4 Slice Toaster, Extra Wide Slots Black

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4 slice toaster – About this item

  • Efficient 4-Slice Toaster: 4 Extra wide slots (1.5”width) extend heating surface allows for a wide variety of items to be toasted. With Dual independent control panels, saving time for your busy morning
  • 7 Shade Control and Evenly Toasting: 7-Level adjustable brown settings from light to dark to meet everyone’s taste, 1400W high power will toast on both sides evenly and get hot fast
  • Optional Smart Function: 3 Easy touch buttons allow you to Reheat, Defrost and Cancel, extremely meet all your daily toast needs. LED indicators let you specify exactly how you want to toasting for bread
  • Easy Use and No Mess: Automatic Pop Up High-lift Lever makes it easier to reach small slices, 2 removable crumb trays make cleaning quickly and cord wrap storage makes no mess
  • Best Gift Choice:18/8 stainless steel 4 slices toaster. A great gift for housewarming, Christmas, birthday, wedding, etc.

4 slice toaster4 slice toaster4 slice toaster

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  1. StephUp

    GORGEOUS! The Cadillac of toasters!

    I had a red wide mouth toaster for 10 yrs and it kept messing up. I picked out this one for my bday in Sept. I LOVE IT!! It’s gorgeous in my red and white retro kitchen too!


  2. Jeffrey Weldon

    Good quality for the money

    I actually have 2 of these toasters at different homes…..they both work perfectly, and consistently, so this tells me the quality control in these toasters is quite good, and they perform equally well….

    Jeffrey Weldon

  3. SB

    Bought two of them

    I bought the first toster about a year ago. It had no instructions so I called the company and they answered my questions. Several weeks ago I bought another for my mother-in-laws house and it works as goos as ours (it also came with instructions). It’s pretty, holds 4 pieces of bread, reliable and just works great.

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  4. dnvolley

    Good toaster

    Works great. Has 2 separate slides for crumbles at bottom toaster. It catches some but not all crumbs to try and clean toaster out. Cooks wonderfully. Barely on setting 4 or 5 and your English muffin or slice bread is well done. Looks nice, decent price. This replaced my 20 year old toaster.


  5. gylandrn

    Best toaster ever

    Love the color and how well this works.


  6. Dorenda L.

    Love it

    My goodness I think this is the best toaster I ever purchase well I buy it again yes I will and I think anyone that’s looking for a new toaster purchase this one I love it

    Dorenda L.

  7. Tracey Jacobs

    Great toaster

    I waited a while before submitting this review so we could use it and really get a feel for whether it is a good product. I have to say, yes, it is a very good toaster. It toasts very evenly and overall performance is great. Also, I love that you can choose a color rather than just having chrome. Definitely play with the temp controls on first few uses so you’ll know exactly what temp setting works best for you.

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    Tracey Jacobs

  8. Kmerket

    LOVE this Toaster!

    Not only is this toaster really nice to look at, it makes perfect toast and bagels! It’s got several different temperature and toast color settings and it is easy to use. I am very pleased and feel that it is a good value for the money.


  9. PDiddy

    Great toaster – looks nice on my counter

    I don’t keep much on my countertop – but, this toaster has a place – in open view. It looks beautiful. AND, it makes toast to perfection. I’ve also used the re-heat feature too. I like this appliance.


  10. Yarburger

    Retro look, performs so well, exceeds expectations.

    Simply put, this toaster is easy to use, will toast bagels and waffles at the same time (or slices of toast). The four slides are quite wide and accept a bagel easily. The controls are a snap to understand. It took less than two minutes for me to read the directions. The toaster is solid; really well built. I chose the retro red one and it is beautiful on my kitchen counter. Adjusting the degree of toasting and the type of product (bagel, bread or waffle) is a flick of a button on the front of the machine. The controls are simple and quite easy to read as well (for us seniors). This toaster performs exactly as advertised. It’s a beauty and I highly recommend it.

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  11. RF

    Culinary toaster

    Love the color, toasts great, color control easy to read. Nice looking


  12. Marilyn Gill

    A good looking product

    I love all the temperature control, the warmer control an you can Putin frozen bread, it thaws an toasts it.

    Marilyn Gill

  13. jeanne

    nice while it lasted till it didn’t

    it lasted 1 year 8 months. then only toasted one side of the bread on four slices. now i have to find another one.


  14. Karrkat

    Works fine

    Good Toaster, works fine for me


  15. Fluent_was


    This is the most $$ I’ve ever spent on a toaster, EVER. But it was so worth it!! I’ve always bought the $9 Walmart toaster every couple of years and I thought that was decent. I could handle toast toasted on one side and flip it halfway through. But when I splurged and bought this bad boy toaster, my whole toast experienced changed! I have been robbing myself of decent toast my entire life UNTIL now. This toaster toasts my bread perfectly, and evenly on both sides. The design is adorable and retro. But the toastage is amazing. IDK how there are any negative reviews on this machine. Great machine, great toast, I’ll keep this forever.


  16. GB

    Toaster color adds kitchen charm

    I had a problem with first toaster, but I have to say the company took care of it immediately and sent me a replacement. It’s a very attractive toaster. It would have been more convenient if the crumb trays slid open from the front of toaster instead of back. Still better than having to turn toaster upside down to empty crumbs. Also, the plug cord starts on the bottom of unit instead of from the back which makes it a little awkward. Just remember not to toast directly under your kitchen cabinet as it gets hot on top. Still too new for usage review, but am totally happy to have merchant respond so quickly. They seem to really care about you and their product.


  17. Amy Jo Nicholl

    Beautiful function

    Toast perfection in a pretty package. What’s not to love. Retro look, modern technology. Toasts just as described. Love it it my beachy kitchen.

    Amy Jo Nicholl

  18. Amazon Customer

    Very nice. I’m happy with it. Looks upscale in person.

    It is great.

    Amazon Customer

  19. CharlieBooksNYC

    Toaster 4 Slice, CUSINAID 4 Wide Slots Stainless Steel Toaster


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  20. Aly

    really nice 4 slice toaster

    it is very hard to find a 4 slice toaster period let alone one that looks nice has good reviews and is a decent affordable price for being a 4 slice toaster. We have a family of 7 so I wanted to have a 4 slicer to make breakfasts easier and quicker. This one is stylish with more of a retro look in red and steel which I love as I have to keep in out on my counter. Love the button for making it pop up. Has a freezer button to get frozen things done fully and quicker. Has a nice rise when popped up so you don’t have to dig for the thing your toasting without burning yourself as I had to with my old one. Have had a for a few months now so far it is great as expected will see how it lasts…

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  21. BayIsland Gal

    Everyone Raves About the Color

    Everybody just loves the blue color of this toaster. It matches my upper cabinets perfectly, which is why I bought it. Also, it makes good toast, as well as looking good doing it.

    BayIsland Gal

  22. Robyn Enke Wilson

    Great toaster that is so cute!

    I love this toaster. It replaced and old Proctor-Silex that was worn out. This toaster has lots of settings, and a guide to help you get your toast exactly the way you like it. We love how retro it looks–it’s so cute! We bought the blue one and it’s a light aqua blue. The cord is long and the toasting features are nice. The slots are wide enough for toaster pastries, all kinds of bread and bagels. It even has a “defrost” function! I was a little concerned about paying over $50 for a toaster, but this little guy is worth it!

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    Robyn Enke Wilson

  23. Rebecca L Newburg

    Love this toaster!!!

    I loved the color of this toaster! So easy to use and set temperature control! I recommend this 4 slice toaster for perfect toast every time!

    Rebecca L Newburg

  24. Marianna Apergis

    Works perfectly

    Works perfectly and buttons are very simple to use.

    Marianna Apergis

  25. RT :)

    Great toaster!

    This was a great buy! Needed a new toaster for my house and this toaster caught my eye from the color. The color is beautiful and matches the color scheme for my house. It toasts great with level 1 being the light toast option and 3 being more toasty. It took me a few times to get the toast option just right to my liking. I also like how wide the slots are too!

    RT :)

  26. MaryS RN

    Most impressed with the toaster

    You can’t go wrong here. Came with nice instructions that showed how the settings alter the look of your toast. You can make two different things on different settings at the same time. My favorite aspect is that the toaster doesn’t stay hot forever after toasting something. You can literally put it away 5 minutes later. My old toaster ended up sitting on the counter for at least 30 minutes as I thought it would start a fire in the cabinet. It No worries here. Highly recommend.

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    MaryS RN

  27. Philomena

    Love this toaster

    A good buy and worth it.


  28. Ronald Paul

    Great toaster!

    Toaster works fantastic!

    Ronald Paul

  29. Kody

    Beyond Happy with this Purchase!

    Been using this some time now & am beyond Happy with this Purchase!Affordable & Dependable!Would Highly Recommend!


  30. Amazon Customer

    Works good, red color matches my red Mr. Coffee maker perfect.

    Works good, but seems to take a little longer to complete the toasting cycle compared to my last toaster.( cuisinart).

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    Amazon Customer

  31. Slammer

    Nice. Longer slots for larger slices.

    Nice toaster. Toasts evenly. The best thing about this particular toaster is the slots are almost an inch longer than standard slots and allows for larger slices of bread. The only thing that would make it better is if the numbers on the dials were easier to see although it’s not a big deal.


  32. Joe

    Awesome toaster

    Well worth the money. Adds a great look to the kitchen


  33. Amazon Customer

    Very good product

    The toaster looks very good, works well and is a good price for the quality

    Amazon Customer

  34. Laura

    Very nice looking

    Good little toaster, very pretty and seems to toast well. I see other reviews saying it took along time to get rid of the new appliance burning smell. I didn’t have that problem. Toasted empty twice, and it was good to go.

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  35. Ruth M. Baumann

    Very nice toaster!!

    I love this toaster!! Not only does it look great, it toasts everything evenly and doesn’t burn the edges of my toast. The best toaster I have ever had!

    Ruth M. Baumann

  36. David S.

    Top drawer toaster

    Bought this first for our lake cabin, a few years ago. Love the even toasting, controls, and the wide slots. Easy to clean. Needed to replace an aging toaster at home, so naturally, looked up this one again. Few dollars more expensive now, but worth it. Boxed and packed to survive a serious drop. No buyer’s remorse here–unqualified recommendation.

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    David S.

  37. Keith edgington

    Great product

    Temp control works perfect I get the shade of toast I love and my bagels come out to the doneness I love, highly recommend this toaster…..

    Keith edgington

  38. Cheri

    GREAT toaster and the color is fabulous!

    Fabulous color and design! Works and factions as it should! Easy to use the kids use it all the time!


  39. Dee Carson

    More options!!

    Read the booklet!!! Great tips inside!

    Dee Carson

  40. Jessica

    Making two sandwiches at the same time much easier

    An upgrade from our old 2-slice-toaster. Works well so far.


  41. Candii Canes

    Great toaster

    Adjust the color dial as you would want it for different types of bread, i.e. bagel vs white bread vs seeded grain bread.Takes about 3 minutes to pop up. I wish it were one minute faster. That’s about it. I love the color. It matches the rest of my counter appliances. I got the red..and it matches my Kitchen Aid mixer and food processor as well as my VitaMix and Mr. Coffee. All rather burgandy than a bright red…but they all match just fine.

    One person found this helpful

    Candii Canes

  42. Anna Mann

    Love it!!

    I love it!!

    Anna Mann

  43. Douglas F. Marks

    Finally, a Great Toaster

    Looked at a ridiculous number of toasters before choosing this one, and VERY happy with the result. Love the 4-banger design, and the doneness controls work very well, getting our toast right where we want it, consistently.

    Douglas F. Marks

  44. missylyn1990

    what color?

    the item arrived on time and was packaged very well. and works great for what it is. the product does what is is meant to do. I don’t know about anyone else but in the picture of the toaster it looks like a baby blue color and that is one of the reason’s why I wanted it. but once I opened it, it is more like a teal blue color which to me is a pretty color as well. it was just not what I was expecting. but all in all a good product.

    2 people found this helpful


  45. lee charles toney

    Not working properly after 3 months

    I liked the toaster when it worked, i was also happy with the look and retro vibe. However we do not use it very often in 3 months its probably been used a dozen times. one side quit working properly and only one side and only the bottom of the element will turn on and they are too hot it burns the bread very quickly, and now the other side seems to take longer and the elements don’t seem to get as hot. i had a cheap 19 dollar toaster i had for 10 years, but was redoing my kitchen and going with a retro vibe. but after this i’ll just get a cheap one again.

    One person found this helpful

    lee charles toney

  46. Connie Powers


    Does a good job toast is toasted even

    Connie Powers

  47. kjdoodle


    After paying much more for a toaster in the past, which got stolen during my move, I decided to try this one. It works just as well and a third of the cost. I also got the cover for it to keep the dust off of it. Highly recommend!

    2 people found this helpful


  48. KB

    Good budget toaster

    I misread the item name and thought I was getting a popular name brand. Still a great toaster and great price. No crumb tray so I just turn it upside down and shake


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