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Ulanzi Vl49 6w Mini Led Video

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Video Light

video Lightvideo Lightvideo Lightphotographic lighting

Ulanzi VL49 6W Mini LED Video Light 2000mAh Built-in Battery 5500K Photographic Lighting with Cold Shoe 1/4 Screw

1. With soft light board not glaring.
2. Built-in lithium battery with type-c interface charging.
3. 5500K color temperature shows the beauty of natural light.

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  1. Amazon Customer

    Good light

    Light is pretty good. You can adjust a brightness on it.

    Amazon Customer

  2. Taiwo L.

    Really portable

    Really small and portable. Also bright and can lighten up your pictures and videos. Love that I can have this in my purse when I go out

    Taiwo L.

  3. Mike Zarowitz

    What a slick, useful unit!

    I rarely give 5 stars. This little unit is really neat. I LIKE it! It provides sufficient light (4? light levels) but without harshness. Easy to use, but it would be nice if the instruction did not require an “older” person (me) to get a magnifying glass. The “check remaining charge” feature is a nice plus. We use it in an animal rescue shelter and it has really improved the videos of the animals.

    Mike Zarowitz

  4. Andrew U.

    This is a great budget light!

    I bought this light to help with videography from a smartphone. The brightness is fine and especially helps during the night. It is definitely a great amount of light coming from such a small source. It’s also really great that it has 3 cold-shoe mounts for external attachments like mics.Things to consider:- the brightness adjustment starts from off and has 5 brightness levels from there (rather than a variable dial for brightness)- it is a small light source (the light will not be very diffused (especially when close to the subject)- it is very compact, so it can be carried in a small bag or even in pocket (though it will bulge)- the mount and housing is made of plastic, so it won’t be as durable as one made with metal

    Andrew U.

  5. Clinton Davis

    Great little light

    Well worth 20 bucks. Attaches to almost everything.

    Clinton Davis

  6. Priscilla g.

    Great quality

    I like how bright it is and I like the size, haven’t gotten a chance to test battery life just yet but the it arrived with a full battery which I enjoyed

    Priscilla g.

  7. Thelyricist

    Very bright. Works perfectly. Adjustable brightness

    The previous one I purchased from another supplier wasn’t near as bright. This light is perfect. I was surprised how effective it was.


  8. Earthling1984

    Awesome little lights with long battery life!

    I had originally bought a few other lights that I was very disappointed with. They only lasted like 15 minutes! Not this light! I make YouTube videos and often record for a good while. I’ve had these lights on for over an hour and they just keep going! No dimming, just good light! I’ve actually never had one go out on me. I charge them of course after I use them a while. Not a single issue. They also have extra cold shoes on them which is great if you want to attach a microphone, or even just more lights. Can’t go wrong with these. I have 4 of them. Had them 9 months now, and they all are still working like brand new!

    2 people found this helpful


  9. Alice


    Super bright and doesn’t die quickly. Attached right to the camera


  10. Jerry

    Perfect for my needs.

    I’m very pleased with this unit. Very good lighting and long battery life. I couldn’t be happier.


  11. Luis Secaira


    Es un buen producto. Aun no lo uso en su totalidad. Se ve resisten y no muy pesado. No tiene mucha intensidad de luz es lo que podría mejorarse.

    Luis Secaira

  12. Dr. Jose L. Sanchez-Garcia



    Dr. Jose L. Sanchez-Garcia

  13. KuJoe

    Very impressed for such a small light.

    I wasn’t sure what I was expecting but I was in need of some extra lighting at my desk so I grabbed this solely because of the price and it works nicely. I normally kept it on either the lowest setting or the middle setting because any higher is too bright and very blinding/distracting. I like being able to de-attach it when I need to light something from a different angle and it’s very light and convenient so I keep it in my camera bad when I leave the house. The battery life is not the best but it lasts a while and I can usually get through a dozen or so meetings before I have to charge it. As you can see in the pic I recently received a wired ring light so I’ve started using that while at home instead mostly because of the battery life but also because the ring light is less distracting.

    2 people found this helpful


  14. Amazon Customer

    Bright, smooth, compact, light-weight, inexpensive. [UPDATED]

    This tiny light is almost perfect. The newer model’s diffuser layer produces a very smooth medium-wide wash of white light with good CRI (I haven’t confirmed the spectrum, but it seems to render color well so far). The little cold shoe attaches easily and locks / unlocks with one finger. The buttons that control brightness and display battery level are an unusual design, but easy to figure out after a few minutes experimenting with them — and they make good use of three widely spaced buttons that are workable with gloves on. [UPDATE: The CRI or color accuracy of this white light is surprisingly good. Much purer white than a lot of LED light bulbs and LED tube lights.]Run-time on one charge isn’t really under the control of Ulanzi — that much light from that many LEDs with that size Lithium battery is more or less predefined by the components, but the battery certainly has enough capacity to shoot for a length of time that fits well with the GoPro’s own shooting time. The highest settings run for hours. With other cameras, of course, one might need to run the light with an external power source, and the unit does operate when plugged in. (I haven’t confirmed whether it charges at the same time.)There’s a cold shoe on the other 3 sides of the unit, so you can chain them together, but there’s no coordination between them. I suppose a cool enhancement would be a daisy-chain USB-C cable and firmware that would allow any one unit to control the settings on the others, but I’m not even sure I’d use such a thing. There’s a 1/4″ x 20 tpi metal tripod socket inside the cold shoe, which is extremely handy for clamping and tripod mounts when you don’t want the light on the camera, but this light is a perfect match for the GoPro, and is almost exactly the same size.The only downside is that the built-in battery must, of course, be charged after 2-4 hours of use, which could be a problem. But the alternative — replaceable batteries — would significantly increase the cost, and the very low price of this light, compared to most of the competition, is one of its main selling points. I’m very impressed, and it’s becoming clear that Ulanzi is positioning itself to be a leader in clever, affordable, quality photo accessories. They even have a replacement flip-down GoPro replacement mount for the Hero9 that incorporates a threaded tripod mount between the two flip-down GoPro mounts.UPDATE:Since writing this review, I’ve used the ULANZI VL49 quite a bit. The run-time is rather amazing — several hours at less than full brightness, and using it for Zoom lighting I never need anything close to full brightness, so it’s going 4-5 hours without running out. But the main thing I want to point out is that the brightness settings are a little too coarse for my needs. As great as this light is for general use with GoPros and webcams, in my Zoom setup I wish I could dial it down to be LESS bright than level 1.Interestingly, the solution to this is the OTHER version of this — the ULANZI VL49 RGB, which I also bought and reviewed. The RGB version is just as bright, but adjusts in 1% increments, so I can dial in much dimmer settings, or anything up to (at 3 feet) blindingly bright. Of course the RGB version is also a color unit, with 2 modes — color temperature, from warm white to mid-day sunlight, and RGB, with many combinations of R, G, and B in varying proportions. This gives a wide range of colored light, but the available color mixes are not smoothly continuous from R through G to B — there are steps. So you get lots of color choices, but not a full color spectrum of intermediate colors. Since RGB mode is generally for weirdness, or very subtle color washes, that’s not really a problem, especially in such an inexpensive unit. The ULANZI VL49 RGB is just under $10 more expensive, but still seems like a terrific value. I’ve ordered a second one for Zooming, and the monochrome will make a nice green-screen illuminator.

    13 people found this helpful

    Amazon Customer

  15. Michael J Wilson

    Works great

    This is exactly what I needed. I am using it for lighting when using a 3D scanner.

    Michael J Wilson

  16. Richard Fletcher

    This light is great bang for the buck.

    I have been looking for a small inexpensive light for my work. Then I came across this light and thought for the price, I would give it a shot.All I can say is “WOW, this is powerful little light.” It is super easy to work. It has 5 levels of brightness and a few levels to control the temperature. This light also runs on the built in rechargeable battery which makes it easy use.After playing around with this light, I definitely will be buying a couple more.A word of warning, don’t look directly into the light. You will see spots for days.The photo is of myself taken on an iPhone 7+ in a completely dark room and the light was about an arm lengths away from my face. The light was set at the lowest setting cause any brighter would blow out the photo. No post editing was done on the photo, just straight out of phone.

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    Richard Fletcher

  17. lostRomantic


    Lightweight, good amount of light, great price.


  18. Andres

    Overall great product

    I had the previous model and constantly had to buy batteries. With this one I just have to make sure I charge it before I go on my adventures and it’s ready to go. long lasting battery life, great brightness, strongly recommend.


  19. Victor Steele

    Good Solid Working on the Fly light.

    I liked that this light provides me a wide range of brightness (for a direct shot) and is easily attachable and then packable.

    Victor Steele

  20. Eva Davis

    Compact and powerful

    Compact and powerful. I have it in my purse for night outs when I want to take pictures 🙂 super recommended

    Eva Davis

  21. Paul Quintanilla

    Great quality

    Amazing quality. Very light. Compact. Long battery lifeVery satisfied.

    Paul Quintanilla

  22. PeaceDog

    Just what I needed and at a great price!

    Very happy with the purchase. Needed lighting ASAP for a video shoot. I love these. Small but get the job done. I ordered 2 to balance the lighting from my rig.


  23. R.Soto

    Tiny but powerful light

    This is a tiny light with a lot of power. Sometimes even the lowest setting is enough to bother my eyes if it is too close. I am still trying to learn how to best position this light but I have already used it to record some video and I’m impressed by the ease of use and long-lasting battery life. The multiple coldshoe mounts are perfect to get multiple of these combined if you need stronger light or to mount a microphone as part of a portable video setup. I do wish I could switch the temperature. If there is an option I haven’t figured it out and I lost the manual.


  24. Browncoats Unite!

    So far, so good.

    I have to admit I’m impressed with this light. I ordered it for my LUMIX G7 and it fits the hot shoe mount perfectly (this doesn’t work with the hot shoe however). It mounts easily and securely, and it’s lightweight. The additional cold shoe slots on each side of the light are perfect for my shotgun mic. The brightness of the light is easily adjustable and the soft filter on the light is perfect for photos and video. The light arrived partly charged and includes a usb charging cable. It seems to have good battery life, although I’ve not tested to see how long it will last on various settings. Overall, I’m quite pleased with the purchase.

    One person found this helpful

    Browncoats Unite!

  25. Xin Meng

    powerful light and easy to use

    It’s really a good product, very user friendly and bright enough to light up your object when filming. Easy to carry with you, very light but effective. Just make sure you charge it well before use.

    One person found this helpful

    Xin Meng

  26. William O.. Robertson

    Small size but bright light

    Great light for the hot shoe on my DSLR which I use as a filler light for movies. Very pleased with purchase.

    William O.. Robertson

  27. Marcy Gunn

    I am pleased

    I was pleased

    Marcy Gunn

  28. Herman C.

    Very bright

    Haven’t used it often but, it definitely is bright. Would not recommend looking straight at it.

    Herman C.

  29. jamescargill

    Works great with my Gimbal stabilizer

    Just what I needed to work with my Gimbal


  30. Eduardo

    Si vale la pena..!!

    El brillo es muy bueno..!! Recomendando y más para las fiestas de noche..!!


  31. Novoro

    Perfect light.

    Does everything it claims. Bought three and have them combined into a light bar of sorts for filming drawing videos. Lowest brightness setting is plenty bright for illuminating stuff close to the camera sips the battery. The bright settings are great but I haven’t used them that much. All in all a solid light. The tightening ring on the shoe is plastic and feels a bit slippy at times but it certainly ain’t a deal breaker by any means. Try it out.


  32. Kindle Customer


    Charges in great time. Light settings are easy to use & the brightness is the best one I’ve used.

    Kindle Customer

  33. Nikhil

    Worth it!

    Supppper handy. Surprisingly bright too.


  34. Nunu Taylor

    Love this!!

    This portable light is perfect for on the go. I love taking pictures and whenever an opportunity looks good for pictures, this light definitely comes in handy. It can fit in my purse and it’s not too big. Really perfect for on the go

    One person found this helpful

    Nunu Taylor

  35. Amazon Customer

    Bright little light for the price

    Editing my original rating. Their customer service is top notch. This is a “cool” toned bright little light. Color temp is non-adjustable, but it works great as a little work light! I use it for tooling leather. Battery is rechargable, huge plus over having to buy batteries. Super bright for how small it is. Great bang for your $

    Amazon Customer

  36. Frontier driver.

    Great price for a nice light

    Over all a great light for the price.

    Frontier driver.

  37. Papa52

    Powerful little video light!

    I like to use my OSMO for shooting scenes that look like a steadicam shot. This little video light is perfect for attaching to the handle so it does not affect the camera’s motion. I had to shoot a long scene around Christmastime that was all in the city park and very dark. This light made the scene look absolutely beautiful. Best part is the price. We have video lights for our big cameras that cost over $300 and they perform great, but this little ULANZI is pretty close to the performance of the much more expensive ones.


  38. JayB

    VERY pleased

    This light was way better than expected. It’s light weight yet very bright. I also love the design which allows connecting multiple of these together.


  39. Joe Riggs | @WorldOfJoeRiggs

    Rather have 2 of these than 1 Aperture.

    Sure I’d love to get some Ap lights down the road. But after all the video reviews I’ve watched, You get FAR more bang for the buck getting two of these over one of the small Apertures. These are perfect. Small, VERY bright, GREAT battery life. Cold shoes all around and a 1/4 female thread on the bottom.I have a C-Clamp with a mini ball head, used for latching onto rail rods and holding external monitors etc. Well I’ve recently been using that clamp to attach this light to ANYTHING when shooting outside at night. clamp onto a road sign, a handrail, whatever. and the little ballhead lets me angle the light at anything I need. This is GREAT for getting cool light shots at night or casting perfect shadows. For those interested the clamp I’m talking about is a “SMALLRIG Super Clamp Mount with Mini Ball Head Mount Hot Shoe Adapter with 1/4 Screw,” 14 bucks.Sure you could throw it on a Gorillapod, but this tiny clamp mount fits in my bag or pocket and lets me throw these lights anywhere. Love them.

    17 people found this helpful

    Joe Riggs | @WorldOfJoeRiggs

  40. Manuel R Amadeo

    Small but worth it.

    I like that it have five levels of brightness. I can bright up a whole room. It’s good for remote work and podcast.

    Manuel R Amadeo

  41. Lucas almeida

    its worthy

    its a nice tool to have and for the price is more than perfect

    Lucas almeida

  42. Cameron A.

    This light is awesome!

    I only bought one, and it’s plenty for what I use it for. I didn’t realize it had different brightness settings, and let me tell you, it can get really bright. It has a set of I think 5 settings to choose from and charges by type-c USB relatively quickly. I like the option to easily hook up a microphone on either side of this product; very handy. The battery life is descent, never had any problems with that, specifically. Overall, if you want something affordable, easy to set up and of quality, this is perfect.

    Cameron A.

  43. La

    Brightened my video meetings!

    Arrived in 1 day and very self explanatory on its simple use. Plugged it into my computer’s usb and voila- brightness!Once it charges, I am going to experiment with the placement since it is LED which is not the most flattering of lights even on the lowest setting.I did not want to spend more for the option to change the warmth or tone of the light- maybe more important if you are using it professionally and not the random user like myself.


  44. wickedone

    BUY ITT!!!

    This LED light is amazing,every lite,chargeable very bright for a good price…it has 5 levels of brightness the one in the picture is at level 1.


  45. Brian

    Long charge at the full setting

    It’s a versatile handy addition to anyone’s camera bag!


  46. Mar K

    Just as described

    This light gets much brighter in person than through the pictures in my opinion. Great buy!

    Mar K

  47. Stephanie

    I love this mini light

    Used this for a DIY photo shoot and so far the battery life has been great. Gets the job done even if it’s small not to mention how bright it is.


  48. Omar Siddique

    exactly what I wanted

    A tiny light that can fit in a mount, or balance on its own. The white light is easy to balance for, and bright enough to illuminate a surprisingly large area, or provide flash-like effects for a smaller area (like erasing shadows, smoothing minor imperfections).It’s rechargeable, so no worrying about batteries (and the permanent battery makes for a lighter unit).Pros:* Very bright. I rarely use mine at the highest setting.* Good battery life.* Modern USB-C style power connector. No custom charger, yay!* Good fit for one-handed use.* Can be used as a flashlight (and it’s way cheaper than your smartphone, so a much safer choice for waving around)Negatives:* Don’t look directly at the unfiltered LED or you’ll see spots for a while* A larger diffuser would make for more even lighting* It doesn’t fit in the hot shoe of my Canon EOS M6 (just a little too big)Overall, a surprisingly functional and useful light, and well-priced. Highly Recommended.

    25 people found this helpful

    Omar Siddique

  49. Dkolorz

    Amazing LED

    Just perfect for the size


  50. BossLady J (YT)

    Vloggers Best Friend

    I use this light for blogging and it’s amazing. The brightness is A1 and the battery lasts a while.

    BossLady J (YT)

  51. Keke

    Love itttt omg so bright

    lol I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS LIGHT!!!! It’s soo small it can fit into my purse and it’s bright!!! My friends be hating when I bring it out lol like girl bye! Thank you!!

    6 people found this helpful


  52. Shelby

    Great light

    I really like this small and portable light that works wonders for my video and photo captures.


  53. Kennedy Alexis

    Very bright light!

    This light has my pictures looking professional… The only downside to it is that it doesn’t come with a holder or a stand, but it does allow you to attach it to one you already have. It lasts long too!

    Kennedy Alexis

  54. Hart Outfitters

    Good light

    Good light for a camera jig, definitely not water proof though!

    Hart Outfitters

  55. Wally Ho

    It’s a great light but they have a newer one with more control.

    It’s a great light but they have a newer one with more control that’s slightly more. I changed to that one one I found out. Amazon used to highlight a newer version if there was one to inform the customer. Or maybe this is only for books?

    Wally Ho

  56. Joe

    Perfect light for the price & can charge while using

    This light is exactly what I needed. It’s small, inexpensive, bright enough at brightest setting, diffused and lasts long enough on the internal battery for what I need.It also came with a happy surprise. I wasn’t expecting it to work while charging but IT DOES as long as the brightness is not at highest level (5). I tried this with a 10W iPad charging block. At brightness level 1 & 2 the battery continued to charge slowly. At level 4 it drained but slower. At level 3 it maintained. Perhaps with a faster charging block it might be able to charge while using even at the highest brightness.Very happy with this light. I’m going to buy a couple more in order to light from multiple angles or connect together for a larger light source.


  57. sezaline

    It’s perfect for my vlogg it’s amazing and has switch for brightness .

    The perfect brightness for Vlog and the battery life it’s amazing.


  58. Moreen Hartz

    Do not buy any other brand i have tried This one IS THE BEST

    I have tried cheaper brands and they don’t come close to this one

    Moreen Hartz

  59. Howard Harrelson

    Bright “inky”

    Love these, “inky,” lights. They’re nook-sized, easy to place lights that have variable intensity. They hook up together when you need more coverage.

    Howard Harrelson

  60. Moses


    Not bad, pretty decent

    One person found this helpful


  61. ImMrBill3

    Lots o lite, little package, rechargable

    Puts out a lot of light on max. Batteries run down in a little while on max, last quite a long time on half power. The light is clean and even. I hate battery waste, this is nice as rechargable. A little more battery would be nice. The adjustment is fair.This light is great, fits in my pocket, throws some candles. It isn’t going to light up a room but fill, highlight, part of a tabletop set up this light works.Quality is really quite good. I buy inexpensive stuff and am so sick of cheap flimsy crap, this is not. I wouldn’t say premium but high mid grade.


  62. yolanda Reese

    Great light ✨️

    Works great! used it for three days now and is still charged.

    yolanda Reese

  63. Salem Mohammedi

    Good product 👍🏽

    Very good product and easy to use and great price. 🇰🇼

    Salem Mohammedi

  64. Charles F. Nelson

    Videos look better with good lighting.

    Videos look more professional.

    One person found this helpful

    Charles F. Nelson

  65. josh77073

    it’s bright. way bright!

    you needs extra lighting in a small package? this is it. it’s adjustable for your shoots and moods and it’s so bright it can be used for a flashlight! for the price and it’s rechargeable you can’t go wrong.


  66. Thomas Vega

    Great product

    Good disfussed illumination.

    Thomas Vega

  67. A

    Great buy



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