Mark

    Easy to unpack

    Of course I ignored the recessed cutting tool that came with the mattress. I starting by finding the end of the plastic roll and tearing it until I freed up the plastic across the width of the mattress. Then I pulled on the freed up end of the plastic while the plastic encapsulating the bed unrolled. There might be about 3-5 wraps of plastic before you get to the actual bed. Then I unrolled the bed and it reconstituted itself within 15-30 minutes. I suppose if I’d have used the recessed cutting tool I could have cut through multiple layers of the plastic in one operation but they caution that the bed could pop up and hit you in the face. There was no risk of getting hit in the face using the tearing/unrolling technique I used above.Haven’t slept in it yet, just lied down and it seems OK.


  20. Thayne or Kim Hardy

    Good enough for camping

    We bought this product to use on camping trips. It’s easy to store. Highly recommended!

    One person found this helpful

    Thayne or Kim Hardy

  21. mario

    Opinión personal sobre la experiencia con la compra de este artículo

    El empaque viene bien protegido y con sus indicaciones facil a seguir paso a paso, no importa esperar la hora que dice para que el colchón quede bien a su medida por qué El colchón es muy cómodo la verdad, es más de lo esperaba por el precio, no es caliente tiene buenos poros para la entrada de aire que refresca el colchón no fue necesario ponerle una caja de madera para que este plano en el sommier sin la caja de madera quedó bien el sommier.


  22. sierrarivers

    Very comfortable.

    Very comfortable mattress. Provides relief for pressure points as well as providing a very restful nights sleep. After trying out multiple different mattresses it was such a relief to find one that so completely relaxes me while providing pain relief for sore joints and back. Priced very competitively.


  23. audley t.

    Easy to Store

    I’m glad to have made this purchase. I would recommend it to anyone who needs an extra place for the guest.

    One person found this helpful

    audley t.

  24. Congping Lin

    Very good

    various sleeping positions effectively support dispersed pressure, skin-friendly, breathable, formaldehyde-free, odor-free, moderate soft and hard front side to strengthen the edge protection, more durable, baby muscle fabric feels soft to meet a variety of needs for sleep

    Congping Lin

  25. Bella

    My son so loved it!

    This is the mattress I bought for children, because my brother uses this kind of soft and hard mattress, and my brother also likes it very much, so I choose this twin size mattress for my brother. I have tried to sleep for a few days, and the feeling is good. My son also likes the new mattress very much! If it is adults sleep words do not suggest oh, may be I personally prefer a bit harder to support a bit better mattress!


  26. Valeriy Negar Amandin


    I purchased this recently and I would say it is very quality. The material is comfortable and convenient to carry.

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    Valeriy Negar Amandin

  27. Always a Mom

    Comfortable— great buy!

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     This top of the mattress is made with a a gel-infused memory foam that helps my child to keep cool all night. It was one of the main reasons I bought this mattress because his room is warm and he sweats so much! It is very soft and comfortable and he has had such a great quality if sleep since he’s been sleeping on this mattress. It is easy to assemble and takes its shape out of the box immediately! This mattress is very high quality and an overall great buy!

    15 people found this helpful

    Always a Mom

  28. joseph civil

    Purchased a second one so very happy

    Purchased the first one for returning college student purchased a second One after younger person tried it out both young men are happy

    joseph civil

  29. Jose Antonio


    I am an overweight person (250lbs), I suffer from sleep apnea and lower back pain, but since I got my new hybrid mattress I have returned to sleep without pain. Before, I couldn’t sleep on my back but now I can. A great product for a great price, I recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their sleep.

    One person found this helpful

    Jose Antonio

  30. Jennifer D Booth

    Nice quality

    Big Bang for your buck in a little package! Package arrived and unpacked; easy to unravel and set up; I put this is our daughters room. She says it is very comfortable! We laid around$1200 for our mattress that is similar product but honestly the cover seems higher quality than ours! She says it doesn’t get hot like ours did – so the cooling must work!

    Jennifer D Booth

  31. Na Lin

    Sleeping on a cloud

    This is the best mattress I’ve ever had. The memory foam is incredibly comfortable and I can honestly say I’ve had the best night sleeps so far. Back pain is gone, over night I have a cool sleep. I 100% recommend.

    4 people found this helpful

    Na Lin

  32. Amy

    Love it – good for the back pain!

    This Mattress is pretty much what i was looking for – like not too firm and not too soft. Also not too thin. I dont like thin mattresses they are not a good quality. Been using over month and i got no complaints. Even my cats love it especially the box..

    2 people found this helpful


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